July 1, 2017

21st Century Death Cult

We live in a post-modern death cult. All of us-- the global population-- but most of all in the Western world. If you were an observer from another world (or a brutally honest earthling), you'd conclude that our civilization was in the throes of destroying itself. Everywhere we look, we find evidence to indicate that humankind is hell-bent on self-destruction.

An obvious example is the pollution of the environment that has been going on virtually unabated for decades. Investigations are made, alarming reports released, documentaries aired, hands wrung earnestly, regulations enacted, etc.-- yet the situation keeps getting worse. Locally, we diligently do our recycling; meanwhile, the US gov't is deploying DU-- depleted uranium-- weapons in the Middle East, and the winds carry the radioactive dust far and wide, affecting friend and foe alike.

On the vast oceans, if islands of floating garbage weren't enough of an ecological threat, the currents have been disbursing radioactive water from Japan to North America since 2011. Both fish and marine mammals have been dieing in great numbers over the same period. We are part of the terrestrial ecology; what happens to other species of flora and fauna affects us too. Our reckless exploitation of the planet is coming back to bite us.

One could mention decimation of forests in the temperate zone; clearing of tropical forests for cattle grazing land; pollution of ground water by hydraulic fractionation in gas/oil extraction; the collapse of bee colonies; and on it goes.

Rather than focus attention and resources on those 'clear and present dangers' to our very existence, the global authorities such as the UN (agencies) prefer to waste much effort on what they call 'climate change,' which they assert is caused or exacerbated by human activity involving carbon production. Altho the mainstream media insist that there's a scientific consensus on climate change, that is entirely untrue. More than 30,000 scientists globally have signed a statement opposing the position of the UN's IPCC; but they are dismissed by the almighty 'MSM' as irrelevant.

Human profligacy with our environment is a looming threat that appeared in the relatively recent history of humanity-- basically, since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. But it's in the sphere of politics that the rush towards extinction really manifests in this century. Politics at both the domestic and international levels are the real force driving this race to self-genocide.

The world has always been plagued with war-- it's apparently our favorite pass-time (as that extraterrestrial observer would be compelled to conclude). To 'win' at this game, one must continually invent 'better' ways to kill enemies-- i.e. people we disagree with. In fact, war is one of the greatest incentives behind advances in technologies. We have become so wonderfully successful at this aspect of war (i.e. weaponry) that humans now have the capability of eradicating all human life on Earth, perhaps all mammalian life. Isn't that a mark of progress, indeed?

But, that outside observer wants to argue, humans are 'homo sapiens,' thinking beings; surely they would never escalate wars to the extent of killing all of humanity. Oh? Can we change our instincts of thousands of years in one generation, and suddenly become rational? I for one do not believe such an optimistic hope. History is our most unbiased teacher; and history shows repeatedly that when military men are given their 'toys,' and national leaders strut their hubris, and the bankers see their chance for profits, the result is always the same-- war.

Since the end of the last 'world war,' there has been one entity on the planet that's been responsible for wars in almost every corner of the world, and for more deaths, directly and indirectly, than any other instrument at the hands of Satan. But, in classic bully style, this entity has been accusing its victims of all sorts of provocations that justify its interference in their lives, no matter how poor, defenceless, and remote those victim countries may be.

Curiously, the population of this belligerent nation is supposedly 'free,' and thus able to exert influence over the decisions and actions of its governors. Sadly, however, the truth died a slow death over a half-century in that country, while the populace lost all ability to remember what truth is. Sure, the people at first objected to the disastrous policies of their government; but they were basically decent, trusting people, and had no idea of the range of evil tricks that their overlords would employ against them.

The true rulers kept themselves out of sight, behind the public scenes, using co-opted, paid puppets in government, academia, the economy, industry, entertainment, and especially the media, to do their dirty work. Using the power of money-- of which they had unlimited amounts-- the hidden manipulators insinuated their corrosive influence in every sphere of daily life.

Masters of human psychology, the secret cabal exploited every weakness of human nature. By inventing new words, or ascribing new meaning to old words, they used 'neuro-linguistic programming' to make acceptable ideas that flew directly contrary to millennia-tested customs that have sustained humanity from the beginning. The very notion of 'progressive' became something that virtually a whole generation would embrace as not just desirable, but above question!

Hence, many insidious ideas became popular because the media and their whore-experts proclaimed them as 'progressive.' Thereby, we had to have 'realism' (i.e. graphic violence and sexuality) in movies; novelty and freedom from oppressive grading in education; recognition and granting of special rights to minorities of various kinds, etc.

It sounds good at first; shouldn't people with disabilities get access to the things we take for granted? Sure, it started off sounding so utopian; we all want to look 'inclusive' and 'tolerant,' don't we? Little did most innocent souls have any inkling that these liberal initiatives were merely the thin edge of a very sinister wedge.

