October 28, 2017

My Existential Nausea

French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre coined the phrase 'existential nausea,' but his realization of it led only to despair because he was stuck in materialism and sadly lacked spiritual insight. I think anyone who really contemplates human existence must arrive at the same conclusion as Sartre-- but the despair is not an inescapable consequence.
Even the Bible includes a book, attributed to Solomon ('Ecclesiastes') that states bluntly that 'all is vanity' (i.e. futile). The author rather glumly advises his readers to therefore simply try and enjoy what they can of life while proceeding to its inevitable end.

So it is that a lifetime of contemplating the way things are, has carried me to the same conclusions-- life can appear futile regardless of whatever supposed achievements one may have attained. What good are such 'book entries' to you after you're buried? And in the long run, who will remember them, and you, in the jumble of human history?

For me, it's worse than the futility of one life, no matter how many times multiplied. It's the despair of realizing that we (humanity) were doomed from the start. With our intelligence combined with our base, instinctual selfishness, our chances of 'evolving' to some state of higher consciousness society were essentially zero. Let me give a few instances to illustrate.

If you can accept the Bible as at least an attempt at documenting human history, it states that our first proto-parents had two sons, Cain and Abel. These boys had barely grown to adulthood when one killed the other, quite deliberately. That was the first human family; it produced the first homicide! Great start, you'd have to agree.

If you reject Biblical evidence, you know very well that similar stories abound in most other traditions of cultures around the world. Fratricide, or inter-family, or inter-tribal conflict goes back to the origins of every ethnic group. Always it's the greed, the lust, the hurt feelings, the megalomania that underlies the struggles embedded in our collective consciousness.

In this 21st century, we've achieved what we like to call 'progress,' which is really just related to scientific and technological cleverness, manifesting in physical instrumentality (i.e. 'gadgets'). More to the truth, science and technology have always been put to the grisly task of murdering our fellow humans more efficiently, more cost-effectively as the military planners might say. How great is that?

As Sartre also stated, 'Now I know what hell is; hell is other people!' That rather summarizes the human dilemma-- we need each other, for reasons both practical and emotional, yet in the grind of living, we grate against one another's personality, ideologies, and basic habits. In the happenstance of birth circumstances, some of us have much more than others. The less endowed would like to have what the well-off enjoy. The 'haves' are reluctant to share with the rest; 'they need to work harder to succeed,' is their attitude.

In the Hindu philosophy, the material world is acknowledged as 'maya'-- illusion. Nonetheless, it exerts its power over India just as over the whole world population. Various 'holy men' have come to us to remind us of our spiritual nature, of our essential kinship or oneness, of the fundamental power of the universe which is love. In each case, a few people get it, but most do not absorb the simple concepts permanently in their daily lives.

Even the best of us are frail vessels. We're all vulnerable to some type of temptation or another; what is easily dismissed by one person is irresistible to another, so no one can boast of complete sanctity. Even our most intimate relationships are liable to disappoint, change, or prove temporary. At the end of the day (or the life) we are alone in our mental construct, even if other people are around.

So the situation is this: not only is the human species in a wretched condition of self-defeating behavior, both at the individual and collective levels, but (how to put it?) we cannot escape this condition, regardless of how much material progress we might attain. It's that dark realization that must induce total despair (the nausea) in any rational being.

On top of everything else, it's beyond frustrating to have enough imagination to comprehend what this world could have become... if it were under Godly influence rather than satanic. As it is, every institution-- governments, schools, corporations, etc. and every service-- medicine, police, finance, etc.; all are operating under demonic control. It's a marvel we've been able to survive as long as we have.

Our condition is aptly described by the Bible writer, Paul, in Romans ch. 7. He states, “[vs 15] For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate. [19] For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.” And he concludes, [22] “For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, [23] but I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members.”

Those of you who rankle at Bible references, you can replace 'the law of my mind,' and 'the law of sin' with 'human nature;' and the 'law of God' with the 'higher (spiritual) consciousness.' Paul has, in a nutshell, pin-pointed the human conundrum that can only result in our ultimate destruction.

In fact, if you believe in the legends of Atlantis and its fall after achieving material heights, then you would have a previous example of exactly what we're seeing happen in this 21st century-- our global self-destruction as our science, in the hands of venal flesh, supplies ever more deadly means to that end.

Referring again to the Hindu outlook, we are living in the final throes of the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, or fourth and final phase of a cycle of four yugas or ages. This era of Kali is the basest, as iron compared with nobler metals (of the three prior ages) and exhibits the worst of human traits, and culminates in a cleansing, global catastrophe. In this schema, the cycle begins anew with a remnant of survivors.

However, in the Christian eschatology, the coming end of the Age culminates in the great 'White Throne Judgement' by almighty God of all who have lived. The final words of the aforementioned book of Ecclesiastes are: “God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.”

Going back to Paul in the New Testament, after describing the pitiful state of his life and that of all humanity, he writes: “[24] Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? [25] Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” In the next chapter (no. 8) Paul goes on to show how Christ rescues those who turn to him for the only possible exit from the human dilemma that brings death.

It's not my intention here to expound on Paul's analysis of salvation, tho I highly encourage every reader, 'Christian' or not, to study the book of Romans (and may it motivate further study of the Bible!). The point of this essay is two-fold: (1) to allow me to vent my deep disillusionment with everything the world has to offer; and (2) to indicate to those with any spiritual insight that there is a remedy for this unavoidable world-weariness and self-destructive behavior, but it lies in the next existence, the world to come. This new world is accessed thru Jesus; it's available for 'free,' but requires you to believe it is true.

Jesus identified himself as 'the way, the truth, and the life.' He is the one way to the new world, the Kingdom of God. He embodies truth itself; that's why the dark forces abhor truth in all its forms. He alone is the source of (everlasting) life; by his resurrection he conquered death, demonstrating his claim as the source of life.

Even you of dull spirit can see that the rulers of this world are vainly attempting to counterfeit Jesus' outrageous claims. Thru his human, co-opted puppets, the ultimate dark force-- Satan-- offers his materialistic way to fulfillment... which we've seen is utterly futile in the final analysis. In lieu of truth, Satan supplies endless falsehoods, since as Jesus warned, he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. And instead of eternal life, Satan's scientists are working to develop extended 'technological artificial life' by uploading human consciousness into cybernetic platforms.

So, yes I'm totally bummed-out by the state of the world, and my apparently futile existence in it. My journey is not over, despite having discovered the 'name of the game.' I must soldier on. But I don't have to live my own end days in Sartre's existential hopelessness. Christ is my hope, and his word is demonstrably true, as recorded in the holy scriptures. As revealed in my other essays, the Bible verifies itself thru fulfilled prophecy. When human events turn out as forecast in scripture, we must acknowledge its divine origins.

There are many skeptics and scoffers who have all manner of sophistry to dismiss the veracity of the Bible, most of whom have never studied it, let alone understand it. You can put your faith in the way of the material world, which is really the way of Satan, and it always ends in death. Or you can exert understanding that the material universe is merely a spiritual 'boot camp' wherein we learn the lessons we need to open our inner eye to the truth of our predicament. As always, it's your choice-- arrogant nihilism, or the truth of Jesus!

One of the biggest disappointments of my life has been to discover how few people are interested in seeking truth. By truth I don't mean doing some cursory studies and then stopping when you come across some knowledge or theory that you agree with, or happen to fancy. The quest for truth is a lifelong journey; you never learn complete truth, but you acquire it in a continual process. You can learn the full truth of various aspects of reality, recognizing that these are components of the overall space-time continuum of our existence.

Few individuals are willing to put in the time/effort required to gain those insights into truth. It's far easier to sit back and watch a 'sit-com,' or whatever. And so, our world has been hi-jacked by the opportunists, and we are now at this final stage of incipient social chaos. Those (the vast majority) who took the 'broad way that leads to death' will be stupefied, utterly incredulous that the world that they were told they lived in was really an illusion elaborated by hidden agencies. Finally, they will grasp that truth is not determined by majority vote, nor by popularity in media reporting.

Jesus stated 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.' Just as God is love, Jesus is the embodiment of ultimate truth; his way alone leads to real life. And it's available for the asking. But-- don't be glib! Jesus said, 'Seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be given; knock and the door will be opened.' You have to do those simple things diligently, showing you are serious. We're talking eternal consequences here; don't be a fool!

October 21, 2017

Stunned Again!

