April 16, 2017

The Nature of Existence

One of the few benefits of getting old is that you have experience; and properly examined and contemplated, experience can confer wisdom.
Once upon a time, people acknowledged that the older members of society did have some wisdom, and consulted them for their insights. The past century or so has seen the abandonment of that deference to age in favor of deference to experts-- who may be young punks with PhDs, or young punks running billion dollar software start-ups. That's considered wisdom, these days.

Regardless of who's prepared to lend me an ear, or an eyeball, I am going to lay out my late-life perspective on the nature of our existence, of our reality. I acknowledge that this is mostly an exercise in futility in terms of informing anyone out there; but it's useful for me to make the effort.

The most important feature of physical reality is that it is fundamentally-- and paradoxically-- spiritual. Yes, we function in a material world, contained in our material bodies; but the underlying basis of human existence is non-material. It is, as many dedicated souls have observed and taught over long ages, of a spiritual nature.

The word spiritual is problematic for some people, yet intuitively clear for others. It pertains to a realm beyond the gross physical universe perceivable to our senses. Therefore, it refers to a metaphysical or transcendental realm, perceivable only by non-material means.

What 'non-material means' do we have? As human beings, we have a mind whose 'operating system' is consciousness. It is the most marvellous 'logic engine' ever conceived, being able to program itself by interaction with the world. Moreover, the mind is capable of amazing feats of intuition-- knowing without perceiving via the senses.

Spiritual has an additional meaning related to morality, whereby we recognize spiritual values as being immutable, godly, and superior to the passing trends ('isms') of worldly invention. There are also negative influences and values inhabiting the spiritual sphere, that are at enmity with the positive ones. When I argue that our existence is fundamentally spiritual in nature, it implies that spiritual forces are in action 'behind the scenes' as it were, but affecting everything that occurs in the physical realm.

Since there are both positive (constructive) forces and negative (destructive) forces operating in the spiritual plane, they are realizing their conflict by influencing events in the material world. This world, then, is ground zero in a cosmic contest between forces of good and of evil. If you don't acknowledge that basic fact of human existence, you can never understand, let alone solve, the fact of human strife and self-destruction.

Many analysts taking the materialist approach have put forth reasonable paradigms for the problems affecting the modern world. These are problems that have dogged the human race for eons, but today in the modern world, we can no longer hide from those quandaries by (for example) moving to an uninhabited region. Population and technology have burgeoned to a point where we have the ability to destroy all sentient life on Earth. There's no escaping it.

Depending on their academic discipline, these analysts argue for one or another cause of humanity's current dilemmas. Economists point to predatory, unregulated capitalism as the culprit; psychologists to greed and fear; sociologists can go on about 'germs, guns, and whatever;' and preachers can point to the sin problem of the human soul. Recent decades have seen scientists talk about the menace that started as 'global warming,' but had to be re-titled 'climate change' after record-setting cold followed record high temperatures around the world.

The objective student could well tick off 'all of the above' as being relevant causes of the clearly destructive course that the world is on. I'm not exaggerating; many prominent scientists have been sounding the alarms for years, but of course the mainstream media are more preoccupied with keeping the serfs dumb than informing of crucial truths of the times.

My contention, tho, is that the materialistic approach simply breaks the puzzle into analyzable chunks, but is useless in answering the fundamental questions: 1) why did this come about when we have the knowledge that it will fail at some point? And 2) what can we do to stop the destructive process?

Just to illustrate what I mean, consider atomic energy. We've known for 50 years that we have no viable, safe means to store the dangerous waste products of atomic power generation, but we went ahead and constructed at enormous cost hundreds of nuclear power plants around the world. Then some genius came along with the 'perfect solution' (perfect in a mad world) which was to make the depleted uranium into munitions to be used in the numerous wars that the US military is waging in the Middle East. The resulting radioactive dust spreads far and wide, not distinguishing between friend or foe, making ill those who are exposed to it.

There are thousands of examples of how this human race is racing madly along paths that are blatantly self-defeating. For every initiative to arrest or change one of these destructive trends, many more appear to take its place. Fracking creates a few jobs but poisons the water table supplying humans and livestock. Pipelines effectively transport petroleum and gas... but frequently fail, with serious consequences to our environment. Forests-- the lungs of the planet-- are destroyed helter-skelter, to create temporary jobs, and to provide grazing land for cows that supply protein far less efficiently than plants.

Those are just a few examples of the external dangers to human life. We don't even see the more insidious threats, such as tampering with species' genes, contaminating the global food sources with GMOs and pesticides, the killing of our oceans with garbage dumping and, worse, with highly radioactive spill-off from the Fukushima disaster. I'll stop the litanies.

My point is that the materialistic analysis concludes that the various vectors of destruction are simply random effects of 'progress!' Therefore, their only reasonable proposal is to slow or stop progress. But that is patently absurd. It's obvious that humanity is on a speeding train to the future, and no one knows how to apply the brakes... if there are any brakes.

Once you acknowledge that the battle is spiritual, the nature of our existence becomes more clear. Our leaders (in politics, industry, etc.) keep making wrong decisions not by accident, but purposely. The system is failing because it was designed to fail! Why would they do this?, you want to know; it's not rational.

