January 20, 2021

Pomp and Irksome-stance

Is there anything quite as nauseating as to see the elite spending vast sums of public money to celebrate their narcissism and bloated egos in ostentatious displays?

I say NO, and I would hope that many would agree; but I wouldn't bet on it. Some people seem to love watching such unbecoming displays, perhaps imagining themselves in such opulent settings, pure escapism from their lives as unwitting slaves of a hidden oppression. I refer, of course, to things like the coronation of kings and queens, 'royal weddings,' and the quadrennial orgy in DC, where politicians must substitute for royalty, called the presidential inauguration.

One of the most nauseating aspects of the latest such inauguration-- that of Joseph Biden-- is to be subjected to the breath-taking hypocrisy of the media sycophants reporting the event. For five years we've had to listen to an uninterrupted stream of insults, lies, and denunciation of the last occupant of the USA's highest office. Nothing was too low for the media mavens to stoop to, when it came to 'journalism' covering the Trump administration.

But in this inauguration, the chattering reporters babble with effusive praise of the known criminal, Biden, and his immoral running mate, the Kamal Harris. It was humorous to hear one enthusiastic female reporter state of Harris that 'she came under some criticism' for certain policies, but never mind, today she breaks new ground as the first 'black VP.' Yes; beyond believable, to any thinking observer.

Yep, the 'elite', as they think of themselves, love to wallow in the attention showered on them by their own captive media who also whip the masses into a semblance of adulation, ie. false worship. There's nothing quite like it, apparently.

All public exhibitions of pomp and circumstance irk my sense of justice. Hearing the press use every dirty trick of rhetoric to stab DJ Trump in the back, and now heap their ludicrous praise upon a known criminal, also irks my sensibilities. Unfortunately, these things don't seem to bother the majority of the populace.

Today's TV 'news' had the typical 'man-in-the-street' interviews taken to an idiotic extreme when the reporter quizzed mostly brain-washed teenagers on their opinions of the Biden presidency. Plus, they still had to take another sick dig at DJT by airing negative comments from yet another mindless fool who had learned well his lessons of hatred from the hateful media. Barf!

Regardless of the sour festivities, this game is not over; not by a long-shot. The USA is in uncharted waters at this crucial moment. Many people-- a majority, I dare say-- know how illegitimate is Biden's election 'win.' The blow-back against this monstrous theft and unjust charade is building below the surface. It will emerge sooner or later. Stay tuned... you may have to learn the news from the emergency broadcast system. God is in charge.

January 12, 2021

I Give Up!

We are living in the most momentous time in human history... and 99% of said humans are completely ignorant of this fact. Are you one of them?

What am I talking about, many readers would enquire. After decades of study, I can state with full assurance that we are the final generation, living in the biblical last days. While we're seeing much turmoil before our eyes presently, this is barely 'the beginning of sorrows' as described by Jesus. Maybe (probably) that's why most people don't yet see it.

Apparently, most people won't wake up until the police and military are rounding up citizens and taking them to camps, and/or earthquakes and volcanoes are shaking the world all around them. Even then, I expect a great many will be stuck firmly in denial, waiting for the world to return to 'normal' as soon as these social and physical eruptions subside. Right...

It's turning out to be a serious liability to be able to see reality when everyone else is asleep in the Matrix. Naively, I assumed that I could explain why certain things are unfolding as they are, and my circle of acquaintances would open their eyes and see the picture. Not! Almost to a person, those close and not-so-close to me reject any evidence I present, and cling stubbornly to the illusions of the media-made matrix.

People I regarded as rational and curious have turned out to be close-minded and rooted in establishment dogma. Maybe this resistance is a natural, initial part of the 'awakening' process. Yet it doesn't seem to matter how egregious are the lies and hypocrisy of the media, or their attacks on traditional values and common sense, or their censorship of alternative views; the sheeple just don't get it!