Sure, I've written about this before-- maybe many times-- yet it keeps blowing my mind so much that I keep tackling it from different angles. 
What I'm talking about is the dissolution into chaos and destruction of human society world-wide... taking place in real time, before our stupefied eyes. It has been going on for a long time, but now in these times of perverse technology wielded by malevolent agencies, the rush to catastrophe has accelerated to dizzying speed.
We've seen this sad story unfold within human memory. It was back in the 1930s, when Nazi Germany rose from the ashes of abject defeat in the first 'Great War.' Back then, the dangers were foreseen by a few awake individuals living in Germany, and they emigrated mainly to the USA and Canada, both of which completely escaped the carnage and horrors that swept thru Europe in the Second World War.

This time around, everything has increased by orders of magnitude. Now the whole world is imperilled; there are no safe refuges. The scourge now facing humanity is not fascism or communism, but satanism. Hard to believe by those who have never questioned the system, never considered 'alternative history,' or are too preoccupied and mesmerized by the daily grind. Nevertheless, it's demonstrably true if given the examination necessary.

The big advantage of satanism (if you're out to subvert the world) is that few modern people believe in Satan, let alone in satanism. The purveyors can flaunt it right in everyone's faces-- as in fact they often do-- yet the good folks scarcely notice. And when they do, well, it's shrugged off as merely modern entertainment, a sign of the decadent but progressive times. To suspect that satanism could be a credible threat to human existence is beyond the dull abilities of the majority, raised to revere ever-increasing progress all their lives.

Even 'Christians'-- who are supposedly aware of Satan and his wiles-- seem to have only the feeblest grasp of the extent of the satanic control of the planet. It doesn't occur to most Christians that their own institutions have been infiltrated by Satan's agents, making them of little use in warning a dozing world.

It's the old adage about slowly raising the heat on frogs in a saucepan-- they keep adapting to the temperature until they perish. The populations of the Western world have been subject to decades of official deception, prevarication, babbling experts, demonic entertainers-- in short, what is called a 'psy-op'-- conducted on a global scale. And the people keep adapting, as they have been for decades.

This vast operation can only be perpetrated due to the complicity and duplicity of the mass communications media, wholly owned by the corporate vampires that infest Wall St. (Six mega-corps own >90% of the US media; look it up!). These few mouthpieces spout blatant lies and less-obvious but more corrosive partial truths 24/7, using every trick honed by the 'PR' industry since the early work of the 'father of propaganda,' Edward Bernays.

What makes the debacle so disturbing is the fact that the cabal behind it have become so hubristic that they seem to delight in flaunting their plans, their methods, their perversity, right before our eyes, confident that the masses will never take it literally... and if any of them should, they'd never get a credible platform from which to raise an alarm. And it's unlikely any 'ordinary person' would raise an alarm because... they now like the sick agenda!

The hidden governors can only do this because they own or control all the institutions of society. That's right-- all the institutions. It's no exaggeration, as an examination of the world's state of health in any aspect will attest. While local or low-level layers of most establishments may be innocuous, at higher levels they are infested with ideologies and individuals espousing objectives that are fundamentally satanic. The Masonic pyramid (as on the back of the US green-back) depicts their hierarchical structure accurately.

The concealed, ultimate goal behind every one of these co-opted institutions of society is the total destruction of human civilization. Does it sound too drastic for your tender ears? 'Sorry! Jesus came to warn us about our adversary; see John 10:10, “The thief [Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy”. But we know how His earthly mission ended. The enemies of humanity will resort to any means to suppress the truth about Satan and his final goal.

And another thing, for me personally, and I'm sure others like me, is that even those closest to us cannot see the truth, no matter how it's presented to them. Nope; they 'know' that we who speak truth are 'obviously' confused, maybe even mentally deranged. After all, the consensus all around us must be correct, because... well, the majority can't all be wrong, can they?

Have these scoffers spent even five minutes checking into 'non-mainstream' (non-consensus) news sources? Of course not; 'you can't trust those alternative sources, you know!' Oh, right; but you (and you) can trust your life on the stories you are fed by the big-six, tri-literal, TV news broadcasters... right? The same news sources that have been proven to be under the control of the CIA... if you dare to do the research to find that uncomfortable fact.

A generation ago, in the 'good, old days' when there still existed a semblance of professional journalism, popular opposition to a dirty and useless war in far-away Vietnam was able to exert enough pressure on politicians to end it. Today, the USA is entangled in numerous war zones at an atrocious cost in money, property, and lives; yet where's the popular protest?

There are no marches, vigils, campaigns, lobbying, etc. There are no 'protest songs' by pop singers, this time, unlike the 1960s. Today's big-name entertainers only got there by literally making a deal with the devil; no way will they speak against the satanic agenda!

A majority of the populace is in automaton mode, or survival mode. Even if concerned, they can't make much sense of the confusing 'stories' they get from the talky-box, stories designed to create such cognitive dissonance deliberately. The Las Vegas shooting (1/10/17) is a good example. Two weeks after the incident the narrative was as convoluted as ever, nothing making sense to anyone who's capable of logical thinking. It will never be clarified, of course, since chaos is the desired outcome. Everyone who bothers listening to the scraps of evidence or opinion put forth will assemble them into something that he/she already believes and that will provide the necessary comfort of rationale.

As many alt-news pundits have noted, the Las Vegas event bears all the marks of another ritual sacrifice following the '9-11 playbook.' There will be other such events to come, culminating in the one that finally triggers societal collapse, martial law, and the end of the current moral ambiguity concerning the intentions of those who govern the masses.

Altho as mentioned above, the general population seems to be sleep-walking, one thing they do have in abundance is hand-held cameras, a.k.a. mobile phones. What that means is that everyone is a potential photo-journalist, especially since they can up-load their videos and photos directly to the world-wide web where they can 'go viral' in short order.

Now when the cabal stages another of their public false-flag atrocities, they know that there will be many eye-witness videos floating on the web within minutes. Despite this awareness, they conduct such psy-ops regardless, arrogantly confident that they can control the 'narrative' using the power of the mainline media. What these monsters seem to blissfully disregard is the reality that the cell-phone generation places less and less belief in the stories and memes promulgated by the MSM.

I'm seeing things in just the last year or so that I never would have imagined in the 'good ole USA.' Things like the rise of Communism, re-packaged in the guise of Antifa. Things like Americans disrespecting their once-hallowed idol-- the flag. Or like a vicious and vacuous backlash against perceived white male privilege.

These phenomena seem to mark a major shift in the consciousness of the American populace; a kind of death wish among a certain 'left-brain' segment of society. The propagators of these rebellions against the fabricated system don't know they have a death wish; they really seem to believe in this nouveau uprising of the techno-proletariat and its fools promise to impose the egalitarian utopia so elusive in the last century.

When you think things can't get any crazier... they take another astonishing dive. So here we go again! But this time is the final count-down. Don't ask for a date; no one can give a robust timeline in these inchoate times. Just open your mind, develop your spirituality, and hang on.

October 8, 2017

Weaponized Language!

So far, the entire 21st century has been characterized by war. It started with what was called a 'war on terror,' that has been prosecuted almost entirely in the Middle East and North Africa.... curiously, just as proposed in the 'Plan for a New American Century' created by a notorious, DC, neo-con cabal in a document from 2000.
While a war on terrorism was a novel concept in itself, this century has also seen what is called asymmetrical warfare, which amounts to the use of a variety of unconventional strategies, tactics, and techniques to engage with designated enemies that may be national or 'non-state actors' of various kinds.
Yet most people are oblivious to the true nature of the conflicts raging all around us, only vaguely aware of the fire-fights they are shown on the TV news. More deadly than those battles, tho, are the unconventional ones that escape the notice of most. These are things like cyber attacks, currency attacks, economic embargoes ('sanctions'), mass migration of foreign infiltrators, and so on. Perhaps the great majority of civilians aren't even aware that these events are deliberate attacks on a designated populace.

Perhaps, tho, you have heard of these things; but there's more. Many of the old techniques have been given new twists in this century. For example, assassinations have been used since Cain killed Abel, but today, governments can eliminate undesirables with means that make it appear as a 'natural death.' Cyber attacks can be masked to point to innocent parties as the perpetrators. We are constantly subjected to sophisticated 'psy-ops' designed to unbalance and subvert entire populations with false or corrosive perceptions of a selected situation.

In 21st century warfare, anything goes. And the mass media are the primary phalanx in the fray. The western media have taken the tested propaganda methods of the 1930s, and applied them with the dazzle of digital computer graphics and video editing. The results are devastating to the cause of truth.

The advent of the Internet was timely in giving truth a chance to counter some of the relentless media barrage. So successful has the Internet been in raising people's awareness, that the purveyors of lies are clearly getting desperate. They are reaching for every possible dirty trick and demonic device they can find.
Just as predicted by George Orwell, the main battlefield weapon is linguistics. 
Supposedly, we all know about 'the big lie' technique, etc. Yet, it continues to be effective, especially when delivered by those infamous talking-head experts. And especially when conveyed over the mesmerizing medium of television-- the electronic tranquilizer, the authority on the wall.

