October 25, 2016

Deceived Dupes of Liberalism

No doubt, the 2016 US presidential election has uncovered a great many details about the US political system, the candidates, the parties, and on and on. Yet another interesting phenomenon has also emerged that baffles me and probably many others. That is the fact that the Clinton support fraternity is so smugly confident that their gal is obviously superior to the upstart, uncouth challenger.

Here's something that's even more baffling about the Clinton crowd: they are generally (it seems) from the 'upper echelons' of society-- the college-educated, the professionals, the 'ruling class' you could say. 
You would expect these intellectuals to know better, to see thru the blatant bias in the mainstream media that promote Hillary in every possible way.
But, no; they act as if under a spell. In fact, they are under the spell of Illuminati sorcery, that starts before kindergarten, and continues thru graduate school. It's the spell of liberal, progressive, modernism, that takes every virtue and pushes it beyond reason into the realm of demonic tyranny.

Is tolerance a good idea? Of course it is; we should all 'live and let live,' right? Is tolerating the deconstruction of all the traditional mores and values that sustained us for millennia a good idea? The neo-leftists would unhesitatingly concur. Never mind that we saw it happen in Mao's Cultural Revolution, and the killing fields of Pol Pot's Cambodia, and the carnage that ensued.

Anyway, re the current election, my well-educated friends laugh patronizingly at me when I defend what Trump is attempting and I point out how Hillary gets a free pass from the media, even literally getting away with murder. It doesn't matter what evidence I present that indicts Clinton as the unhealthy criminal compulsive liar that she is; they simply laugh it all off as obvious 'conspiracy theories.'

When I challenge these intellectuals as to why they are so confident in Clinton's superiority, they reply that it's obvious from her demeanor and from the adulation she gets from the media. 'Why, if there were real problems with Hillary, the media would surely mention them, wouldn't they?' (they retort, haughtily).

It's hard to believe that these intelligent people can be so foolishly naive, yet they scorn any news source that does not have the benefit of bigness and a mainstream 3-letter call-code. So, how can they possibly consider themselves objectively informed when they restrict themselves to only one monolithic source for their knowledge? Apparently, their intelligent minds have been 'hacked' (to use the hackneyed expression).

Some friends assure me that before they read anything from a non-mainstream source (usually sent by me) they check with Google to see if it's trustworthy. Well, how about that for a clever strategy! They might as well ask the wolf if the fox can be trusted to guard the hen-house! These poor souls have no clue that their entire world-view is carefully crafted by the six companies that own 90% of the media, and by the big social-media websites.

This presumption that because a view is promoted by a majority of people it must be right, is patently vacuous, but that fact is dismissed as churlish by the zealots of liberalism. Equally galling to me, is the attitude that because these people read the NYT or WaPost or the Economist, that they are therefore well informed and know better than someone who is guileless enough to consult 'unauthorized sources from dubious websites.'

The smug intellectuals have absolutely no clue about how deceived they really are; and there is absolutely no way to shake them out of this self-satisfied mind-box that they are so proud of. This observation is just one instance of numerous instances of irony that surround, not just the current election circus, but the whole modern world.

Those of us who know the truth (at least as much as can be inferred) about the corruption and deception endemic in this world, have put in the hours of research, over many years, before arriving at our aweful conclusions. Our critics have done nothing except swallow the 'kool-aid' supplied in copious amounts by the media, 24/7. In another essay, I have described how I came to discern the evil that masquerades as benevolent, using only the sources available three decades and more, ago, before the Internet Age. It really isn't all that difficult-- it just requires a willing objectivity informed by common sense and conscience.

But the first step is a huge hurdle to most people, regardless of their education level or intelligence. In fact, increased education actually poses more of a problem in discerning reality. This is not surprising, if you think about it. See, the longer one is exposed to the intoxicating programming of 'the system' (the Matrix) the more one is mesmerized by the spell that I mentioned above. Thus, those clever university types have had a full dose of magic kool-aid from the establishment cut-outs who act on behalf of hidden eminences.

Perhaps what's most disheartening about all this, for the aware, is that there is no known cure for willful, arrogant ignorance. There are only spontaneous remissions, usually triggered by a traumatic encounter with a reality that cannot be conveniently denied. Only in the rarest incidences does a stalwart believer in orthodoxy experience an epiphany after reading or hearing something that clearly reveals a cognitive dissonance that pushes them over the edge from illusion to a semblance of actuality.

The longer a deception is held as truth, the greater are the consequences when the truth finally prevails... and the truth will always emerge eventually, because lies cannot survive the harsh light of reality. I feel sorry for the masses, especially the 'true-believers,' for what they will experience suddenly, when the stark truths of this sorry world burst thru the ugly walls of deception that are starting to crumble in this apocalyptic era. In the meantime, these self-satisfied experts continue to be quite irritating.

As stated by Morpheus in the movie The Matrix, 'until these people wake up, they are our enemies, they support the system' (paraphrased from hazy memory). Likewise, our friends and associates who scoff at 'conspiracy theories' and give active backing to the Bush-Clinton crime cabal are witlessly encouraging the very people who are working assiduously to impoverish and enslave them!

For those few of us with 'eyes to see, and ears to hear,' it is disheartening to be powerless to help the blind to gain (in)sight. But that is the way it must be. The battle is spiritual, and only by utilizing non-physical weapons can it be (eventually) won. We look forward to that day with eager anticipation.

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