April 1, 2017

Too Clever for that God Stuff?

This is a message for atheists, those who profess they do not believe in 'God,' nor do they even believe in the possibility of the Supreme Creator. Most atheists look patronizingly at people who do believe in God, as if these folks were too dopey to figure out the 'facts.' Rarely, it seems, do they bother to really question and seriously consider their position, which would be the intelligent thing for a so-called intellectual to do, wouldn't it? Since atheists won't bother to question their beliefs, I intend to do so for them, in this essay.
Atheists are heard to enquire, 'If God were real He'd...' Alright, think about it: He'd what? Knock on your door and introduce himself? Visit our political houses to have a word with the leaders? Take out an ad on TV? Oh, right; you expect that He'd force an end to wars, and to all the other abuses that we love to inflict on our fellow creatures. Why? He's given us free will, and has the patience to let us take our Godless experiment to its ultimate conclusions. So don't use this foolish argument, please!

If God is not going to just show up and present His credentials, then what? Well, people of faith believe that God gave us His precepts thru human agents who recorded them in what is called scriptures. The premier instance of 'His word' of scripture is found in the book called the Bible. Of course, atheists dismiss the authenticity of the Bible out of hand, without ever bothering to really study it. Sure, some atheists can quote a few, selected verses to ridicule the 'flaws' they find; but they never STUDY it. I've written essays just on the Bible, so I have to try and sum up the conclusions here in a few words.

The fact is that the Bible, earnestly studied and properly viewed, is amazingly consistent from beginning to end, considering it was written by numerous writers over a span of millennia. More than that is its prescience. Many predictions are made in scripture, and many of them were fulfilled in Biblical times. (I know-- the skeptics have their 'explanation' for this.) There are still numerous predictions yet to occur; many are occurring in these very days, the 20th and 21st centuries. But-- you need 'spiritual eyes' to see these prophecies as they unfold in our time. (Again; the skeptics have hardened their hearts, and their eyes; thus, they refuse to see 'the signs of the times.')

Speaking of eyes, the evidence of God's existence is literally all around us. Everything that exists gives proof of a Creator. More than that, the awareness of the phenomena of creation is, itself, proof of God. Science cannot explain consciousness nor duplicate it artificially. It's a mystery.

But atheists refuse to accept the evidence that exists all around us; the reality matrix we call the universe. No, using their reason, they have concocted and bought into something they call the Theory of Evolution which, they profess, explains everything about the universe. Here's the crazy part: as with scripture, once again the proponents of Evolution don't bother to STUDY it; they simply take it as obvious from the writers who popularize it. Well, the facts are quite inconvenient to Evolution-- it is full of holes! Even scientists who want to believe it admit that the theory is deeply flawed and fundamentally unprovable.

IF atheists could be intellectually honest and objectively study the Theory of Evolution and the Bible, they would finally begin to see the truth. Regrettably, this kind of objectivity is very unlikely. Everyone has their pet biases. Unbelievers will accuse me of being equally biased; but this is not so! Unlike 99.9% of the populace, who are satisfied to get their knowledge second-hand from 'experts,' I have put in the time, the effort, to STUDY the competing theories put forth to explain our reality. I abandoned 'organized religion' when my research convinced me it was a humanly-devised mental cage and spiritual dead-end. So, please, don't bother to accuse me of the same crime you are guilty of!

It's a shame then, to consider that so many modern, progressive, educated people have embraced a bankrupt ideology, and rejected the faith that promises a treasure that no earthly program can ever deliver. God is allowing all this inhumanity to occur to give a chance to the deluded atheists to see the clash of evil versus good being played out in our midst (and reaching its climax in these 'end-times') and to come to their senses and choose the good/God.

The irony is plain and lamentable: these proud atheists are too clever by a half-- just smart enough to make a choice, but not intelligent enough to make it a truly 'informed choice.' How clever is that? But try to convince these know-it-alls. They have their talking points pre-arranged, and no logic will dislodge their obstinacy. However, IF a sincere atheist should grasp what I'm saying here, and take on the challenge of honestly examining the claims of the Christian scriptures (the New Testament) versus the Theory of Evolution, I would be pleased to dialog with them.