Current events have shown me that people, regardless of education level, have no knowledge of history, no ability to connect clues not touted by the media, and practically no memory of events that occurred more than a week ago. These traits make it so easy for any evil agency to manipulate and control the masses. So sad.

Lately, given the flood of events, I sent out to a select group of contacts at several times, links to articles/videos that I thought were presenting useful information. Almost to a person, they did not appreciate the import of the information, and responded with negative comments. Even those close to me express annoyance at my attempts to raise their awareness of the truth behind the 'news' they absorb from the media.

Reluctantly, I've come to the conclusion that I might as well shut up, to the extent I can, and stop trying to wake people the hell up. Every adult must accept responsibility for their beliefs, and for their effort (or lack thereof) to determine or verify their beliefs. I've tried to do what prophets do; and I've received what prophets generally receive. It's wearing me down; and is apparently achieving very little.

I will write these essays, for the very few who ever see them, and to get it off my mind. Those who are motivated can find the link at the foot of my e-mail messages. I have to assume that God will lead whoever needs a particular message to my blog; and leave it at that. So, dear mailing list... good luck, and 'over and out.'

January 6, 2021

USA- Key to the Future

 Okay, why do I say that the USA is the key to the world's future? Let's consider the whole scene-- the big picture, once again.

At this moment, there are maybe four major players on the world geo-political scene: USA, China, Russia, and UK/EU. While a powerful military force, Russia does not have the economic might to be a hegemonic influence. The EU is a fractious, fragile entity that pretends to be a 'union,' but is really a flimsy collection of independent states, as evidenced by the withdrawal of the UK from the group. And the UK, despite its optimistic name, is hardly united, yet still pretends to be some kind of empire in the North Atlantic.

That leaves the USA and China as the big players, the two superpowers in the economic sphere, and increasingly, in the military arena as well. Since the days of Bill Clinton, the 1990s, the Chinese government has been sending suitcases of green-backs to American politicians, buying the policies that have served China so well. American companies moved their factories and jobs from the US to China, withering the US middle-class while creating a new wealthy middle-class in China.

The de-industrialization of the USA has been going on, unabated, under the various Dem/Rep presidents over the past 25 years. All the while, DJ Trump and others were observing this evisceration of the American way of life, until finally, a cadre of patriots (presumably from the military) enlisted Trump to run for president and turn this situation around.

That brings us to the present moment, wherein Trump has invited his supporters to gather in Washington DC on January 6, the day that VP Pence is to review the state delegations' slate(s) of electors, before both houses, and decide whether to certify the results as legitimate or not. It's all happening as I write this, so outcomes are yet to be realized.

Those outcomes from day's events are pivotal for not just the USA, but also for the rest of the world, ultimately. Because the most predictable result of Trump's promised revelations, and Pence's decisions, and the reactions of the Left and the Right, both in DC and across the nation, is chaos. There will be political instability beyond what we've seen since Nov 3, and most pundits foresee violent clashes instigated by Antifa provocateurs lurking on the periphery of the patriot crowd. This time, patriots are not going to take it lying down; they are fed up, and fully prepared to do what the police seem reluctant to do.

Now if, out of the chaos, Joe Biden emerges as the designated President, then certain things are highly likely, based on how events unfolded in the past when Communists seized power thru illegal means. The new government and its para-police (Antifa, BLM) will begin rounding up dissidents and 'trouble-makers' (conservatives, Christians, probably Jews and Muslims) and interning them in POW-style camps. Many have stated that there's already a gulag of FEMA camps across the country.

If the most powerful 'democracy' (however you want to define it) should fall to Chinese-inspired Communism, do you think it will end there? No doubt, they will be eager to export their diseased system to the rest of the world. And where would they start? How about offering the benefits of Democrat leftist socialism to good neighbor Canada? After all, that nation already has a 'Liberal' government, ruled by Justin Trudeau, son of famous Communist, Fidel Castro. An obvious fit, one might say.

