December 12, 2016

How To Destroy The World – Part Two

[Recapping from Part One] Given the size of the global population, the widespread application of unbridled technologies, and the interlocked financial and other institutions, the collapse of our civilization is virtually unavoidable. Add to those factors the increase in natural disasters that we've witnessed in the 21st century-- large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild-fires, sinkholes, and temperature extremes-- and the scene is more than precariously set for a catastrophe of unparalleled proportions.

One could also mention the extinction of species happening at an alarming rate, as well as strange die-offs of masses of birds and fish noted world-wide. As always, many are dismissing whatever evidence is presented, using every kind of psychological dodge possible in order to not face the reality of imminent danger. While those deniers bluster and stonewall, stories persist (substantiated by sales data) that
 the wealthiest among us are busy building and stocking 'doomsday shelters,' clearly indicating their desire to prepare for some big disaster. 'What kind of disaster?' is a question that leads to interesting discussions.
If you still prefer to trust the MSM to inform of at least critical news, then there is nothing to worry about... besides crime, terrorism, drug abuse, and visits from your mother-in-law. On the other hand, if you are brave enough to do some digging into the subject, you will discover 'theories' about a so-called Planet X, a.k.a. Nibiru, and various other names. You can find numerous Youtube videos and other sources giving various descriptions of Nibiru, and others giving dates for when it will appear in the skies, and still others trying to de-bunk the whole idea. What to believe?

Here's what I believe, after many years of investigation. All those natural disasters that I cited above are indications that 'something' has changed in our cosmic neighborhood. The MSM generally ignore 'local phenomena' unless forced to report them, and then they avoid any hint of a connection with anything else. A few observers, me included, have connected the dots, and there is only one theory that explains all the observed phenomena from around the world; and that is Planet X.

Distilling reams of information, much of it inferred from diverse sources, ancient and modern, here is the essential scoop on Planet X. The theory first appeared in the public sphere in the 1970s thanks to the research of Zecharia Sitchin, a 'Russian-Israeli-American' scholar who learned ancient Sumerian language and interpreted a great many of the extant clay tablets of cuneiform script. He augmented the stories from Sumeria with parallel or derivative accounts recorded by the Babylonians, Assyrians, and others, and including the Bible.

Sitchin found in the texts, not fanciful myths of ostensible gods, but poetic accounts of the creation of our planet and the configuration of the solar system, and also the creation of the human race. He contended that the texts gave vivid descriptions of how Nibiru, as the Sumerians called it, is a large planet in a highly elongated (comet-like) orbit, in retrograde motion (i.e. clock-wise, as viewed from our North Pole), and with a period of approximately 3,600 years.

That orbital period is long enough for the human race to forget it's cyclical passages; however, historical and geological evidence lends support to the hypothesis. Successive close encounters with Nibiru would account for widespread disasters implied in various aboriginal traditions, as well as in physical phenomena often ascribed to a universal deluge, for example. In the ancient records (and the Sumerians were diligent record-keepers and able mathematicians) Nibiru is said to be about four times the diameter of Earth and having a strong magnetic field. It is depicted as a 'winged planet,' due apparently to a vast dust cloud and/or debris field that accompanies it. The ancients also described it as a red star, implying that the dust sheath is rich in iron.

Alright, but what do modern astronomers say about it. Here's where it gets 'woo-woo' (to borrow from Clif High; do a search). Most authorities say it's a myth or a conspiracy theory. The few that acknowledge the existence of Planet X (Nibiru) seem to meet untimely and suspicious death... strange how that works. I'm talking about the 'West.' In Russia, their TV stations have carried frank reports on Nibiru, some of which can be found on Youtube. Even China's media have carried news items on related sky phenomena such as a 'double sun' effect.

While NASA stonewalls on Planet X, they nonetheless have projects that suggest they're searching for, and monitoring, evidence of Nibiru. In 1983, US News and World Report published a story on NASA's 'IRAS' (Infra-red Astronomical Satellite) quoting the director of the Palomar Observatory, Gary Neugebauer, who stated that it had detected a new object, 50 billion miles distant, that was part of our solar system. Then in 1992, NASA issued a brief press release stating: "Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the sun."

