April 16, 2017

Dispatch from Babylon, 2017

This last excursion to Babylon was similar to previous trips, but this time on the road south we happened to hear a 'news' broadcast on public radio. It was an interview with some military spokesman regarding Radio America in Europe... and was full of outrageous lies that both parties treated with full deference. It was not only obvious, in-your-face propaganda (at least for this jaded outsider) projected from the current US hysteria over all things Russian, but it was loaded with irony as both the 'objective interviewer' (hah!) and the guest accused Russia of all the crimes of which the USA is guilty.

I won't go into details but the gist of it was the tired tirade about Russia having 'invaded' Crimea, and their 'aggressive moves' behind their own borders. To add further irony to the lies, they went on about how the Russians were using 'fake news' in countering the 'truths' being broadcast by the US in Europe! Truly ludicrous, and a veritable trademark of this age of deception. The average American no doubt laps up this disinformation with little second guessing. After that, I didn't listen any more to NPR.

Our next encounter with the American zeitgeist occurred when we attended a concert staged by the US Airforce jazz band. Naturally, I was anticipating there'd be a certain amount of patriotic fervour along with the music, and I wasn't disappointed. Not surprisingly, the audience was composed almost entirely of 'senior citizens,' (the Silent generation) and this contingent is highly patriotic, and included a sizeable number of military veterans. The MC used the occasion to not only plug the US Air Force but to justify American military aggression around the world. And, naturally, the apologetics were met with obvious approbation by the assembly.

The observer from Mars could not hold much hope for enlightenment and peace upon noting how easily the crowd can be worked by a spokesman in a uniform. The music was good, but we didn't stay to the end of that concert. It's like the Titanic just before hitting the 'berg-- the orchestra played on, and the passengers were blissfully happy and oblivious. What if someone on deck had suddenly started shouting a warning about the closing iceberg... would the party-goers have given any heed? Yes, they couldn't have avoided the collision; but they would have had a bit of time to prepare themselves for the impact.

Do you see the parallel I'm making? Modern Babylon has been weighed on the moral balance and found woefully deficient. The cosmic handwriting is on the wall for any with eyes to see. There are even a few 'Daniels' around to interpret the signs of these times. But the music is cranked up and the partying proceeds in all excess. When the end comes, it will be a total shock to so many who laughed off the 'doom-sayers' and spurned all evidence provided.

Most Americans have totally bought into the official, soothing lies about dispensing democracy to all those grateful, poor folks in those countries they can't find on a world map. Whether they identify as Republicans or Democrats, they believe in the righteousness of their country, unable to exercise the simple moral logic that considers the cost in civilian casualties to 'liberate' those foreigners.

For that moral turpitude, modern Babylon is destined to share the fate of its ancient forerunner. It's only a question of when... and it can't be far off.

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