December 13, 2016

How to Destroy a Civilization – Part One

As the last vestiges of our much-vaunted 'Western civilization' come crumbling down around us (tho so many are oblivious), I am moved to ponder how it came to pass. These crashes of empires don't just happen out of the blue; they develop over decades or centuries, like cosmic cancer on the body politic. This crash, tho, will be the final 'gotterdammerung' for the whole planet, and has been in the planning since the beginning of human kind. Overblown rhetoric? I think events happening now and in the near future will bear it out.
From that starting view, I want to uncover the steps by which hidden powers maneuvered our species into the incredible position of willing self-destruction we see taking place. We see it today, but it's been carefully contrived over the ages.
The most important step, from the perspective of the plotters, was to neutralize God in human consciousness. After that, virtually anything becomes possible. And that is what we've seen, especially in the last couple hundred years.

I say 'neutralize God,' because religions have been around from the beginning, and seem destined to persist since they have shown how ineffective they really are, having been infiltrated by satanically-inspired agents. People continue to invoke God's name (as in the nauseous 'God bless America') but it's just futile lip-service.

In the final Age of humanity on Earth, every social institution has been corrupted, co-opted, and used for undermining our inherent (God-given) faculties of mind and morality. In that sense, we were doomed from the beginning, since our progenitors were innocent until schooled by 'higher entities.' Religion as originated was already perverted; the narrative of the Bible is the story of the true God preserving a remnant of true believers down thru the ages.

At this point, I have to disclose my belief in the research of Zecharia Sitchin, noted scholar who studied Sumerian records (in cuneiform script) as well as other ancient scripture, and concluded that humans were genetically engineered by combining 'alien' genes with those of proto-humans. Many disagree, naturally. But they are then forced to rely on a literal understanding of the biblical Genesis, or on the unbelievable claims of the Darwinists. Neither option appeals to me as reasonable. Sitchin's paradigm simply makes most sense... and is not incompatible with the compressed narrative of Genesis.

While the original genetic engineering aliens departed, the orphaned humans were adopted, spiritually, by the Creator of All, whom we call God. Since God destined this bedraggled species for ultimate glory, including mastery over angels, the leader of a disgruntled segment of the angels, whom we call Satan, swore revenge. His perverted plan is to destroy the beautiful planet God provided humanity, and to bring as many human souls to perdition as possible.

The Devil really has only one weapon at his disposal; but it's a powerful one, and he's an expert at deploying it. That weapon is deception! As Jesus identified him, Satan is a liar from the beginning, and the 'father of lies.' That's bad news, because as it so happens, humans are psychologically very susceptible to deception. Yes, we love 'good news,' and hate 'bad news' so much that we'll do almost anything to avoid and deny it, including embracing thinly-veiled lies.

So it is, that even a half-clever con-man with a good command of language can dupe a sizable portion of any populace. Snake-oil salesmen always made a good living-- if they were smart enough to leave town before the truth emerged.

Let's examine some of the milestones in the satanic plan to enslave and destroy humanity.
- language is essential for human communication, and enabled great accomplishments; unfortunately, it also provides an expedient means to manipulate people's thinking.
- religion starts off with the good intention to worship God; then it gets high-jacked by those who recognize it's brilliant capacity to enable mass mind-control.
- education is hailed as the main means of lifting people from ignorance and raising society to heights of peace and prosperity; opportunists recognize public (mass) education as a golden means to indoctrinate whole generations of people.
- money seems like a great idea-- a 'medium of exchange' of value, enabling vibrant economic systems to flourish; by the vagaries of human moral weakness, money has become the total measure of everything and everyone, truly the root of all evil.
- government of some sort starts as a wonderful alternative to chaos and everyone for himself; then quickly becomes the platform from which 'strong men' attain rulership and use it to their full advantage, and the disadvantage of all others.

In the absence of government, people may claim, criminal gangs assume a similar role but without any restraints. Yet, in practice, all human governments become elected/appointed criminal enterprises with a satisfying veneer of respectability. It's governments that mold social institutions towards their desired goals-- education and health-care being two prime examples. Once installed in office, politicians just can't seem to resist padding their coffers, hiring their friends, and gaining maximum benefits, ethical or not.

From the simple notion of money (as value) we developed the concept of economies, markets, international trade, and notably, the corporation. Corporations became the ideal stalking horse by which Western nations (governments) carried out the 'legal' pillage of 'lesser developed' nations around the world. (Note how frequently I resort to ellipses/quotes to denote ironic use of the terms).

What happens is that the big institutions, once populated by opportunists (I'm being polite), often become intertwined in terms of disposition of power. In the USA and likely most Western nations, big business-- the corporations-- own the government in the sense that the politicians are virtually all beholden to corporate 'donations' (graft) for their election. The USA has been a 'corporatocracy' for a century or so, with very few presidents daring to oppose their agenda.