Lately, the puppet masters have deployed a new device; or put a new twist on an old trick. We've seen how effective it's been. What 'they' do is invoke or invent a negative label with which to tar an opponent, then they keep hurling it over and over on mainstream news until it becomes a social meme.

For example (and there are many) when Trump and others were releasing too much truth during the presidential election, the media suddenly blasted back with the label 'false news.' So, they didn't simply make accusations of lying-- that's totally old school, outmoded. No, they created the meme of false news, knowing it would cause useful confusion in the public consciousness, and moreover, that they could weaponize it by getting the Internet gate-keepers, like Google and Facebook, to 'protect' users from the truth by labelling it false news. The phrase 'devilishly clever' was never so applicable!

We've seen the black-label attacks used to great effect in shutting down critics of their front-line campaigns. By now, no one wants to be called a 'homophobe' or 'Islamophobe.' However, the over-use of 'anti Semitic' is thankfully taking much of the venom out of that epithet. That's the risk the cabal takes with semantic warfare-- a word-weapon can be overused and lose its potency.

Not to worry, they have plenty more verbal arrows that can be deployed. Think fascist is old-hat? They given it new sting in the hands of big media. Remember when Communism was a dirty word in the USA? Now it's rebranded as 'Antifa' and promoted by the media as a progressive idea to be embraced!

And for people who are disseminating truth, or starting to waking up, they are attacked with the label 'conspiracy theorist.' Seriously, there's absolutely nothing negative about the phrase conspiracy theory; many people believe in conspiracies, and most conspiracies have proved to be factual. Yet, in the cockamamie logic of the media, it's now become a 'sin' to be called a conspiracy theorist.

You can define the broad outlines of the fabricated, virtual wars by noting the use of these weaponized labels. With the recent introduction of 'white supremacy' as the bogie-man in opposition to BLM ('black lives matter') it's clear that the puppet-masters are engineering a new race war in the USA. As implied above, they've already provoked a clash between a 'neo-Left', via Antifa, and the label-created 'alt-Right.'

Clearly, 'they' don't care if the incited groups overlap in a confusing matrix (e.g. where do conservative blacks, or lesbian pro-lifers, align politically?). As long as there's plenty of cross-societal chaos, the hidden fixers are delighted. Overall, tho, they are striving with all the levers at their disposal-- especially the linguistic weapons-- to ignite a new civil war.

The same thing has been going on in Europe, where the deployment of new normative terms like 'Islamophobia,' has been used with extremely destructive effect on the indigenous white cultures we've known historically. Under the cover of such political correctness, hordes of so-called 'migrants' (once called refugees) are undermining everything that 'Christian Europe' once stood for. While the Christian faith barely survives, its traditional influence persists in terms of core morality. Today, the militant Islamist invaders are attacking those values with the aim of replacing them with sharia law and the Islamic religious world-view.

Modern citizens have to be made aware of the pervasive subtleties and mis-use of 'neuro-linguistic programming.' It's vital to the cause of truth that the use of weaponized labels by the authorities be recognized and exposed at every turn. Yet, in an education system with no teaching of logical thinking, nor any sensitivity to the misuse of language, graduates are helpless prey in this battle of linguistics.

A free Internet is the last hope for sensitizing the masses to the all-pervasive linguistic manipulation; and the hidden manipulators are working feverishly to control all avenues of free information flow on the Net, as many users of Google, Facebook, and Youtube are becoming aware.

The human spirit was made for freedom not slavery, and every evil attempt to steal our liberty is countered by the efforts of a relative few brave souls. It's a battle that has waged over millennia, but we are now down to the final show-down between Good and Evil. The battlefield is the human mind (soul); the primary weapons are the very words of our languages. It's vital that we wake up to that reality; and sooner rather than later.

September 21, 2017

Questions, Questions!

Having survived to 'a certain age,' I can remember the 'old days,' when life was simpler, and can compare that era with today. There were numerous things most people took for granted as reasonable; things that have been turned upside down with the 'progress' of recent years. Now people are adapting to new norms that should cause anyone with a decent memory to pause and question. Like...

  • Who decided the USA should be the arbiter of what constitutes legality and morality on the international scene? By what legal/moral authority do they assume this exalted role?
  • When did the western media decide that investigative journalism is no longer necessary, that to simply repeat what government spokespersons state is sufficient for their ignorant audiences?
  • Why do the media do no real investigations into any of the stories they splash on our mind-screens? Why are you satisfied that they consider interviews with selected talking heads to constitute 'analysis?'
  • Why do such a tiny proportion of people have most of the money in the world? How did they get it and why is it allowed?
  • When did Iran become an immanent threat to the Western World, and especially to the USA? And how (on what basis)?
  • How did North Korea become a viable threat to the USA? Are their leaders really as crazy as our media invariably portray?
  • Why does politically correct 'tolerance' only work in one direction? I.e. The majority are forced to defer to the supposed rights of the favoured minority, but the said minority has no reciprocal obligation?
  • Why do liberals want to open wide the doors of immigration indiscriminately, including to the very cultures that are the most inimical to 'liberal' values?
  • Why are Western nations fighting Muslims in the Middle East region, while covering up Muslim extremism domestically?
  • Why do 'progressives' force the majority to be 'tolerant' of select minorities, while the minority are not obliged to show tolerance to the majority?
  • Why do Western governments welcome Arab refugees into their countries.... yet they steadfastly ignore the suffering of the Palestinians in their own lands?
  • Why are the US government and media so hysterical over an impoverished country like North Korea, that is trying to make their 'enhanced Scuds' into serious missiles?
  • Why should the USA-- paragon of 'democracy'-- be so cozy and friendly with Saudi Arabia, possibly the most repressive and brutal regime on Earth, while criticizing various other nations for their 'human rights record'?
  • Why is any hint of criticism of Israel or Jews met with hysterical denunciation, yet worse criticism can be directed at any other identifiable group with no reaction from the media?

I could go on and on with impertinent questions; and I haven't even touched on the really deep issues of human life. Apparently, there are few people of my vintage who bother to exercise their memory and compare the new rules with the old. Or, perhaps the majority really are like slow-boiled frogs in the pot-- stealthily lulled into la-la-land as they lethargically perish at length.

Of course, this essay is facetious, and I know the answers to these rhetorical questions. My intent is to provoke readers who have not thought about any of these issues to pause and ponder a while. Too many simply accept whatever the blabber-box tells them, without seeing the contradictions built right into the narratives and memes of the hidden controllers. It's so hard to take time and think; yet so needed in today's crazy world.

August 15, 2017

Superficiality Is Destroying Us

Take a glance at the comments posted below any essay of thoughtful analysis on a subject of significance. What do you notice? If you don't notice anything striking as a common characteristic of most comments (on 'American websites', at least) you may be part of the problem!

What hits my sensibilities is the glibness, the vacuousness, the inanity, of the vast majority of posted comments, almost always under pseudonyms... which are almost always lugubrious, themselves. 
As a quick measure of the intelligence level of cyber-citizenry, posted comments tell a sad tale. Not just the intelligence, but more importantly, the spiritual level of the netizens is indicted by their blathering in response to published essays.

Many of the fools who post their rubbish can't spell in English, can't write a grammatical phrase, and can't reason from A to B. Mercifully, these morons tend (perhaps as a result of the foregoing) to respond with brief, barely intelligible sentence fragments, mainly consisting of expletives. Those ravings can be easily dismissed. It's the more elaborate responses that often display the endemic superficiality that typifies the thinking of 'average' perusers of the web.

Naturally, such commenters, puffed with self-importance, deploy the usual bag of well-known underhanded tactics, such as attacking the writer with nasty hate-words, as if they had the slightest acquaintance with the person. When they disagree with the substance of the article, the nay-sayers generally fall back on all the 'everybody knows' clich├ęs on whatever the subject may be. Let's look at some of the 'favorites' that I find especially irksome.

In numerous essays, I've described how we, today's society, exist in a virtual reality matrix of illusions created by the mass media on behalf of the dark, hidden eminences that manipulate humanity for their own ends. This matrix is purposefully crafted on a global scale, from birth to death, using the influence of every institution at hand to create and sustain it. By the time a person is a young adult, they are already so thoroughly 'acculturated' (programmed) that it's almost impossible for them to see reality and so escape the delusory world they inhabit.

