July 21, 2017

End Times Alarm Bells

This present age is truly a crazy time to be human. At least, it is if you are blessed/cursed with spiritual insight. For our civilization is utterly bizarre for such souls. Everywhere we look we see portents of collapse, hallmarks of a society in its death-throes, dark clouds on a horizon that looms ever closer.
Yet our cell-mates on this prison-planet, even our closest, are mostly oblivious to the signs of the times, the moral decay that has characterized every previous disintegrating society. Too many of them are simply existing, day to day, doing their job, looking forward to a vacation. Others seem to have a bit of unease with the constant flow of 'negative news,' e.g. another terrorism incident 'somewhere,' the refusal of the USA to sign the climate accord, record-breaking weather in their own corner of the world, and such things. Regardless, they push those things into the background with the soothing self-assurances that such things have always been around, and we somehow muddle through.

Meanwhile, the prescient among the populace see not only the creeping calamities, but often the forces that are instigating and precipitating those phenomena. By 'forces' I mean persons who deliberately manipulate events and people to create continual chaos. Those individuals are immensely wealthy, as measured in dollars, and use that lucre to generate the chaos that they thrive on.

A major aspect of the bizarreness of modern life is the fact that the hidden manipulators like to flaunt their depraved plans right in our faces, confident that the great mass of proles will never notice. They do this via sly references in movies or pop music or TV cartoons or other media. The 'awake' observers have come to label these revelations as 'predictive programming,' and some of these onlookers have become acutely tuned in to them.

Many of those 'predictions' or confessions are quite blatant and descriptive, altho they may be quite allegorical. Movies such as 'They Live,' the 'Matrix' series, 'Air America,' 'The International,' and many others depict some aspect of how the world 'really works,' but which the viewers treat as mere entertainment. Every time we fail to recognize those revealed truths we, in effect, are granting permission or acceptance to the plans they expose. At the spiritual level, the dark forces can claim that we 'granted informed consent!'

The whole cosmos seems to be feeding esoteric hints about the precarious state we are in. I have to wonder how the name Noah has in recent years become popular for boys. You must remember Noah from the Bible, who was instructed by God to build an 'ark' (ship) to survive a global calamity, the Great Flood.

In fact, the Bible advises that prior to the final catastrophe, there will be 'signs in the heavens.' On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse occurs such that its 'path of totality' (the full shadow of the moon) traverses the continental USA diagonally, west to east, as a type of cosmic 'cross-mark.' And the US is the only country to receive that 'divine warning,' if you accept it as such.

Another phenomenon that the awake find baffling is the absence of common sense among the majority of people. And this absence occurs even among the most educated! That so many millions of people (mostly in the West) could not see through the hoax of '9-11-01,' at least the physical aspect, is staggering. Not one, not two, but three sky-scrapers collapse at free-fall speed, into their foot-prints, and only a group of architects and engineers recognizes it had to be demolition, not aircraft collisions. Come on!

Such is the effect of our public education system. It's a system designed to mass-produce programmed workers for the State; workers who are kept too busy with work and entertainment to take time to notice their sorry situation. Schools-- at every level-- are marvellous indoctrination centers for inculcating the unstated objectives of the controllers.

Where the education machine ends, the mass media begin. While anyone can easily find out about 'propaganda,' from its advertising origins (ref. Edward Bernays) to its deployment in Germany by the Nazi regime (ref. Joseph Goebbels) few are those who recognize its ubiquitous assaults on all aspects of our contemporary existence. The mind-conditioning of our early years makes us ludicrously easy prey for the modern manufacturers of public consensus.

Our ostensible reality is both false and moribund. That reality created by the propaganda machine is mostly artificial, filled with innuendo aimed at a number of social engineering goals. At the same time, the entire system is infected with numerous counterproductive currents that must unavoidably result in the breakdown of the machinery, i.e. the collapse of civil society. (I've elaborated on all these themes in other essays, and refer readers to them for a bit more detail.)

The really galling aspect of all this gloom for those of us with the spiritual insight is that it's all deliberate. That's right, innocent reader; the chaos is not necessary, it is carefully planned and implemented by unseen individuals who keep themselves well insulated from the slings and arrows that afflict the rest of us 'ordinary folks.'

'That's crazy conspiracy theory,' you object vehemently... just as you've been programmed to do, reflexively, whenever you hear something that runs counter to the official narrative, i.e. consensus reality. Well done, obedient slave; you deserve a pat on the pathetic head for it!

Sure; if this humble writer tells you we're subjects of a hidden plot, you denounce me as a fool. Several presidents of the USA have made similar statements, historically, especially John F. Kennedy, who made it clear in his words, '... we are confronted by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy...'. Yes, JFK was a conspiracy theorist! Shortly after that momentous but down-played speech, Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight, a martyr for truth... or another mere victim of 'coincidence theory' for those dull souls who just don't and won't get it.

You may notice, as you wake up, that while the Bible is full of warnings for the 'End Times,' the nominal Christian churches are about as vacuous as the mainstream media in supplying valuable information to the faithful masses. It's regrettable, but most of the alarms are coming from non-church or independent sources (like this one). As Jesus said, 'the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it' (Matt 7:13-14).

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