In Europe, the trend has been to socialism, wherein the state owns the corporations, but the result is essentially the same-- government and big business are comfy bed partners.

In more traditional countries, the organized church may 'work closely' with the government, and in the extreme, we have Islamic Republics where the religious head is de-facto ruler of the government.
Studying history, the most corrosive effects of the Industrial Revolution are rarely perceived. Industrial methods of production involved 'economies of scale,' and that concept led to creation of 'companies,' and then the LLC-- limited liability company, i.e. corporations. These heartless, faceless entities have legal status equivalent to 'persons,' but without real responsibility. Sure, the officers of a company can be sued, but in practice it's very difficult to establish individual culpability. (Most companies carry special insurance to cover their executives in the unlikely event of a successful law suit.) We are witnessing in this 21st century the consequences of ever larger corporations, having 'limited liability', running rampant across the globe, polluting, pillaging host countries, and paying pathetic wages with minimum benefits... all while the 'CE-X's get paid ridiculous compensation for their predation.

The other result of the Industrial Revolution generally unnoticed is our education system. It always hit me, even as an elementary student, how schools were organized like factories. Teachers are the labor, the students are the products, and curriculum is the methodology. It all runs according to schedules, there are performance measures, quality controls, and it's all done on a mass ('economical') scale!

While the education of millions of previously ignorant people might be expected to result in the lifting of society to heights of general wealth and positive attainments, it hasn't really worked out that way. Instead of teaching our children how to exercise logic, discrimination, and imagination, mass education became the ideal platform for indoctrinating children starting at their most impressionable age. Higher education simply carries on the training (mind conditioning) begun in the lower grades; by then, no one notices the scam-- it has become completely normalized. This is just as true in universities as in high-schools.

For the secretive conspirators to exercise influence (first) and then control over the population, they first had to promote selected 'thinkers' having their required ideas. These people are usually academics who have some connection with the secret societies we are now aware of (i.e. Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuits, Zionists, etc.). With patience, those thinkers and their ideas, no matter how aberrant initially, eventually gain widespread acceptance. This assent comes with relentless promotion by the mass media. It was newspapers and scientific forums in Darwin's day; today it's TV, movies, magazines, websites, 'social media,' and so on.

The Industrial Revolution was due almost entirely to the blossoming of science in the European 'Enlightenment.' Science, like every other human institution ever invented, soon was transmuted to a 'thought-box,' in this case, scientism, altho by its very nature, no practitioner or believer in science could ever admit it. Scientism has its 'temples,' its priesthood, its many dogmas, its rituals, its holy scriptures, and so forth; in other words, it's a religion in disguise!

You should be able to see the pieces coming together, by now. Darwin was the guru raised at the right time to propose a theory that captured the minds of most in the scientism cult. They were eager, or at least primed, to cast off the yolk of religion, which had long devolved into mostly spiritualistic rhetoric. Invoking 'evolution,' scientists declared humanity free of God, like it or not.

With God out of the way, morally speaking, the occult agencies were able to really ramp up their agenda of re-making society in their perverted image. Note how, during those heady decades (the mid to late 1800's) every aspect of human civilization became 'scientized.' Freud happened along and developed the field of psychology. Commerce was scrutinized under the study of economics. The 'medical arts' became allopathic health-care. So it went.
Science (I'll call it that) laid the foundation for what became the hallmark of the 20th century-- technology. By the end of the century, the Western world took it for granted that technology would forever bloom, and usher us into the wonderful world of tomorrow. Yet, it was technology as the hand-maid of industry that has led to the many environmental crises that we face today! Reckless use of often poorly-designed or built machines and devices has allowed companies to 'more efficiently' strip our land of forests and minerals, and in the process, to lay off more unneeded workers, and pollute the air and water resources.

The physical destruction of our planet proceeds apace, pushed by ever-greedy shareholders whose corporations promise jobs to the locals in return for tax and regulatory exemptions. Meanwhile, the moral destruction is equally pernicious. Under the siren-song of such desirable goals as 'minority rights,' 'tolerance and equality,' 'anti-hate laws,' and so on, the liberal social agenda has been heavily and mindlessly promoted by the mainstream media and its shameless/brainless academics. All of those wonderful slogans are verbal weapons designed (yes, consciously) to restrict the freedoms of the majority, and also of 'competing minorities,' and to exacerbate the fissures inevitably found in any society.

Under the guise of political correctness and respect for others, the puppet-strung liberals increase the restrictions on not just our speech, but on our very thinking. That's because before we utter our words, the subtly absorbed PC protocols make us police our own thoughts. Eventually, people's ability to think clearly is impaired because of this deliberate shrinking of our range of expression.