Worse than the false beliefs held by the masses, is the regrettable fact that they show no interest in discovering truth. If they are told something by an 'authoritative source,' that settles the issue for them. Sure, they might check one or more other authorities, but once they find consensus, they become smugly assured of their 'knowledge.' Any suspicion that those authority figures are all part of a 'consensus matrix' does not occur to the conditioned masses.

For instance, so many people of this modern age have 'freed themselves' of religion... with nary a fleeting qualm that they have then imprisoned themselves in a substitute belief system.
But that's exactly what they've done-- thrown off the chains of religion, only to lock their mind in the atheistic prison of 'the Theory of Evolution.'

Ha! You, poor reader, have already decided after the last statement that this essay is 'wrong;' your mind-shields are fully activated; this message does not accord with your 'knowledge,' therefore it must not be believed! Well, just wait a bloody moment, take a deep breath, and don't close this window! If you leave, you just proved my title regarding the superficiality of this Age. Stick around; you might learn something... if you dare.

Somewhere along our early journey, we are trained not to ask impertinent questions. We may ask approved questions, for which the authorities prompt us, because they already have 'canned answers' ready. That's why every issue is reduced to an 'A vs B' duality, where the 'correct side' has been pre-determined for us. But they hate those 'why?' questions that get to the deep issues of human existence. Let me try a few on you.

Q: Why are you so confident in the Theory of Evolution? A: because you read it in a book written by a journalist who paraphrased from the original research? (Often, the answer to a question is another question!) My point is that if you'd studied the scientific claims, you'd be aware that the theory is riddled with gaps that Darwin himself admitted. The honest scientists admit that the universe is too complex to be dismissed as accidental. Yet you want to stake your life and your unacknowledged 'after-life' on this flawed theory that you 'understand' at second or third hand!

Q2: Why do you disbelieve 'religion?' A: Because you haven't died to see for yourself, nor has anyone you know come back from death to inform you? Okay, there could be several 'logical' reasons one could offer. But those reasons are all based on sensate, physical reasoning. E.g. You can't see God, therefore he can't exist. Or: there's so much evil in the world, therefore God mustn't exist.

Sorry, but those answers make no sense to me. They betray the utterly superficial thinking that is so typical of this benighted age. Atheists dismiss the Bible on any number of fatuous excuses... but have they actually read the scriptures for themselves or, again, are they deferring to authorities? Oh, right; you read a few isolated verses, hand-picked to demonstrate the 'inconsistencies' of the Bible so that you can dismiss it and continue doing what you want.

Or maybe you read some 'expert' who wrote a paper 'conclusively proving' the Bible is a hoax. A book that has survived millennia of experts trying to disprove it by all the usual human contrivances... and you want to toss it out because some so-called authority has concocted a theory that has a semblance of reason that tickles your fancy.

Do you finally 'get it,' or are you terminally superficial? My point is that almost all of what people 'know' these days is simply vaguely retained memes that are generated and repeated endlessly by the dominant cultural programming machine. We know very little, first hand. We know very little from hours of researching original sources and a variety of commentary.

Moreover, this glibness is killing us. By buying into the superficial (and mostly obvious b.s.) 'news' and expert opinion (by paid-off shills from academia) we have sealed our long-term fate on this planet. Without in-depth, wide-ranging analysis by a majority of citizens, our society is utterly vulnerable to the machinations of skilled lying programmers who are propelling us back to feudal barbarity.

Thus, the pillaging of the planet proceeds briskly; the phoney, 'zombie economy' approaches the precipice of collapse; World War 3 looms on the event horizon as a certainty; our enslavement by 'protective' governments continues with every new false-flag terrorist event; the dumbing-down of our education system advances unabated; and so the beast slithers forward with gathering speed.

The criminal cabal can do all this with facility because there is no critical mass of clear minds among the populace to oppose them. They can do this openly now because they control all aspects of modern culture. As Terrance McKenna stated, culture is the operating system of our brains. In the latest releases of their 'mental OS,' they have corrupted our vocabulary, using the power of words to advance their agenda, and significantly, to shut down all opposition.

This OS add-on is known as the 'political correctness' module, and it is a deadly piece of code replete with Leftist linguistic baffle-gab [1]. Few mavericks can find an effective work-around to 'PC talk,' because it invokes the power of peer pressure. No one wants to be labelled with one of the PC sobriquets that has been carefully crafted to carry all kinds of negative baggage that is very hard to discard. Just think of the manufactured labels 'anti-semite,' 'racist,' 'homophobe,' 'climate-change denier,' 'holocaust denier,' and on it goes.

Even words that were once honorable or neutral have now been given a distinctly dark overtone by the media social engineers. For example, 'nationalist' used to be similar to patriot, now it's somehow identified as undesirable... go figure! Or how about 'populism?' We used to call it democracy; now, it's sullied by the Ministry of Truth as some kind of misguided provincialism!

Our dark over-lords keep getting away with this atrocious mind-screw because the general level of consciousness of the governed masses has been abased to a dangerously low point. The system they have created-- mass consumer capitalism hybridized with secular socialist patrimony-- has sucked the spirit out of most people (including most Christians) with dire results.

Primarily, without a spiritual basis or outlook of some sort, the minds of the populace have become defenceless against relentless mental attacks. At the physical level, the PTB have added fluoride and all manner of pollutants to the water we drink; they've allowed all kinds of 'additives' (sounds rather benign, doesn't it?) to the foods we consume; and then they've promoted, even mandated in places, the insertion of noxious substances into our very blood, via ever-increasing vaccinations of highly dubious value to our health.

Against such a concerted onslaught on our mind/body/spirit entity, it's a marvel that society still manages to function at even a minimal level of efficiency! But their sick strategy has effectively succeeded-- their satanic parasitic pathology permeates every institution of society to such an extent that to eradicate it, or even counter-balance it, is practically impossible at this stage.

So this sorry tale must play itself out. The looney leftists in America will blindly follow the Alinsky rules of attack against the 'right' and the muddled 'middle' until it ignites the second civil war. Fact is that this war is already raging, albeit mostly in non-military confrontation, using conventional media, TV, movies, websites, and 'social media.' Like the first civil war, it will be incredibly bloody and destructive; but this time, there will be no recovery. The 'ordo ab chao' that results will just be ordered tumult, a vindictive reaction by the 'winners' against the losers. Recall the French Revolution for chilling reference.

Superficiality... once begun, is self-reinforcing. You readers who made it this far are part of the remnant of deeper thinkers... true homo sapiens, perhaps the last of the species. May God have mercy on the sleep-walkers.

[1] www.henrymakow.com/2017/08/Ten-examples-of-illuminati-doublespeak.html

August 5, 2017

Latter-day Leftist Lunacy

It's yet another indication of these morally inverted times that I find myself moved to write about the lunacy of those who espouse the 'left' side of the political spectrum. By left, I refer of course to those concepts considered liberal and socially progressive. 
Those concepts used to sound noble, even self-evidently so. Now they require ironic quotes to denote their new degeneracy as expressed by the current crop of rabid practitioners.

Once, I even wrote an essay denouncing conservatives as fearful and reactive. Today, I have to acknowledge the 'right' as exhibiting common sense in a world of suicidal progressives. Every day brings new examples of the insanity of the left. And like all insane entities, they're not even aware of their sickness. No, they're convinced in the justness of their cockamamie causes, and oblivious to their inherent contradictions.

The left believe in 'diversity,' all the while doing everything possible that will erase diversity! They want to fling open the doors of their nations to an inflow of immigrants from all over the world, but especially, these days, from the Islamic countries. This will diversify the indigenous cultures, they proclaim. They also encourage inter-marriage among all the diverse cultures, races, ethnicities, etc, in the interests of 'diversity.' However, they can't extrapolate their reasoning to its logical conclusion, which is that, over time, everyone would be absorbed into a multicultural mish-mash in which few diverse characteristics survive.

If we look at Europe, we see the rapid disappearance of the very ethnicities that made Europe what it was-- a collection of homogenous societies, each with its unique language, traditions, religions, shared beliefs, national characteristics, music, literature, and so on. The first step in dismantling all of this diversity was the creation and imposition of the economic union, which culminated in the present EU.

In the EU, the individual sovereign nations gave up their national currency to adopt the 'euro.' The euro currency was imposed regardless of the large differences in the strength of the local economies (but that's a story in itself). As trade barriers came down (which sounds like a benefit) and movement of citizens across borders became freer, there began a mingling of cultures. But said mingling, and 'necessary' uniform supra-national laws, were also accompanied, inevitably, by a dilution of each individual culture... the uniqueness of each country began disappearing (at a faster pace than it had already, under the all-pervasive influence of proliferating Americanism).

