January 20, 2017

Clash of Two Paradigms

Look-- there are only two explanations for everything. Either you believe in 'coincidence theory,' or you believe in 'conspiracy theory.' 
Let me elaborate. The first group are the pragmatists and materialists for whom everything can be explained from primordial coincidence. They believe that this whole, stupendous universe just exploded out of essentially nothing, 'by chance' (i.e. coincidence), and that everything simply progressed from there to this point of human life that 'evolved' from propitious slime. For these stolid souls, there is nothing after life, and all instances of the numinous can be 'explained' as mere coincidence of misunderstood principles.

The second group believe it's all explainable by deep, subtle, often cryptic or transcendent factors and forces. They're not afraid to say that creation is a mystery, a marvellous one at that. Ironically, the coincidence camp believes that wars, economic events, and big social movements just happen 'spontaneously,' while the conspiracy contingent believes that there are logical, but hidden reasons why these things happen.

As a diehard conspiracy advocate, I have always argued that the 'mystical' outlook is superior to the pragmatic paradigm in explaining reality. The reason is simple. The transcendental view encompasses the physical, practical world, while adducing the unseen dimensions. On the contrary, the pragmatic (coincidence) faith cannot accommodate the concept of the spiritual (mystical) realm beyond the senses. Therefore, the pragmatists live in a limited cosmos-- which seems to suit them just fine, altho they reserve the right to feel superior for it. (Weird!)

Moreover, the coincidence adherents can't accept their inherent illogic. They want to start off their paradigm with a clearly mystical event (the 'Big Bang') and then, nano-seconds later, switch to pure materialism following the knowable physical laws! Surely this is crazier than the spiritual approach that treats all of existence as a numinous realm within which physical reality is a kind of base stratum.

Another bit of irony is that the concept of chance or coincidence explains nothing; it has no inherent power to account for anything. Think about it; if you say life happened by chance, what the hell does that really mean? Someone rolled the dice? It's beyond vapid! Yet the materialists cling to this pathetic paradigm as if it somehow explains everything. (More weird).

If this humble scribe proclaims that the reason the world is so utterly screwed up in every aspect is because there are secret enclaves of depraved individuals who want to bring about a one-world, fascist government, most hearers/readers would dismiss me as a crazy 'conspiracy theorist.' Now suppose, I challenge you, that the president of the USA were to state exactly the same thing. Would you believe him? Most people would probably say, yes, that would be a credible source. Well, in fact, former president JFK solemnly declared this very thing, calling it a ruthless conspiracy. A few weeks later, he was gunned down in public, in one of the traumatic events of US history.

For me, the world is increasingly bizarre. It seems that the population is divided into distinct groups. The great majority simply avert their gaze from the blatant lies and craziness all around us, pretending resolutely that life is normal, despite all evidence to the contrary. A smaller group have an uneasy feeling that things aren't quite right... but they see the majority acting 'normal,' so they consciously avoid investigating further, and join the pretence. The third group is aware that things are messed up, and they may get involved in 'activist orgs,' or 'prepping.' These individuals are probably regarded as different, as 'conspiracy theorists,' or whatever.

We can also add a fourth category, those few who are well aware that a tiny cadre of demented people actually control global civilization from behind the scenes; and moreover, that global catastrophe looms ahead. This group is conscious of the matrix of lies fabricated by the media as the mesmerizers for the secret cabal.

For those in either the third or forth class, life is truly weird. You've got the masses going about their daily routines oblivious to the false reality all around them. The 'awake' and 'semi-awake' are likewise operating in the same matrix-- but aware that it's almost entirely fake. Let me give some simple examples of this cognitive dissonance.

Every September 11, since 2002, the media go on about the 'terrorist attacks' and Osama bin Laden, and the whole 'official narrative' ad nauseum. Meanwhile, a sizable segment of the populace (whose consciousness was likely raised by that event) know full well that the media yarns are pure B.S. Yet the pretence goes on, annually.

The same happens every November 22, when the media roll out their tired praise and tears for the 'great American hero,' J.F. Kennedy. By now, a majority of Americans is cognizant of the fact that JFK was assassinated by the CIA acting for unknown, hidden powers. Yet, everyone plays along with the charade that Oswald was a lone gunman with ties to Cuba.

One particularly dangerous falsehood is the US economy-- supposedly doing just swell. While fake statistics are used to gloat about the strength of the economy, millions of Americans living on the edge of poverty must wonder how come they aren't part of the gravy-train.

Those are notable examples, but today the media still pretends that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction; that bin Laden was killed by US special forces in Pakistan; that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were necessary; that the USG 'liberated Libya' from Gaddafi; that US forces are in Syria to fight ISIS, and that 'Assad must go.' And on it goes-- a completely false world built on the torrent of lies pouring forth 24/7 by merely a half-dozen media giants who hold the American populace in their poisonous embrace.

Year 2016 opened some big cracks between the 'Ministry of Truth' a.k.a. Mainstream media, and the genuine truth as reported by the alternative (web-based) media. Many people are starting to wake up to the fact that the MSM have been creating a false reality for decades. What these people may not understand is the reason behind the illusions, and that is to control them.

For example, to get people to support the next illegal, immoral, unnecessary war, you have to convince them that their way of life is threatened, so the governments generate fear of a designated enemy thru constant media propaganda bolstered by periodic false-flag attacks. We've seen this vividly and non-stop since the start of the 3rd millennium, as the USG attacked one country after another with no clear justification ever provided.

Just when we thought they were done in Iraq, they attacked Libya. After wrecking Libya, we thought peace might prevail, but no, they sent their mad-dogs of ISIS into Syria and destroyed another Middle East country. Now that the Russians seem to have stabilized Syria, there's again talk of attacking Iran. Where, when does this insane game of the US Empire end?

A better question is, when will the coincidence theorists wake up and finally admit that this repetitive pattern is intentional, i.e. it's a conspiracy, plain and simple! Once the befuddled mind reaches this epiphany, it often becomes clear that virtually everything we hold as factual in the Western world is really pure mythology, all meant to serve the vicious ends of a small cadre of uber-rich satanists bent on a path to global catastrophe.

Are You a Conspiracy Theorist? Or a Coincidence Theorist?

JFK speech re world-wide conspiracy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeYgLLahHv8

Marshall MacLuhan: “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

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