October 25, 2016

Deceived Dupes of Liberalism

No doubt, the 2016 US presidential election has uncovered a great many details about the US political system, the candidates, the parties, and on and on. Yet another interesting phenomenon has also emerged that baffles me and probably many others. That is the fact that the Clinton support fraternity is so smugly confident that their gal is obviously superior to the upstart, uncouth challenger.

Here's something that's even more baffling about the Clinton crowd: they are generally (it seems) from the 'upper echelons' of society-- the college-educated, the professionals, the 'ruling class' you could say. 
You would expect these intellectuals to know better, to see thru the blatant bias in the mainstream media that promote Hillary in every possible way.
But, no; they act as if under a spell. In fact, they are under the spell of Illuminati sorcery, that starts before kindergarten, and continues thru graduate school. It's the spell of liberal, progressive, modernism, that takes every virtue and pushes it beyond reason into the realm of demonic tyranny.

Is tolerance a good idea? Of course it is; we should all 'live and let live,' right? Is tolerating the deconstruction of all the traditional mores and values that sustained us for millennia a good idea? The neo-leftists would unhesitatingly concur. Never mind that we saw it happen in Mao's Cultural Revolution, and the killing fields of Pol Pot's Cambodia, and the carnage that ensued.

Anyway, re the current election, my well-educated friends laugh patronizingly at me when I defend what Trump is attempting and I point out how Hillary gets a free pass from the media, even literally getting away with murder. It doesn't matter what evidence I present that indicts Clinton as the unhealthy criminal compulsive liar that she is; they simply laugh it all off as obvious 'conspiracy theories.'

When I challenge these intellectuals as to why they are so confident in Clinton's superiority, they reply that it's obvious from her demeanor and from the adulation she gets from the media. 'Why, if there were real problems with Hillary, the media would surely mention them, wouldn't they?' (they retort, haughtily).

It's hard to believe that these intelligent people can be so foolishly naive, yet they scorn any news source that does not have the benefit of bigness and a mainstream 3-letter call-code. So, how can they possibly consider themselves objectively informed when they restrict themselves to only one monolithic source for their knowledge? Apparently, their intelligent minds have been 'hacked' (to use the hackneyed expression).

Some friends assure me that before they read anything from a non-mainstream source (usually sent by me) they check with Google to see if it's trustworthy. Well, how about that for a clever strategy! They might as well ask the wolf if the fox can be trusted to guard the hen-house! These poor souls have no clue that their entire world-view is carefully crafted by the six companies that own 90% of the media, and by the big social-media websites.

This presumption that because a view is promoted by a majority of people it must be right, is patently vacuous, but that fact is dismissed as churlish by the zealots of liberalism. Equally galling to me, is the attitude that because these people read the NYT or WaPost or the Economist, that they are therefore well informed and know better than someone who is guileless enough to consult 'unauthorized sources from dubious websites.'

The smug intellectuals have absolutely no clue about how deceived they really are; and there is absolutely no way to shake them out of this self-satisfied mind-box that they are so proud of. This observation is just one instance of numerous instances of irony that surround, not just the current election circus, but the whole modern world.

Those of us who know the truth (at least as much as can be inferred) about the corruption and deception endemic in this world, have put in the hours of research, over many years, before arriving at our aweful conclusions. Our critics have done nothing except swallow the 'kool-aid' supplied in copious amounts by the media, 24/7. In another essay, I have described how I came to discern the evil that masquerades as benevolent, using only the sources available three decades and more, ago, before the Internet Age. It really isn't all that difficult-- it just requires a willing objectivity informed by common sense and conscience.

But the first step is a huge hurdle to most people, regardless of their education level or intelligence. In fact, increased education actually poses more of a problem in discerning reality. This is not surprising, if you think about it. See, the longer one is exposed to the intoxicating programming of 'the system' (the Matrix) the more one is mesmerized by the spell that I mentioned above. Thus, those clever university types have had a full dose of magic kool-aid from the establishment cut-outs who act on behalf of hidden eminences.