Whether individual European ethnicities would survive the growing homogeneity of the EU in the long run became a moot point when the Brussels parliament decided to throw open the gates of immigration to a flood of so-called refugees from the Muslim world. Today the question is not whether French or German or Italian or Swedish culture will continue to exist in some identifiable fashion. No; now one wonders if Europe will endure at all as its former collection of Caucasian countries, or will it become a racially hybridized outpost of Islam.

While I've always prided my country on its overt multiculturalism, I now realize that such a society can only cohere peacefully under ideal conditions. Those conditions presume for granted a stable economy that provides decent jobs for the great majority; a common set of social norms and values accepted by all the diverse sub-cultures; a balance in the numbers or 'social weight' of the main ethnic groups, along with tolerance of the special interest groups that may exist. If any of those factors becomes aberrant or shaky in some way, then the multicultural mix can become unstable, if not explosive.

In countries where multiculturalism seems to work, it's usually because the society is dominated by one 'group' whose outlook and values are accepted as standard by all new-comers and minorities. And, no special interest group exerts disproportionate influence over the collective. Once you get an influx reaching critical mass, of immigrants with significantly different ideas from the 'indigenous majority,' things can rapidly deteriorate. This is exactly what is happening in Europe as thousands of migrants from the middle East and North Africa flood into the EU bringing their jihadist Islamic zealotry which they don't even try to disguise.

In the quirky logic of the neo-left, every special interest group deserves all the rights of the 'majority' (however that is defined). What happens when one group wants rights that oppose the rights of another group? In practice, of course, this formula just doesn't work; which is exactly what we've been seeing since at least the eight-year Obama regime. How can, say, Christians have religious freedom when they're forced to acknowledge 'marriages' between same-sex (or the various trans-gender 'identities') couples, against their beliefs?

Note that it's not a matter of the majority simply tolerating the rights of a minority. No, they must be compelled to place the minority's rights above their own! Something has to give; and for 'whatever' reason, it's almost always the majority or the traditional member(s) that are forced to defer to the minority.

Democracy originally meant that the majority held sway, even if by the narrowest margin. That's how most 'democratic' elections are conducted. Now, the left refers to 'liberal democracy' when talking politics. Apparently, in liberal democracies, the majority no longer rules but must accommodate itself to the desires of every group that can capture the attention of the media.

In the leftist paradigm, the majority is identified as the enemy (the white, European, 'power-holders') who must be stripped of their influence and even wealth. In the USA, every possible 'evil' (i.e. perceived social slight) identified by the hyper-sensitive leftists is immediately attributed to the 'white majority,' even by ideologically programmed caucasians themselves. It's the same suicidal racism that is unfolding in Europe.

In Planet-Left, the tail wags the dog, where the tail represents some bleating minority with a good sense of PR, and the dog is the hound of civil society. Problem is, there are many tails to this bedraggled canine; they all want to wag this dog in a separate way. It's a formula that clearly must result in chaos... and that's what we're seeing!

One of the primary, lethal weapons of the neo-left is political correctness, just as in the old Soviet Union. Anyone who dares to point out the inconsistencies and sheer foolishness of the progressive agenda is attacked as a reactionary social pariah, and under relentless media censure, soon serves to illustrate to the populace what can and cannot be stated and what views are now acceptable. By such means, liberalism has completely subverted Western society in the span of a generation.

It was all done before, in the late, great USSR, in the guise of Communism. The same social poison is again being administered, this time to the USA and its Western flunkies. It always sounds so good-- we're all going to be 'equal,' all given a basic monthly income, all given free health-care, and we'll all live happily ever after. People may give up the fairy tales of childhood only to embrace new adult fairy tales sold to them by the invisible matrix that hides in plain sight!

Sadly, there is, practically speaking, no way to reverse this descent into madness, chaos, and final destruction. The reason I can be so categorical is because changing the direction of society (especially after a couple generations who've been programmed in one way) would necessitate the stating of bare, harsh, and by now unbelievable, truth. And that is essentially impossible; we have hard-wired the mechanisms of our destruction. How would the corporate media suddenly start telling truth when all they've ever done is tell lies? Who would dare be the first to tell truths in a miasma of endemic deception? How could a population fed lies all their lives suddenly accept the myth-busting truth?

No society can survive when truth has become anathema, as it has in the modern, Western world. It's been said that 'the truth hurts;' and today's coddled neo-lib generation can't tolerate anything that hurts, be it physical, emotional, political, or moral. They preach tolerance for all kinds of perversions, but not for anyone who speaks truth to their delusions.

And so we've come to the point where no one (of influence) can speak the truth publicly about climate change; about Muslim immigration; about the 'LGBTQ+++ community;' about US aggression world-wide; about the risk of WW3; about looming ecological catastrophe; and on it goes. Consequently, policy decisions continue to be made on the basis of pure nonsense and falsehood, in every area that matters, with unavoidable, ultimately disastrous results. That those results have not yet manifested in everyone's lives doesn't mean that they will never happen-- this is what the vast masses are oblivious to.

Aye, we've slid too far down the slippery slope to be able to scramble back up to sanity. As virtue is its own reward, so is folly its own consequence. Tant pis, as the French put it. The only question that matters now is, how long will it be before the explosion; before the real violence begins?

July 21, 2017

End Times Alarm Bells

This present age is truly a crazy time to be human. At least, it is if you are blessed/cursed with spiritual insight. For our civilization is utterly bizarre for such souls. Everywhere we look we see portents of collapse, hallmarks of a society in its death-throes, dark clouds on a horizon that looms ever closer.
Yet our cell-mates on this prison-planet, even our closest, are mostly oblivious to the signs of the times, the moral decay that has characterized every previous disintegrating society. Too many of them are simply existing, day to day, doing their job, looking forward to a vacation. Others seem to have a bit of unease with the constant flow of 'negative news,' e.g. another terrorism incident 'somewhere,' the refusal of the USA to sign the climate accord, record-breaking weather in their own corner of the world, and such things. Regardless, they push those things into the background with the soothing self-assurances that such things have always been around, and we somehow muddle through.

Meanwhile, the prescient among the populace see not only the creeping calamities, but often the forces that are instigating and precipitating those phenomena. By 'forces' I mean persons who deliberately manipulate events and people to create continual chaos. Those individuals are immensely wealthy, as measured in dollars, and use that lucre to generate the chaos that they thrive on.

A major aspect of the bizarreness of modern life is the fact that the hidden manipulators like to flaunt their depraved plans right in our faces, confident that the great mass of proles will never notice. They do this via sly references in movies or pop music or TV cartoons or other media. The 'awake' observers have come to label these revelations as 'predictive programming,' and some of these onlookers have become acutely tuned in to them.

Many of those 'predictions' or confessions are quite blatant and descriptive, altho they may be quite allegorical. Movies such as 'They Live,' the 'Matrix' series, 'Air America,' 'The International,' and many others depict some aspect of how the world 'really works,' but which the viewers treat as mere entertainment. Every time we fail to recognize those revealed truths we, in effect, are granting permission or acceptance to the plans they expose. At the spiritual level, the dark forces can claim that we 'granted informed consent!'

The whole cosmos seems to be feeding esoteric hints about the precarious state we are in. I have to wonder how the name Noah has in recent years become popular for boys. You must remember Noah from the Bible, who was instructed by God to build an 'ark' (ship) to survive a global calamity, the Great Flood.

In fact, the Bible advises that prior to the final catastrophe, there will be 'signs in the heavens.' On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse occurs such that its 'path of totality' (the full shadow of the moon) traverses the continental USA diagonally, west to east, as a type of cosmic 'cross-mark.' And the US is the only country to receive that 'divine warning,' if you accept it as such.

Another phenomenon that the awake find baffling is the absence of common sense among the majority of people. And this absence occurs even among the most educated! That so many millions of people (mostly in the West) could not see through the hoax of '9-11-01,' at least the physical aspect, is staggering. Not one, not two, but three sky-scrapers collapse at free-fall speed, into their foot-prints, and only a group of architects and engineers recognizes it had to be demolition, not aircraft collisions. Come on!

Such is the effect of our public education system. It's a system designed to mass-produce programmed workers for the State; workers who are kept too busy with work and entertainment to take time to notice their sorry situation. Schools-- at every level-- are marvellous indoctrination centers for inculcating the unstated objectives of the controllers.

Where the education machine ends, the mass media begin. While anyone can easily find out about 'propaganda,' from its advertising origins (ref. Edward Bernays) to its deployment in Germany by the Nazi regime (ref. Joseph Goebbels) few are those who recognize its ubiquitous assaults on all aspects of our contemporary existence. The mind-conditioning of our early years makes us ludicrously easy prey for the modern manufacturers of public consensus.

