April 25, 2017

Age of Innuendo

With 2017 barely four months old as I write, it appears that the characterization by Terrance McKenna of the world as experiencing ever-increasing 'novelty' is presciently accurate. The dominant memes in society keep shifting almost monthly if not weekly. One of the big ones to suddenly emerge on the public scene most recently is the power of innuendo, whereby... 
the most outrageous accusations can be flung at any person, group, or nation... without providing the slightest shred of credible evidence.
And the ones levelling the charges are usually either politicians or the mainstream media.
Politicians have always resorted to every despicable tactic in their sullied business. But once upon a time, the media recognized a responsibility to investigate allegations before publishing them and giving them the patina of legitimacy. That kind of honesty is a rapidly fading memory. Now, newspapers print any inflammatory headlines they want, and qualifying comments may or may not be buried in the text. Proof? Ha, who needs it. Evidence? Why you don't need any evidence; just take our word for it! Surely that's sufficient.

Of course, the government response to insolent demands for proof is that they have it but they can't give it to us because of 'national security.' And besides, they usually imply, would we lie to you?

You may perhaps argue that it's no big deal since most of these allegations never go to the extent of the courts, and if they do, then the burden of proof applies. However, the slingers of innuendo don't give a hoot about evidence; just making the charge is the goal. Why? Because they know full well that due to the weakness of human nature, many readers will never bother to read the entire story. All they will register is the headline. The desired effect is achieved.

It's called mud-slinging, and sure, it's as old as humanity. What's novel is that we're supposed to be advanced, intelligent, and not amenable to such obvious treachery. But in a world where the few wealthy elite own the media, run the justice system, and dictate policy from behind the scenes, proof is deemed unnecessary. The public can be fed non-stop b.s. as far as TPTB are concerned. After years of television programming, the masses can hardly distinguish between fact and fiction, in any case.

Another primary method the mass media continuously use to plant innuendo is selective reporting-- making big and frequent headlines of things they want you to register, while completely ignoring any event that they don't want you to know about. Now that they own or control over 90% of the US news sources, this is a highly effective tactic.

As already mentioned, the headlines are very often 'head-lies' or distortions of reality, with text that is full of 'qualified' or vague obfuscations of the details. By citing anonymous sources associated with recognized named official organizations, these vacuous 'stories' create the desired impressions on the readers/listeners. And by deliberately failing to supply alternate views on a sensitive topic, the audience is left with only that desired interpretation. It worked well for the Nazis in Germany; it's working just as well for the neo-con/neo-lib Zionist deep state running the USA today.

Since the federal election campaign in 2016 until the present, innuendo has been weaponized by the media, by politicians of all stripes, and by academics-- virtually anyone with something to rant about, feels no restraint imposed by truth; they just spew their venomous lies in the expectation that some of it is bound to stick. Key, psychological trigger words are thrown about with utter abandon, regardless of their relevance to the subject at hand. You know them by now-- the current favorites being: Russia, racist, anti-semitic, Islamophobia, and homophobic.

It's at the point where even those of us who keep informed (truly informed, not 'educated') don't know what to believe about certain topics, especially regarding what's really going on in the Trump administration. There are all kinds of theories being floated, any of which has an aura of plausibility; but only those who are in the inner-most circle would have an idea of what is accurate. (And even they may wonder what's going on in the Donald's mind).

One thing is obvious-- innuendo is the 'truth of the times!' Nevertheless, “Whatever is covered up will be uncovered, and every secret will be made known” Luke 12:2. Lies have a way of unravelling over time, and the more complex the lies, the more likely they will contradict themselves and self-destruct before people's eyes.

For those of us with the discrimination, we're seeing the web of lies from the USG and the media becoming unravelled. Even a portion of normally-dozing citizens are waking up to the reality that those sources are shovelling buckets of b.s. on the population.

The Bible foresaw this time of rampant deception, as Paul wrote to the believers in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12: “...wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. [11] For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie [12] and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. [NIV]

According to scripture, truth is not just some abstract idea with little relevance to daily life. Far from it! Truth is a life or death feature of human existence. Whether you believe in God or not, it eventually becomes clear that we cannot long survive in a matrix of deception. Whether you believe in the spiritual nature or not, it becomes obvious that society can't function on the basis of endemic lies.

In this world where innuendo is proclaimed as fact, where 'fake news' is condemned by the very purveyors of fake news, where nothing uttered by authorities can be presumed true, we are heading for unavoidable, widespread calamity. You can prepare for that soon event by 'loving the truth;' or you can accept the 'powerful delusion' fabricated by the wicked forces, and continue to 'believe the lie.' As always-- it's your choice.

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