Perhaps what's most disheartening about all this, for the aware, is that there is no known cure for willful, arrogant ignorance. There are only spontaneous remissions, usually triggered by a traumatic encounter with a reality that cannot be conveniently denied. Only in the rarest incidences does a stalwart believer in orthodoxy experience an epiphany after reading or hearing something that clearly reveals a cognitive dissonance that pushes them over the edge from illusion to a semblance of actuality.

The longer a deception is held as truth, the greater are the consequences when the truth finally prevails... and the truth will always emerge eventually, because lies cannot survive the harsh light of reality. I feel sorry for the masses, especially the 'true-believers,' for what they will experience suddenly, when the stark truths of this sorry world burst thru the ugly walls of deception that are starting to crumble in this apocalyptic era. In the meantime, these self-satisfied experts continue to be quite irritating.

As stated by Morpheus in the movie The Matrix, 'until these people wake up, they are our enemies, they support the system' (paraphrased from hazy memory). Likewise, our friends and associates who scoff at 'conspiracy theories' and give active backing to the Bush-Clinton crime cabal are witlessly encouraging the very people who are working assiduously to impoverish and enslave them!

For those few of us with 'eyes to see, and ears to hear,' it is disheartening to be powerless to help the blind to gain (in)sight. But that is the way it must be. The battle is spiritual, and only by utilizing non-physical weapons can it be (eventually) won. We look forward to that day with eager anticipation.

October 7, 2016

Chronicle of Chaos-- Exceptional Evil!

Lest any younger reader be under the impression that it's the Internet that caused my skepticism (or generates the conspiracy theories), let me make it clear that all one needs is common sense accompanied by a modicum of logic, plus the ability to read (or hear) the 'news stories' produced by the mainstream media.
This writer became a disbeliever in the myth of 'Western sanctimony' a few decades ago, long before the Internet, and using the aforementioned mental faculties. Look, it's not brain surgery!
World War Two (the war to end all wars) ended in 1945. Barely five years later, the US got involved in a war half a world away when they decided to project their power in the region to prevent a client of the USSR from extending into South Korea. Using the now-familiar tactics of 'convincing' the UN into supporting US interests, and cajoling NATO allies into a willing coalition, the US engaged in a proxy war with its nemesis, the Soviet Union. After appalling numbers of casualties, hostilities ceased in 1953, and both adversaries went back to their pre-war positions on either side of the 38th parallel of the peninsula.

Along came the 1960s, and the US government, employing a classic false-flag, gun-boat incident (search 'Bay of Tonkin incident') maneuvered itself into its next big conflict, the Vietnam war. Citizens of the 'free world' were supposed to believe that the US had to win this war to prevent the world from falling under Communism. Well, after seven terrible years of blood-shed, the US had to sue for peace with the North Vietnamese; and, wonder of wonders, the world did NOT fall to global Communism! Nonetheless, 60,000 US soldiers paid for this travesty with their lives, while more than a million Vietnamese were slaughtered. Nothing gained, politically; but heck, a few US military contractors/suppliers made a fortune from selling weapons and materiel. Others made a fortune running drugs, as depicted wryly in the movie Air America.

As if the ruination of Vietnam was insufficient sacrifice to the gods of mayhem, the USG also bombed large parts of Cambodia and Laos, with the intention of disrupting Viet Cong supply lines. To this day, all three Asian nations are still dealing with the deadly aftermath of unexploded ordinance, including cluster bombs and land mines that are still killing innocent civilians. In Vietnam, the American gift that keeps on giving is the chemical pollution from Agent Orange, a defoliant used to strip the jungles of their protective foliage. As a consequence of its use, many Vietnamese children were born with terrible birth defects, damning them to short and miserable lives in hospitals.

Then we reach the 1970s, and instead of sending in the army, the US gov't now sends their subversive arm, the CIA, to do the dirty work. This time, they were again fighting the dreaded Communism, now in the freely-elected gov't of Chile. Leveraging domestic opposition groups, the CIA instigated a coup against president-elect Salvador Allende, killing him and installing a puppet leader who was ready to do as the corporatocracy in DC wanted. This intervention became well-known, even discussed in the mainstream media, and was to become a blueprint for similar illegal interference in a number of other countries throughout Latin America. (Study Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Paraguay, etc.).