Our ostensible reality is both false and moribund. That reality created by the propaganda machine is mostly artificial, filled with innuendo aimed at a number of social engineering goals. At the same time, the entire system is infected with numerous counterproductive currents that must unavoidably result in the breakdown of the machinery, i.e. the collapse of civil society. (I've elaborated on all these themes in other essays, and refer readers to them for a bit more detail.)

The really galling aspect of all this gloom for those of us with the spiritual insight is that it's all deliberate. That's right, innocent reader; the chaos is not necessary, it is carefully planned and implemented by unseen individuals who keep themselves well insulated from the slings and arrows that afflict the rest of us 'ordinary folks.'

'That's crazy conspiracy theory,' you object vehemently... just as you've been programmed to do, reflexively, whenever you hear something that runs counter to the official narrative, i.e. consensus reality. Well done, obedient slave; you deserve a pat on the pathetic head for it!

Sure; if this humble writer tells you we're subjects of a hidden plot, you denounce me as a fool. Several presidents of the USA have made similar statements, historically, especially John F. Kennedy, who made it clear in his words, '... we are confronted by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy...'. Yes, JFK was a conspiracy theorist! Shortly after that momentous but down-played speech, Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight, a martyr for truth... or another mere victim of 'coincidence theory' for those dull souls who just don't and won't get it.

You may notice, as you wake up, that while the Bible is full of warnings for the 'End Times,' the nominal Christian churches are about as vacuous as the mainstream media in supplying valuable information to the faithful masses. It's regrettable, but most of the alarms are coming from non-church or independent sources (like this one). As Jesus said, 'the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it' (Matt 7:13-14).

July 1, 2017

21st Century Death Cult

We live in a post-modern death cult. All of us-- the global population-- but most of all in the Western world. If you were an observer from another world (or a brutally honest earthling), you'd conclude that our civilization was in the throes of destroying itself. Everywhere we look, we find evidence to indicate that humankind is hell-bent on self-destruction.

An obvious example is the pollution of the environment that has been going on virtually unabated for decades. Investigations are made, alarming reports released, documentaries aired, hands wrung earnestly, regulations enacted, etc.-- yet the situation keeps getting worse. Locally, we diligently do our recycling; meanwhile, the US gov't is deploying DU-- depleted uranium-- weapons in the Middle East, and the winds carry the radioactive dust far and wide, affecting friend and foe alike.

On the vast oceans, if islands of floating garbage weren't enough of an ecological threat, the currents have been disbursing radioactive water from Japan to North America since 2011. Both fish and marine mammals have been dieing in great numbers over the same period. We are part of the terrestrial ecology; what happens to other species of flora and fauna affects us too. Our reckless exploitation of the planet is coming back to bite us.

One could mention decimation of forests in the temperate zone; clearing of tropical forests for cattle grazing land; pollution of ground water by hydraulic fractionation in gas/oil extraction; the collapse of bee colonies; and on it goes.

Rather than focus attention and resources on those 'clear and present dangers' to our very existence, the global authorities such as the UN (agencies) prefer to waste much effort on what they call 'climate change,' which they assert is caused or exacerbated by human activity involving carbon production. Altho the mainstream media insist that there's a scientific consensus on climate change, that is entirely untrue. More than 30,000 scientists globally have signed a statement opposing the position of the UN's IPCC; but they are dismissed by the almighty 'MSM' as irrelevant.

Human profligacy with our environment is a looming threat that appeared in the relatively recent history of humanity-- basically, since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. But it's in the sphere of politics that the rush towards extinction really manifests in this century. Politics at both the domestic and international levels are the real force driving this race to self-genocide.

The world has always been plagued with war-- it's apparently our favorite pass-time (as that extraterrestrial observer would be compelled to conclude). To 'win' at this game, one must continually invent 'better' ways to kill enemies-- i.e. people we disagree with. In fact, war is one of the greatest incentives behind advances in technologies. We have become so wonderfully successful at this aspect of war (i.e. weaponry) that humans now have the capability of eradicating all human life on Earth, perhaps all mammalian life. Isn't that a mark of progress, indeed?

But, that outside observer wants to argue, humans are 'homo sapiens,' thinking beings; surely they would never escalate wars to the extent of killing all of humanity. Oh? Can we change our instincts of thousands of years in one generation, and suddenly become rational? I for one do not believe such an optimistic hope. History is our most unbiased teacher; and history shows repeatedly that when military men are given their 'toys,' and national leaders strut their hubris, and the bankers see their chance for profits, the result is always the same-- war.

Since the end of the last 'world war,' there has been one entity on the planet that's been responsible for wars in almost every corner of the world, and for more deaths, directly and indirectly, than any other instrument at the hands of Satan. But, in classic bully style, this entity has been accusing its victims of all sorts of provocations that justify its interference in their lives, no matter how poor, defenceless, and remote those victim countries may be.

Curiously, the population of this belligerent nation is supposedly 'free,' and thus able to exert influence over the decisions and actions of its governors. Sadly, however, the truth died a slow death over a half-century in that country, while the populace lost all ability to remember what truth is. Sure, the people at first objected to the disastrous policies of their government; but they were basically decent, trusting people, and had no idea of the range of evil tricks that their overlords would employ against them.

The true rulers kept themselves out of sight, behind the public scenes, using co-opted, paid puppets in government, academia, the economy, industry, entertainment, and especially the media, to do their dirty work. Using the power of money-- of which they had unlimited amounts-- the hidden manipulators insinuated their corrosive influence in every sphere of daily life.

Masters of human psychology, the secret cabal exploited every weakness of human nature. By inventing new words, or ascribing new meaning to old words, they used 'neuro-linguistic programming' to make acceptable ideas that flew directly contrary to millennia-tested customs that have sustained humanity from the beginning. The very notion of 'progressive' became something that virtually a whole generation would embrace as not just desirable, but above question!

Hence, many insidious ideas became popular because the media and their whore-experts proclaimed them as 'progressive.' Thereby, we had to have 'realism' (i.e. graphic violence and sexuality) in movies; novelty and freedom from oppressive grading in education; recognition and granting of special rights to minorities of various kinds, etc.

It sounds good at first; shouldn't people with disabilities get access to the things we take for granted? Sure, it started off sounding so utopian; we all want to look 'inclusive' and 'tolerant,' don't we? Little did most innocent souls have any inkling that these liberal initiatives were merely the thin edge of a very sinister wedge.

The progressive attitude led to things like 'humanitarian intervention' in other nations' internal affairs, which is nothing more than a thinly-veiled excuse for more Western meddling in target countries having some strategic value to the capitalist beast.

Tolerance always exerts demands on the majority to accommodate the minority, but seldom requires a reciprocal response. Sexual deviants (under an alphabet string) can invoke the new laws to force people who have moral objections to their 'lifestyle' to provide various services regardless of those reservations. Constitutional enshrinement of religious freedom is on a collision course with compulsory 'gay rights.'

By such means, progressivism became a handy tool of social division between those who embraced it as self-evident advancement, versus those who see the value in sticking with the traditions that have served humanity well over past ages. The manipulators are masters at constantly presenting society with two, and only two choices-- A vs B, where neither is ideal. After the opposing 'theses' have clashed and crashed, the overlords then present their desired outcome-- which people embrace as the only resort.

Every new technology is harnessed by those 'powers that be' to advance their agenda, which is frankly, the suicide of the human race. For instance, radio and cinema proved to be highly effective tools of propaganda-- by both sides-- in the years leading to the Second World War. Later, television quickly became a vital weapon in the dumbing down and indoctrination of vast populations globally, but especially in the Western world.

The inherent dangers of television were notably publicized by the insights of Marshall McLuhan, one of the luminaries in the study of media. Many can recite the phrase 'the medium is the message;' but they have no clue as to the true ramifications of his famous mantra. The message delivered via the omnipresent tele-screens has been unrelenting, and is to the effect that 'in the modern world, anything goes.' That's the moral message. The other dominant theme is that 'experts know best,' so you don't have to strain your pretty little head.

This two-stage 'programming' from the networks has born disastrous fruit. The modern world is peopled by a generation that (largely; there are rare exceptions) thinks the academics know everything, the government will introduce enough progressive laws to corral every criminal impulse, the media will inform us of everything important we should know, and every minority group should have all the rights of the majority.

What was given up so long ago that it is forgotten is the God-given faculty of common sense! Actually, common sense was never surrendered, it was stealthily stolen from us by an education system that replaced it with deference to authority and institutional teachers. Without it, we have little alternative but to believe the 'fairy tales' I listed above.