Consider-- this is not a trivial challenge! After all, if the claims of Christianity are true, your life everlasting is at stake. I do not believe that non-believers will burn in Hell (which is a non-biblical, satanic doctrine); rather, their present materialistic life ends with no chance to move up to the next level of existence. But why miss out on eternity because you were too mentally lethargic to look into the details? Framed in this light, perhaps even a staunch atheist might dare to do the homework before feeling complete confidence in their philosophical position.

So, what do you say, atheists... ready to be honest, and take up the 'God challenge?' If so, take my advice and start right away; there's not a lot of time left!


Re the Theory of Evolution

Without knowing the latest on the subject of biology, there are still logical questions that can be posed to the theory.
- If all species resulted from the evolution of simple cells, and are continually evolving, then...
why do biologists confidently declare that certain species (e.g. the coelacanth; crocodiles) 'haven't changed in 65 million years?' That makes no sense; surely, either the species are evolving or they're not! Why would some just stop?
- Note that just because it's possible to arrange species on a conceptual tree diagram, it does not imply causation! i.e. There are various explanations that would account for apparent homomorphisms among selected species.
The very fact that the species alive today can be neatly classified on the 'taxonomic tree' shows that there are no intermediate hybrids as you would expect to see if all species were continually evolving.
Moreover, even the 'fossil record' provides no evidence of incremental steps within species.
- What the public knows about Evolution largely comes from journalists who are paraphrasing the scientists. They rarely tell us that any serious expert can recite fundamental flaws in the Theory of Evolution that makes them uneasy, and that they overlook in embracing the dogma. Some even admit that they only adhere to Evolution in order to avoid the alternative-- religion.
- The notion that the juxtaposition of essential chemicals in a 'primordial soup,' and subjected to lightning or such factors, could result in a living functional cell is ludicrous! Even the 'simplest cell' is incredibly complex when the microscopic details and functions are examined.
- A vital mechanism advanced as responsible for achieving evolution is 'survival of the fittest,' which even Darwin admitted as highly problematic. Again, the journalists don't tell us about the deficiencies of this indispensable aspect of the Theory.
- Another vital fundament of the Theory is the idea that evolution spontaneously occurs given the passage of sufficient eons of 'undisturbed time' ('uniformitarianism'). Yet the geologic and fossil record shows that the Earth has undergone numerous cataclysms over the ages, which would have disrupted numerous 'evolutionary trends.'

Re 'religion' etc.

Atheists-- you are right in rejecting organized religions, the myriad of churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques that keep their flocks in bondage to dubious doctrines, and hierarchical strictures. BUT, in rejecting the outward face of religion, unbelievers reject the underlying basis which is where the value exists. Skeptics think that churches reflect the reality of Christian faith; unfortunately, that is not the case. Most church-goers share something strikingly in common with atheists-- they seldom study the scriptures! If they did, they would be far less inclined to be sheep in the fold.

This essay is not intended to be an apologetic for religion or Christianity; the intent is to challenge atheists to examine their beliefs after some honest, basic study of the subjects involved. There are several essays on this blog that (I contend) provide proof of my claims of the consistency and prescience of the Bible.

One portion of scripture in particular that demonstrates the validity of the New Testament is found in the gospel of John, in chapters 13-17, which is his account of Jesus' last supper with his close disciples before his death. In this section, Jesus is recorded making numerous statements of a spiritual nature that you will not find in any other literature. Jesus says things that are so profound and unprecedented that 'you couldn't make this stuff up!' No one has ever made similar claims/statements; no one could have faked those words, they're beyond the human imagination.

In the realm of prophecy, to anyone who puts in the effort, the 'apocalyptic' prophecies of Daniel (ch. 2, 7-12), Jesus (Matt 24), and John (Revelation) are all unfolding in our very times! But if you simply accept, second-hand, the scoffing of the critics without investigating for yourself, then you will completely miss their relevance to our era... and to your life.

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