In the 1980s came the Reagan years, and now the CIA was running amok in Central America. As usual by now, the bogieman was Communism, this time 'in our back-yard.' The US created a 'school' on American soil (the 'School of the Americas') to train 'insurgents' (rebels) in the grisly techniques of overthrowing a legitimate government. This fact also was reported in the 'msm' for those interested. The curriculum included torture methods and the terrorization of the civilian population, and was diligently followed by its graduates in places like Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. It makes for sickening study; but it's all available for those with the stomach.

Reagan's gov't also found time to send the brave troops of the USA to invade the bothersome island of Grenada, in 1983. Those irritating Grenadians had the gall to elect a 'Communist' government, so naturally, it had to be eradicated post haste, by the world's self-appointed protector of capitalism... 'oops, that's democracy, of course!

By the close of the '80s, we had the fall of the Berlin wall, and the collapse of the USSR. That historic event was supposed to bring a 'peace dividend,' as the West could then beat their swords into ploughs, metaphorically. The next decade barely began when the Bush (Sr.) administration baited Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait, then launched a 'coalition' attack from southern Iraq. It was carnage, as latest-generation Western weapons devastated Iraqi soldiers and equipment. For whatever reasons, Bush left Saddam in power, and the US troops withdrew. Haliburton and other US companies made a fortune rebuilding the destroyed oil facilities of Kuwait.

Then came the 1990s, and fully addicted to war, the US cast about for its next catastrophe. The dart fell on Yugoslavia, which was an unstable collection of nations vulnerable to a trigger event. Using CIA subterfuge, the USG lit the fuse that blew up the Balkans in a bloody, internecine conflict that was used by the US to drag NATO into a 'humanitarian intervention' causing more useless deaths. The fighting finally petered out once the fragmentation of Yugoslavia was complete, and Western-friendly regimes in place.

That brings us to the turn of the century, 2001, and we all know what happened in September that year. I won't belabor the ineluctable signs of 'inside job.' The event was used as the justification for (going on) two decades of non-stop destruction from the US-led rampage in the Middle East. Despite naming 15 of the 19 high-jackers of '9-11' as coming from Saudi Arabia, the US invaded Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries on Earth. The claimed pretext for this attack kept shifting as each new excuse wore obviously thin. Fifteen years later, the US is still embroiled in that land; has spent billions of dollars; still has achieved nothing but devastation. Does that not tell you something? Oh, but the poppy farms are booming, and the CIA is making millions from the heroin trade... after the damn Taliban had shut them down.

In 2003, Mr. Bush (Jr.) decided he had to invade Iraq and 'finish the job' left by dad. Using every manner of twisted 'evidence' for 'weapons of mass destruction,' and performing show-and-tell at the UN, the US once again invaded Iraq, destroying the infrastructure, deposing Saddam, and installing a suitable US puppet regime. Mission accomplished, as Georgie said!

The Iraq war has dragged on for years, again costing billions of dollars, over a million civilian casualties, and creating irreparable social fissures. Oh, and creating a breeding ground for future 'jihadis' as factions continue to fight each other, to this day. It's pretty clear that most Iraqis would have preferred life under Saddam's secular regime than living in the debris of 'liberated' Iraq, breathing air contaminated by depleted uranium dust.

Next, US sights were set on Libya, the most successful state in Africa under Moamar Gaddaffi. Rather than barge in as they had done in the previous misadventures, the US gov't resorted to an older strategy from the CIA play-book. With money and deception, they stirred up whatever anti-regime sentiment could be mustered, sent in gangs of zealous jihadis from neighboring countries, then once the chaos began, they volunteered 'humanitarian intervention' to prevent excessive civilian casualties. How noble! That intervention was paraded as merely NATO air support for the insurgents, but resulted in the grisly death of Gaddaffi, and the end of his regime. That nation has been in chaos ever since its 'liberation.'