Right; it's clearly foolish. But the spiritual mind realizes that it's the evil forces in the hidden realm who have been manipulating compliant humans for eons into making destructive choices. When I say for eons, I mean for as long as humans have lived on this planet. By manipulating, I mean inspiring malleable individuals with ideologies that are inimical to spiritual health and, in turn, to physical health whether for persons or collectives.

The war on humanity is being waged on numerous fronts by the evil entities thru their captive human agents. Our health is under attack by corporations dumping pollutants into our drinking water sources, by pharmaceutical corps pushing ever more vaccines and dangerous drugs on ever-wider segments of the populace, by pollution of the very air we breathe, and so on. Our minds are being 'dumbed-down' via the same pollution, and also by the television 'programming,' and the education system that is always experimenting with novel, liberal curriculums whose results are lower academic performance.

The most glaring instance that demonstrates the conflict between good and evil being waged in our world is occurring in the USA, where leftist 'progressive' values are being forcefully promoted to usurp the traditional 'Christian' values that served the nation for more than two centuries of prosperity. In place of the gender identity that is inherent in all mammalian species, the progressives want gender fluidity whereby the basic duality of male/female is replaced by a spectrum of confusing gender descriptives.

In practice you can't have a spectrum of toilets, for example, therefore all public restrooms must be gender-neutral so anyone can use them. There goes another portion of personal privacy; and for women, the loss of a refuge they once had from unwanted male attention. Gender fluidity, while promoted breathlessly by the media as a great benefit and mark of social progress, has been used as a weapon to attack Christianity, a last bastion of traditional values.

The evil force is in the process of the destruction of the family unit; for once the family is gone, the state fills the vacuum with its totalitarian imperatives. Individuals, bereft of loving family ties, become emotionally adrift and morally numb in a society whose only structure and meaning are erected by the dictatorial state.

This clash in the material world between liberal 'inclusiveness' (as it's packaged) and traditional morality is the outworking of the battle raging in the spiritual dimension. In a sense, humans are the pawns in a kind of hyper-dimensional warfare between spiritual entities. And humans are at a distinct disadvantage since, being unable to see the higher dimension, they are very resistant to believing that it even exists.

Of course, materialists (atheists, mostly) cannot get their minds around this thesis that has been described by mystics and others for millennia. Today, we can survey past centuries and (as astute observers have done) we can see how the plot to subvert all our institutions has been going on for a long time-- much longer than any person's lifetime. So how does such a vast orchestrated plan get perpetuated over generations?

Human conspiracies typically implode within a few decades at most (e.g. the USSR lasted only 70 years). Those with spiritual insight understand that the evident self-destructiveness of humanity is being directed by intelligences behind the scenes, in the spirit world. Failure generally to acknowledge the essential spiritual nature of existence ensures that no viable solutions to the disintegration of human society will ever emerge before we are overcome by the developing catastrophe.

The human race has a date with destiny, and it's happening in these days. Many ancient traditions have pointed to this era, even describing the state of human morality as it has, in fact, manifested. They could only have done that by tapping into the transcendent realm. Still, the hard-headed (and hard-hearted) materialists refuse to recognize the signs of the times, or see the divine, spiritual handwriting on the wall of history.

Thus, homo sapiens-- the 'thinking man'-- is destroyed by allowing his thinking to be high-jacked by rational-sounding but inherently corrosive double-talk. Of course, we are first set up to be amenable to this high-jacking, by various insidious schemes.

Our vaunted technology, of which many are so proud, is providing the means to corrode our moral sensibilities in subtle and overt means. McLuhan warned us back in the 1960s that 'the medium is the message,' and how television imagery actually stupefied us and projected concepts directly into our mesmerized minds. The dark force used that medium to promote 'progressive' ideologies, degrading memes, and vacuous logic over its vast audience.

A critical tactic of the dark forces was to get us to give up common sense, a God-given faculty that facilitated human survival and progress right up to the age of mass media. Now we don't need to think because the media provide authorities who tell us what to believe-- no matter how ludicrous and counter-intuitive is their advice. (e.g. Did the media question the absurdities of the official 9-11 'story?' No; they supported them!)

Along with common sense, they had to suppress imagination, another 'dangerous' faculty of mind/spirit. As J. Edgar Hoover once stated: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” That failure of imagination is one vital factor that has allowed the satanic forces to exercise their rule from behind the scenes, and increasingly, right in our benumbed faces! Again, imagination is unnecessary in a society wherein the video media (TV, movies, games) provide all manner of fantastic but trivial entertainment requiring nothing more than passive absorption.

It's becoming crystal clear that the wizards of Oz behind the projector screens of the mass media are getting truly desperate as they see their power crumbling as people turn away from their increasingly obvious fakery. Their lies are getting bigger, more outrageous, in order to shore up previous unbelievable malarky. Fittingly, they are now caught in a vicious cycle of their own making. Many will be happy to see it finally implode.

In conclusion, the present global materialist system is completely unsustainable; it is rapidly failing and coming to its logical, unavoidable, and catastrophic end. As the spiritual underpinnings of human society have become sickly corrupt, they must collapse. The old order will cease; the new, Godly order will arrive. Are you ready?

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