January 1, 2018

NY2018 Forecast - It's Over

[This essay is being posted on New Year's Day, 2018. Normally, one expects, perhaps wants, to see gushing, positive commentary at the beginning of a new year; but for anyone who's been paying attention to last year, such effusion is not warranted. A perceptive person must predict that the chaos in the world will only increase, in step with the continued decrease in spiritual insight exhibited by the general population as well as our political leaders. Consider this article a splash of sobering water in the face after a NY eve of oblivious partying. ;-) ]
Interesting. Yes, life is quite interesting... up to the point where you see its futility.
After that, I don't know how to describe it, besides beyond hope, utterly lost, impossible to fix.

Maybe some people figure this out at a much younger age than I, but it took me about the full 'Biblical allotment' of years to finally get it. Which is good, I guess. Now I have only a relatively short span of years left to live with this depressing realization. Those who find it earlier in life must have a horrific 'thereafter.' (It might explain otherwise 'unexplainable' suicides.)

Perhaps I should apologize for this recent trend in my essays, the emphasis on futility. But I'm so hyper-aware of it (okay, blame my age) that it's something I can't ignore. Surely other folks my age must also be nagged by occasional suspicions that... it all seems so empty. But the majority quickly find some distraction to quell those spurious upwellings of doubt, allowing them to arise the next morning and carry on the pantomime.

The 21st century has supplied a plethora of revelations on how the world really works, not how we're taught that it works. One of the major break-throughs (for me) is that all the people 'at the top'-- those who run governments, corporations, universities, media monoliths, churches, health-care organizations, etc.-- are installed there by a satanic cabal that is plotting for a global government. These insiders pretend to be looking after the public interest, but in fact, they are working together to undermine society and every traditional value and institution.

Sure-- that's too much for you to swallow, so I must be crazy. The world is going to hell rapidly just because of what exactly... bad luck? We can go to the moon, but we can't figure out how to run a peaceful world? If you honestly think that it's really getting better, and that bad news is being deliberately exaggerated, then I have to accuse you of being in deep denial!

'Why would they want to destroy everything that they're part of?' you might wail in protest. Good question. Yet the systems are breaking down because they are being sabotaged by the very ones we expect to ensure their proper operation. If you doubt that assertion, you really must do some research on the phrase 'Ordo ab chao.'

For those who've seen the 'Wizards of Oz' manipulating society via the mainstream media, we find it absurd how easy it has become for them to push the majority of society in directions entirely opposite to centuries of tradition and to common sense. In just eight years, Barack Obama succeeded in overturning the very concept of natural marriage; in breaking down relations between the races in the USA; in inflaming the rift between the Left and Right segments of the political spectrum toward outright violence; in setting 'Main Street' against Wall Street, the haves versus the have-nots, gun-owners against gun opponents, women versus men... and on it goes. Every rift in society is being exploited to push things to the ignition point.

Promoted by an academic elite of ivory-tower b-s'ers, the portion of society identifying as 'progressive' has bought into a basket of nouveau nonsense that not only defies common sense, but is patently destructive, even to their own well-being! How else can a rational person describe things like 'gender fluidity,' or flinging open the gates of immigration to anyone who arrives, foregoing the most rudimentary vetting process? Or forcing people to have vaccinations, or to be tolerant of people who openly refuse to be tolerant of others, or to use 'gender-neutral' pronouns-- pronouns, never mind gender-neutral toilets!

The old truism, 'whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad,' is on full display in modern Babylon, imperial America. Its non-stop insanity is paraded on your little window on the world, 24x7. But hey, today's folks have gotten used to constant change; they've adapted to it as the new normal, so why bother to question this week's big thing?

Relations between the sexes (that's two, btw) have always been problematic, but today (and especially, as I write) it's a battlefield as feminist hardliners and ordinary women are supplied with endless stories of sexual oppression, harassment, assault, and discrimination by men. These are genuine grievances, but they've been going on forever. You have to wonder why it's suddenly become the 'cause du jour' of the mainstream media, especially once you realize that nothing makes the 'news' unless there's an underlying reason for it. Is it yet another wedge being driven between identifiable divisions of society? Of course it is; with the added 'bonus' of being yet another weapon in the sustained attack on the family unit.

For a generation raised on texting messages to each other to communicate, even when beside one another, having a meaningful relationship can be daunting. Is it any wonder that many youth, particularly young men, retreat to the safe realms of virtual reality and pornography? This strategy is quite self-defeating as is revealed by statistics showing younger people living longer 'at home' (with parents), getting married later in life, and increasingly, not marrying at all (nor even dating regularly, it seems).