Still not satisfied with the death and demolition they caused in the Middle East, the administration of Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner, declared that 'Assad must go' in the once-thriving nation of Syria. Once again, flimsy pretexts were established for the US to 'approve' the invasion of Syria by 'moderate rebels' (or moderate terrorists!) who flocked in to join the 'extreme rebels' called ISIS (or ISIL, or just IS) who mysteriously and suddenly appeared on the scene armed, trained, equipped, and intent on establishing an 'Islamic caliphate' in the Levant. Amazing! And, did you notice they were driving fleets of Toyota trucks of the type manufactured in Texas? Also, that they show no interest in Israel... except for the medical/military aid they get from Israel?

Five years of horrific fighting via these proxy armies, and again, nothing has been achieved in Syria but the destruction of infrastructure and the displacement of millions of citizens as refugees. When the US saw that their ISIS forces were failing in their mission to topple al-Assad, they got progressively more involved-- with 'advisors' (i.e. special forces on the ground) and airborne attacks on gov't soldiers. Seeing this transparent treachery, the Russian gov't knew they had to assist Assad or Syria would fall. Then it would be Iran, and the encirclement of Russia by hostile, Western-backed enemies would be irreversible.

As I write, the situation in Syria has gone from bad to worse. US aircraft have attacked Syrian gov't forces, then excused it as a 'mistake' (amazing how many mistakes the US makes). Then they attacked a convoy of trucks delivering aid to eastern Aleppo... tho in true psychopath style, they bare-faced blamed Russia! The arrogance of the USG is beyond all bounds; their spokespersons can lie with utter smugness, never missing a beat.

If things are going rapidly awry in the Middle East, it isn't the only place where 'US interests' necessitated foolish stirring of dangerous currents. In 2004, the US fostered a relatively quiet 'orange revolution' in Ukraine, but it failed to result in the installation of a Western-biased regime. So... with the investment of a mere five billion dollars over as many years, the CIA with funding from George Soros, fomented a second insurrection against the legitimately elected government. Once the chaos got out of hand, the president, Yanukovitch, fled to Moscow, and the already-designated US puppets, lead by Yatsenyuk, quickly assumed power. That's called exporting democracy, by American apologists.

The situation in Ukraine has been extremely tenuous since that ill-advised meddling. Their financial status is very shaky, with loan after loan of millions of euros doing little to alleviate the growing debts. When the Russian-speaking regions of the country saw the game-- the putsch by veritable Nazis-- they seceded from the nation and declared independence. Since then, battles were fought until a tenuous cease-fire was arranged in the 'Minsk Agreements.'

Being an 'exceptional empire,' the USA has projected its imperial reach virtually everywhere on the planet. Not surprisingly, the attainment of sufficient wealth by China to rival the US has led inevitably to points of conflict. Co-opted Western media see no reason to question the American contention that they must be free to navigate in waters off the coast of China, even with warships or military aircraft. Whether the same media would be so sanguine if Chinese warships were to sail the Gulf of Mexica is a moot point for them.

For brevity's sake, I haven't even mentioned a number of other places on this planet that also fell under the misfortune of needing US interference. Places like Somalia, Venezuela, South Ossetia, Nigeria, and the list goes on. You can find full summaries (or details if you want) on the Web, for hours of reading enlightenment. Frankly, it staggers the mind.

All of the information presented above is and was readily available in the mainstream media, from the 1950s to the present. Sure, every incident, taken separately, had its 'bs' pretext. But-- does it take a genius to 'connect the dots?' Who's the bad guy here? What country has caused more death and mayhem world-wide over the past century than Uncle Sam? There's simply no justification whatsoever for such blatant evil. By the laws of Karma, or however you understand universal morality, the USA is due for one heck of a pay-back... any time soon.

This ugly conclusion may come as a shock to some die-hard patriots who disingenuously believed with all their heart that their homeland was the only source of good in a world gone bad. But, come on, you just read the facts as they are; you can verify them all easily. To continue to support such unbridled evil would be to add your name to the chronicle of shame! To whine that you didn't know what was going on in your country, that you were too busy, that you don't care about 'politics', well, sorry, but none of that will spare you from participating in the recompense to come. You gave de facto consent, maybe even cheered 'USA, USA' when watching the propaganda on TV. Now you will reap the whirlwind. Better start praying, dear American reader!