The cumulative effect of a corrupt system that has exercised its wiles over a mere two generations is nothing less than the complete enslavement of a civilization that still believes it is free! This people think that because they are encouraged to vote for either Cabal-A or Cabal-B every few years, that they therefore enjoy 'democracy.' Madness!

Now, what makes all this mess into a death cult is the fact that the combination of all the factors noted here results in an inescapable trend towards annihilation. We have a populace deeply divided along a matrix of antithetical lines; the technology available to erase the majority of life-forms; leaders who are puffed with hubris; a secret faction of mad men who believe they can use their wealth to escape the destruction they are instigating... and a population that, in the 'developed' West, has effectively abandoned belief in the Creator/God.

To our mythical observer, it's hard to guess what calamity will be the final undoing of this insane race of humans. Left unchecked, our 'economy' based on rampant, exploitive, and ever-growing production of dubious goods will, like cancer, consume the consumer society. Alternatively, the escalating skirmishes between the top few national governments must come to a catastrophic blow-up; it can't be avoided indefinitely. Adding to those choices, there are serious prophets who predict that the world will be hit with (take your choice) a solar 'coronal mass ejection' of a magnitude that would fry our electrical and electronic infrastructure, or a rogue asteroid/comet that would cause mass extinctions as believed happened to the dinosaurs.

Whatever you want to believe, the future is grim. It's a race to the 'finish' among those few potential calamities. Altho a segment of the population is showing signs of waking up to the aweful fact that this world is run by a criminal gang of psychopaths, it is realistically too late to stop the fatal processes they have set in motion. If there is a 'cosmic iceberg' in the path of spaceship Earth, there's no means to avoid it, regardless of Hollywood movies touting the ingenuity of our science.

So-- is our death cult situation beyond all hope? Yes and no. All that is currently happening has been predicted from long ago in our traditions and scriptures. It has happened before (e.g. the great Deluge). Human history, contrary to the Western linear paradigm, is cyclical. The end of the world as we know it is almost here; you can sense it if you have but a modicum of common sense or spiritual discernment.

To the Bible-based Christian (not the church-based variety) the end of this corrupt system ushers in the beginning of a 'new heavens and a new Earth.' You can become a 'prepper' and hope like hell that you'll be one of the survivors of a destroyed world (does that make sense?); or you can wake up, read the scriptures for yourself after praying for divine guidance, and put your hope in the God who made this whole cosmic stage in the first place. It's your call.

April 25, 2017

Age of Innuendo

With 2017 barely four months old as I write, it appears that the characterization by Terrance McKenna of the world as experiencing ever-increasing 'novelty' is presciently accurate. The dominant memes in society keep shifting almost monthly if not weekly. One of the big ones to suddenly emerge on the public scene most recently is the power of innuendo, whereby... 
the most outrageous accusations can be flung at any person, group, or nation... without providing the slightest shred of credible evidence.
And the ones levelling the charges are usually either politicians or the mainstream media.
Politicians have always resorted to every despicable tactic in their sullied business. But once upon a time, the media recognized a responsibility to investigate allegations before publishing them and giving them the patina of legitimacy. That kind of honesty is a rapidly fading memory. Now, newspapers print any inflammatory headlines they want, and qualifying comments may or may not be buried in the text. Proof? Ha, who needs it. Evidence? Why you don't need any evidence; just take our word for it! Surely that's sufficient.

Of course, the government response to insolent demands for proof is that they have it but they can't give it to us because of 'national security.' And besides, they usually imply, would we lie to you?

You may perhaps argue that it's no big deal since most of these allegations never go to the extent of the courts, and if they do, then the burden of proof applies. However, the slingers of innuendo don't give a hoot about evidence; just making the charge is the goal. Why? Because they know full well that due to the weakness of human nature, many readers will never bother to read the entire story. All they will register is the headline. The desired effect is achieved.

It's called mud-slinging, and sure, it's as old as humanity. What's novel is that we're supposed to be advanced, intelligent, and not amenable to such obvious treachery. But in a world where the few wealthy elite own the media, run the justice system, and dictate policy from behind the scenes, proof is deemed unnecessary. The public can be fed non-stop b.s. as far as TPTB are concerned. After years of television programming, the masses can hardly distinguish between fact and fiction, in any case.

Another primary method the mass media continuously use to plant innuendo is selective reporting-- making big and frequent headlines of things they want you to register, while completely ignoring any event that they don't want you to know about. Now that they own or control over 90% of the US news sources, this is a highly effective tactic.

As already mentioned, the headlines are very often 'head-lies' or distortions of reality, with text that is full of 'qualified' or vague obfuscations of the details. By citing anonymous sources associated with recognized named official organizations, these vacuous 'stories' create the desired impressions on the readers/listeners. And by deliberately failing to supply alternate views on a sensitive topic, the audience is left with only that desired interpretation. It worked well for the Nazis in Germany; it's working just as well for the neo-con/neo-lib Zionist deep state running the USA today.

Since the federal election campaign in 2016 until the present, innuendo has been weaponized by the media, by politicians of all stripes, and by academics-- virtually anyone with something to rant about, feels no restraint imposed by truth; they just spew their venomous lies in the expectation that some of it is bound to stick. Key, psychological trigger words are thrown about with utter abandon, regardless of their relevance to the subject at hand. You know them by now-- the current favorites being: Russia, racist, anti-semitic, Islamophobia, and homophobic.

It's at the point where even those of us who keep informed (truly informed, not 'educated') don't know what to believe about certain topics, especially regarding what's really going on in the Trump administration. There are all kinds of theories being floated, any of which has an aura of plausibility; but only those who are in the inner-most circle would have an idea of what is accurate. (And even they may wonder what's going on in the Donald's mind).

One thing is obvious-- innuendo is the 'truth of the times!' Nevertheless, “Whatever is covered up will be uncovered, and every secret will be made known” Luke 12:2. Lies have a way of unravelling over time, and the more complex the lies, the more likely they will contradict themselves and self-destruct before people's eyes.

For those of us with the discrimination, we're seeing the web of lies from the USG and the media becoming unravelled. Even a portion of normally-dozing citizens are waking up to the reality that those sources are shovelling buckets of b.s. on the population.

The Bible foresaw this time of rampant deception, as Paul wrote to the believers in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12: “...wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. [11] For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie [12] and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. [NIV]

According to scripture, truth is not just some abstract idea with little relevance to daily life. Far from it! Truth is a life or death feature of human existence. Whether you believe in God or not, it eventually becomes clear that we cannot long survive in a matrix of deception. Whether you believe in the spiritual nature or not, it becomes obvious that society can't function on the basis of endemic lies.

In this world where innuendo is proclaimed as fact, where 'fake news' is condemned by the very purveyors of fake news, where nothing uttered by authorities can be presumed true, we are heading for unavoidable, widespread calamity. You can prepare for that soon event by 'loving the truth;' or you can accept the 'powerful delusion' fabricated by the wicked forces, and continue to 'believe the lie.' As always-- it's your choice.

April 16, 2017

The Nature of Existence

One of the few benefits of getting old is that you have experience; and properly examined and contemplated, experience can confer wisdom.
Once upon a time, people acknowledged that the older members of society did have some wisdom, and consulted them for their insights. The past century or so has seen the abandonment of that deference to age in favor of deference to experts-- who may be young punks with PhDs, or young punks running billion dollar software start-ups. That's considered wisdom, these days.

Regardless of who's prepared to lend me an ear, or an eyeball, I am going to lay out my late-life perspective on the nature of our existence, of our reality. I acknowledge that this is mostly an exercise in futility in terms of informing anyone out there; but it's useful for me to make the effort.

The most important feature of physical reality is that it is fundamentally-- and paradoxically-- spiritual. Yes, we function in a material world, contained in our material bodies; but the underlying basis of human existence is non-material. It is, as many dedicated souls have observed and taught over long ages, of a spiritual nature.

The word spiritual is problematic for some people, yet intuitively clear for others. It pertains to a realm beyond the gross physical universe perceivable to our senses. Therefore, it refers to a metaphysical or transcendental realm, perceivable only by non-material means.

What 'non-material means' do we have? As human beings, we have a mind whose 'operating system' is consciousness. It is the most marvellous 'logic engine' ever conceived, being able to program itself by interaction with the world. Moreover, the mind is capable of amazing feats of intuition-- knowing without perceiving via the senses.

Spiritual has an additional meaning related to morality, whereby we recognize spiritual values as being immutable, godly, and superior to the passing trends ('isms') of worldly invention. There are also negative influences and values inhabiting the spiritual sphere, that are at enmity with the positive ones. When I argue that our existence is fundamentally spiritual in nature, it implies that spiritual forces are in action 'behind the scenes' as it were, but affecting everything that occurs in the physical realm.