Later, NASA went on to launch several other satellites that could also monitor for the presence of Planet X-- e.g. SOHO the solar observatory; WISE the wide-area, infra-red, satellite. They are interested in the infra-red spectrum since Nibiru is suspected of being a 'brown-dwarf' star, and not normally in the humanly visible range.

If you're one of the neo-innocents you're wondering 'if NASA is tracking Planet X, why aren't they telling us about it?' Right. Why aren't the authorities telling us the truth about anything? We live in an Age, a society, of endemic deception, a virtual Matrix as depicted in the movies. I mentioned the wealthy who are building survival bunkers, remember? Now you know what they're for. The 'one-percenters' expect to sequester themselves comfortably, while the 99% mostly perish in the passage and aftermath of Nibiru. Any survivors will be expected to become slaves of the elite in return for a subsistence life. Back to feudalism, folks.

Regardless of its exact nature, Nibiru is definitely enigmatic, defying attempts to predict its trajectory and velocity. Nevertheless, observing our environmental and geophysical data over the past few decades, it appears that its presence in the inner solar system has been increasingly felt since the early 1980s, and particularly the last 15 years. With everyone now walking around with a camera (in their phones) numerous photos and videos have been posted on the Internet showing 'strange anomalies' in the sky, especially at sunrise and sunset; e.g. the 'two suns' effect, that can be best explained as sunlight reflecting off Nibiru or its extensive moons.

You can think of Nibiru as a cosmic cannon-ball careening towards Earth. No, it will not collide with our planet, but its close approach will cause horrendous havoc of an extent not seen since the Biblical Flood. It is postulated that Planet X will trigger a geological pole-shift, whereby the Earth's crust will slide over the underlying magma, such that the poles of the rotational axis will end up in far different locations than presently found. It's not hard to envision that this shift will entail huge tsunamis washing far inland, and enormous earthquakes creating new mountain ranges and flattening others. Back in the 1950s, scholar Emmanual Velikovsky described in vivid terms what must have occurred during previous pole-shifts (see his 'Earth in Upheaval').

All the preceding information is to break the news to the neophyte reader that Planet X is expected to rendezvous with our Earth 'sometime in the near future.' Expected by whom? Well, apparently by those wealthy folks building the survival bunkers; including the hidden eminences who have been engineering the chaos as described in Part One. You can easily find out that the USG has been transferring essential services to new offices in Denver, in anticipation of the inundation/destruction of DC. Many in the 'prepper community' also anticipate the soon arrival of Nibiru and the resulting devastation.

For Christians, it should be a 'slam-dunk.' Jesus' 'apocalypse' (Matt 24) sets the general scene for what we observe presently, pretty much, altho it's still only 'the beginning of sorrows.' The plagues described in Rev 16 can be seen as consistent with the calamities that would be expected in a close encounter with another planet. In short, it's TEOTWAWKI-- the end of the world as we know it!

So, as I wrote at the end of Part One, it looks as if Satan 'wins' because he does succeed in manipulating his human agents into destroying the ecology and in enslaving humanity to a demonic, anti-christian system. However, it's a victory similar to the one he thought he'd gained at Calvary-- yes, Jesus was executed, but... it was all in God's master plan, and Christ was raised from death as the first of many believers who would one day follow him!

This time, Satan barely has time to relish his dual destructions when the whole Earth is totally re-set in violent manner by God's pre-destined wallop from His cosmic bowling ball. As all these events unfold-- those in the human sphere, plus those in the heavens-- people around the world see that they are in accordance with the scriptures. They finally realize how they've been deceived, and that God is real. Even if Satan's agents force some to join their devilish ranks, many people will turn to Jesus. Satan's win turns to his final defeat.

This is the way the world ends-- not with a whimper but a bang! The scriptures will be fulfilled, regardless of the pathetic attempts of man and demon to subvert them with their wicked distractions.

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