The birth rate among the native populations of the Western European nations and USA has fallen below the 'replacement rate' and is sometimes used as justification for the unbridled immigration policies adopted by their governments. However, the indiscriminate policies used, and the apparent favoring of migrants openly hostile to the 'Western way of life,' indicate some more nefarious logic at work.

Muslim immigrants to Europe boast that they will breed until they are the dominant group in those societies, and will turn them into Islamic states. They don't mind inter-marrying with the native populace since they insist their children be raised Muslim. This is occurring in every country that has welcomed 'Syrian' (actually anyone from the 'MENA' region) refugees. Obviously, the eventual outcome of this trend will be the utter erasing of all the original European cultures as they all blend into this neo-Islamic hybrid.

This deliberate promotion of Islam within historically Christian regions is no accident of liberal altruism. Documents of the dark overlords I alluded to earlier reveal that they have been planning for centuries to foment circumstances that facilitate the adoption of their 'Novus Ordo Seculorum' (as stated on the great seal of the USA)-- the New World Order. One of the final steps in that master-plan is to contrive a war between the (formerly) Christian realm and the re-energized realm of Islam. We are seeing that this war is already raging, as a religio-cultural struggle, mainly in northern European nations, and increasingly, in north America.

Clearly, the family unit as the basis for stable society is under assault as never before from several angles-- sexual identity, gender relationships, gender roles, the two-income home, the rise in single parenting, and other factors. Yet there looms on the near-term horizon a new menace to humanity that most people are still oblivious of. That is the merging of AI (artificial intelligence) with both humans and machines to create frightening possibilities that, as always, will be presented to us as wonderful advances opening new doors to human evolution (baffle-gab to that effect).

One possibility is the augmenting of human abilities, human bodies, with prostheses or implants that will provide super-human strength or capabilities. Another is the sci-fi dream of up-loading human consciousness to a neural-network super-computer... effectively giving immortality to that personality, if not their body.

You've already interacted with AI if you've used Amazon's Alexa, or Apple's Siri, or similar 'electronic assistants,' or whatever they're being called. Those are early efforts but indicate one direction this technology can pursue. Just as huge strides were made in computer processing power and memory, similar advances are being made in artificial intelligence. If recent reports are credible, certain experiments in AI 'products' have yielded results that suggest machine logic already becoming too independent of human considerations.

Troubling stories are recently appearing about 'sex androids' that could replace both traditional partners and that ancient profession, the prostitute (or the gigolo, equally). If such robotic lovers should actually become common, you can see how it could be the death of 'modern society.'

For years now, Ray Kurzweil has been discussing what he calls the 'singularity,' a time at which humans somehow meld with computers to become a new hybrid, like the Borg of Star Trek. He seems to regard this crossing as both inevitable and desirable. Many other forecasters are far less sanguine about this possibility. And if we examine history impartially, it's obvious that skepticism is more than warranted. Every major technological advance has been applied to military purposes, or as likely, emerged from military exigency.

All the trends mentioned above are well underway at present, and as with virtually all trends of the last century, there is no turning them back. They will all continue their inexorable march, like pre-destined karmic tsunamis, any one of which has the potential to destroy our civilization. Taken together, these movements have a 100% chance of eliminating human life on the planet. The only question is: how much time do we have left?

The fact is that life is not a holiday camp; it's a rather brutal boot camp. We are here to learn spiritual lessons, lessons that can be very difficult to assimilate; lessons that can't be avoided forever. For contemporary mankind, the basic lesson is that life is a spiritual exercise, not physical, ultimately. It seems obvious for some of us; too incredible for many more who've been thoroughly indoctrinated into the modern paradigm of Godless materialism.

Altho the collective sins against the planet and the populace feel already too egregious to be sustained any longer, the karmic balances have still not tipped to the collapse point. There remains a little time for more souls to wake up to the horrors we've unleashed and the consequences that lie directly ahead. It's too late, tho, to expect a majority of today's zombies to shake the fog of modernist lies from their dull senses and understand the coming dangers.

How much time do we have left? Very little. I'll get more precise; the present 'generation' in their prime years will witness the whole thing explode. Economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law and authoritarian rule, more natural catastrophes, and phenomena from outer space. It will be a wild ride, dear readers; unprecedented, in fact. That's how human aeons end-- not with a whimper, but a bang!

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