Political correctness is another of those 'values' inculcated during the formative school years, along with all the other dogmas of the deep state (our hidden rulers). Since it comes from our teachers-- who are regarded as trusted authority figures-- and is repeated year after year, we register all their 'information' as background knowledge, and as such, it is rarely, if ever, questioned. Everything we 'know' about history, science, social studies, was fed to our receptive minds by teachers working from state-supplied curricula. It's an ideal situation for programming, in the literal sense, the minds of generations at a time, with homogenous beliefs and values!

If you suspect by now that I'm inditing our education system, you're absolutely right. Not that teachers are subversive conspirators, let me clarify. Classroom instructors are mere pawns in the grand game, themselves programmed by the system they service. It's the crafters of the curriculum who are the culprits. The political heads of the education portfolios install as the architects of curriculum only individuals known to espouse the beliefs and values the hidden masters desire to promulgate and instill in future graduates. These opinion-shapers are often the authors of books that expound their 'progressive' ideas, so not hard to find.

To grasp where this convergence of vectors leads, we saw it starkly in the 2016 US election, and are seeing it in the aftermath. First, the conduct of the mainstream media in their utterly biased 'coverage' of the election events, candidates, and issues, demonstrated conclusively their role as primary, mass mind controllers. That fact partly explains their fury at Clinton's loss despite every dirty trick they know being deployed against Trump. The MSM virtually ignored one of the biggest factors in Clinton's defeat-- the periodic dump of damning e-mails by Wikileaks from Hillary's own private, insecure server.

Second, the use of language via 'trigger words' and memes, was one of the means used by the MSM in attempting to manipulate the population-- e.g. Russian interference, election hacking, and notably, 'fake news.' Again, the mesmerizing failed, largely because the 'alternative media' did a very effective job in countering and neutralizing the barrage of trash-talk from the MSM.

Third, the fact that a sizable segment of the population, largely in the younger age groups (Millennials, Gen-Y), actually believed the lies fed by the MSM and their Democrat demagogues, illustrates how effective the brain-washing of the education system has been. Those deluded kids, weeping wailing and gnashing their teeth over the Clinton defeat, have absolutely no clue how to think objectively, no ability to detect bullsh!t. They are sheep ready and willing for shearing. Nor do they recognize the irony of their protests: they want to 'restore democracy' by overturning the clear results delivered by US democracy!

Fourth, we saw ludicrous amounts of money being raised and squandered by the DNC, all for nought, as populism fueled by alternative media triumphed. Ironically (here we go again) the MSM provided free publicity for Trump by their incessant attacks, because everything they were accusing him of were things the 'average citizen' agreed with! So, even the power of money can be countered by the free flow of real information (a lesson that, I'm sure, was not lost on the hidden agencies).

And finally we learned conclusively that American democracy is an utter sham, an overblown spectacle intended by its very theatrics to bamboozle the citizens into treating it as a serious exercise in grass-roots politics. Moreover, it has always been fake, orchestrated by secret agencies skilled at manipulating the populace. Those forces have always owned both the 'major' parties (why aren't there other choices?) and their candidates. They knew from the start of these tedious quadrennial political orgies who would win, and the winner is given his marching orders before even taking office.

The US presidential election was like a beta-test or demonstration of how the 'great work of the ages' is supposed to function to capture a society. Thus, they (the hidden elitists) played all their hands, and got exposed for it. They had not figured on a wild-card like Trump upsetting their apple-cart; even tho, evidence suggests the Democrat plotters had floated his name as a useful candidate in the RNC for splitting their opposition. Nor had they foreseen the power of the social media and alternative news websites in reaching the minds of the masses... who were quite turned off by the blatant lies being spouted by the MSM.

It was a case study for the global audience in New World Order politics, and how rotten it is. The NWO proponents will not go away, however. As I write, in mid-December, 2016, they continue to throw every possible hurdle in front of a Trump inauguration in January. Likewise, their European toadies continue to defy the will of the citizens, and push for more immigration, erasure of borders, and enforcing the Euro currency regardless of the impending bank failures in Italy and elsewhere.

In every sphere of human life, the masters in control demonstrate an insane desire to keep their feet firmly on the accelerator of destruction regardless of all indicators that disaster awaits such policies. Given the size of the global population, the widespread application of unbridled technologies, and the interlocked financial and other institutions, the collapse of our civilization is virtually unavoidable. Add to those factors the increase in natural disasters that we've witnessed in the 21st century-- large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild-fires, sinkholes, and temperature extremes-- and the scene is more than precariously set for a catastrophe of unparalleled proportions.

In the Bible, Jesus spoke of this time (Matt 24), and the book of Revelation outlines the geo-political maneuvering. The 'die is cast,' the scene is set; all that remains is for the final fuse to be lit. So, it looks as if Satan wins-- he achieves his two goals: to destroy the Earth as a habitable planet, and to deceive vast numbers of humans to abandoning faith in God. But, that's not the end of the story! Stay tuned for Part Two.

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