April 5, 2017

The Apocalypse Will Be Televised

Yes, the Apocalypse Will Be Televised. How do I know? Because it's happening as you read! 
To a few of us, it's quite obvious that we, this generation, are living in those days prophesied in a number of sources from antiquity, as the 'last days.' 
Sure, the majority don't believe this claim for a moment; scoff at it, in fact. The majority are always the last to understand what is really happening. They always want to cling to the illusion of stasis that the establishment is always happy to spoon-feed them via their controlled media. 

In any case, I'm not going to enumerate the plethora of evidence that those with 'eyes to see' can easily see. If you aren't at least agnostic on the subject, given all the turmoil ('signs') of this 21st century, then I suggest you aren't paying attention. You might as well go back to your favorite telly mind-mush.

From my perspective as a believer in Christ, the silence from the church pulpits is both troubling and puzzling. Even the Adventist churches are making little impression on their flocks and on society in general. They all seem to be in a state of moral paralysis, content to 'play church' as the old fervor has withered under the relentless heat of the godless milieu around them. Yet, doesn't scripture tell us that God always informs people before the occurrence of calamities? And not just Christian people, but all people.

And I deliberately state 'calamities,' not 'His judgments.' I believe God uses natural phenomena and laws to accomplish His justice, via what some call karma. It's ineffable for mere mortals.

So, the mainstream 'Christian' denominations are largely MIA. Yet for the curious enquirers, there's no lack of information of varying degrees of utility to be found on the www with the most basic of searches. There are Christian sources of all manner of eschatological views, from the sublime to the ridiculous. There are 'New Age' oriented pundits peddling a mixture of useful observations and zealous but often bizarre beliefs. Added to those are various other sources ranging from 'scientific' outsiders, to mystics and mythologies from diverse cultures, to mere obscure students of reality such as yer humble blogger here.

There's a huge range of angles of attack by all those Internet sites on the subject of End Times. For ex, some are based purely on interpreting the extant scriptures, and concocting plausible scenarios... that inevitably support some preconceived ideology. Others are focussed on the ominous but secret approach of the mysterious Planet X, that is expected to wreak great havoc on our beleaguered globe. More to follow.

Some of the prescient observers note the diverse environmental phenomena (disasters) that have ramped up seriously since the turn of the century, and project the trend to its logical, unpleasant conclusion.

So depending on your prejudices (and we all have them hard-wired from childhood) there is some paradigm available... if you but make the small effort to find it.

That's the hallmark of this Apocalyptic Age-- you're not going to be spoon-fed the truth that will prepare you for, if not set you free from, what's to come. No, you have to overcome the human predilection to shun bad news, and take enough initiative to seek truth. Jesus meant it when he said, 'Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened; ask and ye shall receive.'

Yet the vast masses are not merely morally lethargic; no, they are arrogant in their ignorance! The small proportion of the populace that is even aware of talk about the End, denounces the prophets (of whatever persuasion) as nutters and the new derogative-- conspiracy theorists. They say this with the scornful confidence of the true fool, stumbling blindly to their doom.

How can I make this assertion so unequivocally? Simple. When I ask the scoffers how many hours (or minutes) they have spent investigating the issues at stake, they just snort, implying that the conventional wisdom needs no second guessing whatsoever.

Well, the last great, civilization-ending calamity to strike the Earth was the Deluge. Of course, the establishment experts deny the Flood, despite global traditions that support it. The Old Testament tells us that the people of Noah's day scoffed at his warnings right up to the moment the end began. Jesus informs us in the New Testament that it will be the same in these days as it was in the time of Noah.

And so it is. The whole crazy drama is unfolding in an apparently inevitable manner. We, the prophets, watch the debacle unfold like a colossal, slow-motion train-wreck. What is so astonishing to us is that the good folks, even the supposedly intelligent ones, don't see the obvious. Of course, they don't because they won't. As Jesus said, those who reject truth will be given the strong delusions they prefer... and will reap the bitter consequences.

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