The progressive attitude led to things like 'humanitarian intervention' in other nations' internal affairs, which is nothing more than a thinly-veiled excuse for more Western meddling in target countries having some strategic value to the capitalist beast.

Tolerance always exerts demands on the majority to accommodate the minority, but seldom requires a reciprocal response. Sexual deviants (under an alphabet string) can invoke the new laws to force people who have moral objections to their 'lifestyle' to provide various services regardless of those reservations. Constitutional enshrinement of religious freedom is on a collision course with compulsory 'gay rights.'

By such means, progressivism became a handy tool of social division between those who embraced it as self-evident advancement, versus those who see the value in sticking with the traditions that have served humanity well over past ages. The manipulators are masters at constantly presenting society with two, and only two choices-- A vs B, where neither is ideal. After the opposing 'theses' have clashed and crashed, the overlords then present their desired outcome-- which people embrace as the only resort.

Every new technology is harnessed by those 'powers that be' to advance their agenda, which is frankly, the suicide of the human race. For instance, radio and cinema proved to be highly effective tools of propaganda-- by both sides-- in the years leading to the Second World War. Later, television quickly became a vital weapon in the dumbing down and indoctrination of vast populations globally, but especially in the Western world.

The inherent dangers of television were notably publicized by the insights of Marshall McLuhan, one of the luminaries in the study of media. Many can recite the phrase 'the medium is the message;' but they have no clue as to the true ramifications of his famous mantra. The message delivered via the omnipresent tele-screens has been unrelenting, and is to the effect that 'in the modern world, anything goes.' That's the moral message. The other dominant theme is that 'experts know best,' so you don't have to strain your pretty little head.

This two-stage 'programming' from the networks has born disastrous fruit. The modern world is peopled by a generation that (largely; there are rare exceptions) thinks the academics know everything, the government will introduce enough progressive laws to corral every criminal impulse, the media will inform us of everything important we should know, and every minority group should have all the rights of the majority.

What was given up so long ago that it is forgotten is the God-given faculty of common sense! Actually, common sense was never surrendered, it was stealthily stolen from us by an education system that replaced it with deference to authority and institutional teachers. Without it, we have little alternative but to believe the 'fairy tales' I listed above.

The cumulative effect of a corrupt system that has exercised its wiles over a mere two generations is nothing less than the complete enslavement of a civilization that still believes it is free! This people think that because they are encouraged to vote for either Cabal-A or Cabal-B every few years, that they therefore enjoy 'democracy.' Madness!

Now, what makes all this mess into a death cult is the fact that the combination of all the factors noted here results in an inescapable trend towards annihilation. We have a populace deeply divided along a matrix of antithetical lines; the technology available to erase the majority of life-forms; leaders who are puffed with hubris; a secret faction of mad men who believe they can use their wealth to escape the destruction they are instigating... and a population that, in the 'developed' West, has effectively abandoned belief in the Creator/God.

To our mythical observer, it's hard to guess what calamity will be the final undoing of this insane race of humans. Left unchecked, our 'economy' based on rampant, exploitive, and ever-growing production of dubious goods will, like cancer, consume the consumer society. Alternatively, the escalating skirmishes between the top few national governments must come to a catastrophic blow-up; it can't be avoided indefinitely. Adding to those choices, there are serious prophets who predict that the world will be hit with (take your choice) a solar 'coronal mass ejection' of a magnitude that would fry our electrical and electronic infrastructure, or a rogue asteroid/comet that would cause mass extinctions as believed happened to the dinosaurs.

Whatever you want to believe, the future is grim. It's a race to the 'finish' among those few potential calamities. Altho a segment of the population is showing signs of waking up to the aweful fact that this world is run by a criminal gang of psychopaths, it is realistically too late to stop the fatal processes they have set in motion. If there is a 'cosmic iceberg' in the path of spaceship Earth, there's no means to avoid it, regardless of Hollywood movies touting the ingenuity of our science.

So-- is our death cult situation beyond all hope? Yes and no. All that is currently happening has been predicted from long ago in our traditions and scriptures. It has happened before (e.g. the great Deluge). Human history, contrary to the Western linear paradigm, is cyclical. The end of the world as we know it is almost here; you can sense it if you have but a modicum of common sense or spiritual discernment.

To the Bible-based Christian (not the church-based variety) the end of this corrupt system ushers in the beginning of a 'new heavens and a new Earth.' You can become a 'prepper' and hope like hell that you'll be one of the survivors of a destroyed world (does that make sense?); or you can wake up, read the scriptures for yourself after praying for divine guidance, and put your hope in the God who made this whole cosmic stage in the first place. It's your call.

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