Since there are both positive (constructive) forces and negative (destructive) forces operating in the spiritual plane, they are realizing their conflict by influencing events in the material world. This world, then, is ground zero in a cosmic contest between forces of good and of evil. If you don't acknowledge that basic fact of human existence, you can never understand, let alone solve, the fact of human strife and self-destruction.

Many analysts taking the materialist approach have put forth reasonable paradigms for the problems affecting the modern world. These are problems that have dogged the human race for eons, but today in the modern world, we can no longer hide from those quandaries by (for example) moving to an uninhabited region. Population and technology have burgeoned to a point where we have the ability to destroy all sentient life on Earth. There's no escaping it.

Depending on their academic discipline, these analysts argue for one or another cause of humanity's current dilemmas. Economists point to predatory, unregulated capitalism as the culprit; psychologists to greed and fear; sociologists can go on about 'germs, guns, and whatever;' and preachers can point to the sin problem of the human soul. Recent decades have seen scientists talk about the menace that started as 'global warming,' but had to be re-titled 'climate change' after record-setting cold followed record high temperatures around the world.

The objective student could well tick off 'all of the above' as being relevant causes of the clearly destructive course that the world is on. I'm not exaggerating; many prominent scientists have been sounding the alarms for years, but of course the mainstream media are more preoccupied with keeping the serfs dumb than informing of crucial truths of the times.

My contention, tho, is that the materialistic approach simply breaks the puzzle into analyzable chunks, but is useless in answering the fundamental questions: 1) why did this come about when we have the knowledge that it will fail at some point? And 2) what can we do to stop the destructive process?

Just to illustrate what I mean, consider atomic energy. We've known for 50 years that we have no viable, safe means to store the dangerous waste products of atomic power generation, but we went ahead and constructed at enormous cost hundreds of nuclear power plants around the world. Then some genius came along with the 'perfect solution' (perfect in a mad world) which was to make the depleted uranium into munitions to be used in the numerous wars that the US military is waging in the Middle East. The resulting radioactive dust spreads far and wide, not distinguishing between friend or foe, making ill those who are exposed to it.

There are thousands of examples of how this human race is racing madly along paths that are blatantly self-defeating. For every initiative to arrest or change one of these destructive trends, many more appear to take its place. Fracking creates a few jobs but poisons the water table supplying humans and livestock. Pipelines effectively transport petroleum and gas... but frequently fail, with serious consequences to our environment. Forests-- the lungs of the planet-- are destroyed helter-skelter, to create temporary jobs, and to provide grazing land for cows that supply protein far less efficiently than plants.

Those are just a few examples of the external dangers to human life. We don't even see the more insidious threats, such as tampering with species' genes, contaminating the global food sources with GMOs and pesticides, the killing of our oceans with garbage dumping and, worse, with highly radioactive spill-off from the Fukushima disaster. I'll stop the litanies.

My point is that the materialistic analysis concludes that the various vectors of destruction are simply random effects of 'progress!' Therefore, their only reasonable proposal is to slow or stop progress. But that is patently absurd. It's obvious that humanity is on a speeding train to the future, and no one knows how to apply the brakes... if there are any brakes.

Once you acknowledge that the battle is spiritual, the nature of our existence becomes more clear. Our leaders (in politics, industry, etc.) keep making wrong decisions not by accident, but purposely. The system is failing because it was designed to fail! Why would they do this?, you want to know; it's not rational.

Right; it's clearly foolish. But the spiritual mind realizes that it's the evil forces in the hidden realm who have been manipulating compliant humans for eons into making destructive choices. When I say for eons, I mean for as long as humans have lived on this planet. By manipulating, I mean inspiring malleable individuals with ideologies that are inimical to spiritual health and, in turn, to physical health whether for persons or collectives.

The war on humanity is being waged on numerous fronts by the evil entities thru their captive human agents. Our health is under attack by corporations dumping pollutants into our drinking water sources, by pharmaceutical corps pushing ever more vaccines and dangerous drugs on ever-wider segments of the populace, by pollution of the very air we breathe, and so on. Our minds are being 'dumbed-down' via the same pollution, and also by the television 'programming,' and the education system that is always experimenting with novel, liberal curriculums whose results are lower academic performance.

The most glaring instance that demonstrates the conflict between good and evil being waged in our world is occurring in the USA, where leftist 'progressive' values are being forcefully promoted to usurp the traditional 'Christian' values that served the nation for more than two centuries of prosperity. In place of the gender identity that is inherent in all mammalian species, the progressives want gender fluidity whereby the basic duality of male/female is replaced by a spectrum of confusing gender descriptives.

In practice you can't have a spectrum of toilets, for example, therefore all public restrooms must be gender-neutral so anyone can use them. There goes another portion of personal privacy; and for women, the loss of a refuge they once had from unwanted male attention. Gender fluidity, while promoted breathlessly by the media as a great benefit and mark of social progress, has been used as a weapon to attack Christianity, a last bastion of traditional values.

The evil force is in the process of the destruction of the family unit; for once the family is gone, the state fills the vacuum with its totalitarian imperatives. Individuals, bereft of loving family ties, become emotionally adrift and morally numb in a society whose only structure and meaning are erected by the dictatorial state.

This clash in the material world between liberal 'inclusiveness' (as it's packaged) and traditional morality is the outworking of the battle raging in the spiritual dimension. In a sense, humans are the pawns in a kind of hyper-dimensional warfare between spiritual entities. And humans are at a distinct disadvantage since, being unable to see the higher dimension, they are very resistant to believing that it even exists.

Of course, materialists (atheists, mostly) cannot get their minds around this thesis that has been described by mystics and others for millennia. Today, we can survey past centuries and (as astute observers have done) we can see how the plot to subvert all our institutions has been going on for a long time-- much longer than any person's lifetime. So how does such a vast orchestrated plan get perpetuated over generations?

Human conspiracies typically implode within a few decades at most (e.g. the USSR lasted only 70 years). Those with spiritual insight understand that the evident self-destructiveness of humanity is being directed by intelligences behind the scenes, in the spirit world. Failure generally to acknowledge the essential spiritual nature of existence ensures that no viable solutions to the disintegration of human society will ever emerge before we are overcome by the developing catastrophe.

The human race has a date with destiny, and it's happening in these days. Many ancient traditions have pointed to this era, even describing the state of human morality as it has, in fact, manifested. They could only have done that by tapping into the transcendent realm. Still, the hard-headed (and hard-hearted) materialists refuse to recognize the signs of the times, or see the divine, spiritual handwriting on the wall of history.

Thus, homo sapiens-- the 'thinking man'-- is destroyed by allowing his thinking to be high-jacked by rational-sounding but inherently corrosive double-talk. Of course, we are first set up to be amenable to this high-jacking, by various insidious schemes.

Our vaunted technology, of which many are so proud, is providing the means to corrode our moral sensibilities in subtle and overt means. McLuhan warned us back in the 1960s that 'the medium is the message,' and how television imagery actually stupefied us and projected concepts directly into our mesmerized minds. The dark force used that medium to promote 'progressive' ideologies, degrading memes, and vacuous logic over its vast audience.

A critical tactic of the dark forces was to get us to give up common sense, a God-given faculty that facilitated human survival and progress right up to the age of mass media. Now we don't need to think because the media provide authorities who tell us what to believe-- no matter how ludicrous and counter-intuitive is their advice. (e.g. Did the media question the absurdities of the official 9-11 'story?' No; they supported them!)

Along with common sense, they had to suppress imagination, another 'dangerous' faculty of mind/spirit. As J. Edgar Hoover once stated: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” That failure of imagination is one vital factor that has allowed the satanic forces to exercise their rule from behind the scenes, and increasingly, right in our benumbed faces! Again, imagination is unnecessary in a society wherein the video media (TV, movies, games) provide all manner of fantastic but trivial entertainment requiring nothing more than passive absorption.

It's becoming crystal clear that the wizards of Oz behind the projector screens of the mass media are getting truly desperate as they see their power crumbling as people turn away from their increasingly obvious fakery. Their lies are getting bigger, more outrageous, in order to shore up previous unbelievable malarky. Fittingly, they are now caught in a vicious cycle of their own making. Many will be happy to see it finally implode.

In conclusion, the present global materialist system is completely unsustainable; it is rapidly failing and coming to its logical, unavoidable, and catastrophic end. As the spiritual underpinnings of human society have become sickly corrupt, they must collapse. The old order will cease; the new, Godly order will arrive. Are you ready?