Getting Mexico into the Socialist/Communist fold should be pretty easy, as well. Much of that country is ruled by narco-gangsters, who'd be a natural match for the Biden/Clinton gangster families. From there, Central and South America would have little choice but to join into the Communist corral. Remember how the Russian revolution (1917) spread thru-out Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region, to create the USSR.

Infiltrating and capturing the USA is key to the whole demented dream of no, not Communists, but of the Zionist/bankster cabal. Communism is merely the ideological tool of the hidden manipulators to attain their dream of world government. Their ultimate system will be neo-feudalism, wherein a few uber-wealthy over-lords exercise totalitarian rule over a much-reduced population of techno-serfs. BTW, that's what their 'Great Re-set' is all about-- confiscating the remaining wealth of the common people, leveraged on the anticipated mass deaths of millions of innocent folks who took the COVID19 vaccines.

That's probably more information than most people can handle, but we've got to start somewhere. If it appears that my above scenario fails to materialize, don't be too quick to condemn it. It's a question of timing. Events may be delayed a while for one reason or another; but I feel pretty certain that this is the broad outline of our future.

Stay alert; pray; love. Look up, for your redemption draws nigh.

January 5, 2021

Deep State Chutzpah!

One thing that's been surprising me about the US election aftermath is the intransigence and arrogance of the assortment of political hacks of both stripes who are involved in perpetrating and preserving so obviously fraudulent an election. Think about it.

Sixty days and more have elapsed since the election. Masses of evidence of various kinds have been collected, proving beyond any doubt that the Democrat party machine engaged in multi-pronged fraud on an unprecedented scale. Most Americans are aware that there were, at minimum, irregularities, and likely serious shadows over this election.

Although the media keep insisting that there's no evidence, the millions who attended Trump rallies, and even Biden rallies, know full well that this vote was stolen. They're not ready, this time, to just stand by and let the Communist coup succeed.

Those apparatchiks who enabled this travesty against the constitution are well aware of all that I stated above. So; wouldn't you expect that one or more state official would back down, admit to some issues, resign their post, maybe even offer to cooperate in exchange for amnesty. But no. To a man/woman, they deny any wrongdoing, accuse their critics of whatever insane crime they can invent, and eschew any attempt to repent.

The situation is vividly exemplified by the leaked, long phone conference that took place Jan. 4, between Trump and his team, and 'Secretary of State' for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger and his lawyers. Trump's side offered the state official every opportunity to just give a little, without incrimination, and rectify the vote in favor of the true victor, DJ Trump. No way! The Deep State agent dug in his heels, and spurned all attempts to reconcile. How can these evildoers manifest such hubris?

After pondering this conundrum, I can only come up with a few possible reasons. They are still convinced that the power of their lying media will push aside and censor all the evidence, all the resentment of the MAGA constituency, and all the efforts of the Trump legal team, and ensure their larcenous victory. They will be rewarded by the phony President-elect, Biden, seems to be their conviction.

Another possibility is that they are (as often described) bat-crap crazy; completely out of touch with reality! This notion is not as weird as it might sound. In another essay, I discuss the biblical concept of 'the mystery of iniquity,' which airs the connection between evil and insanity. The DS certainly exhibits the hallmarks of insane lust for power and control over every soul, and achieving that goal by any means at their disposal.

It's still very early in the year, the game is in full play; there will be much turmoil to ensue. Stay tuned to the rational voices. Watch the madness unfold. Cultivate a prayer life; connect with the One who is in ultimate control of this dramatic struggle. Stay sane!

January 3, 2021

2021 - Into the Breach!

 Part 1- A Useful Retrospective

A year ago, in my 'New Year' essay, I surmised that 20-20 would be a year of sharp focus, of insightful vision. For many of us, that is precisely what happened (among a tsunami of other things) as the alternative media began referring to 'the great awakening,' as a response to the egregious moves of the globalists/Deep State to advance their odiferous agenda.

The first waves of the 'novel Coronavirus COVID-19 washed upon American shores around the first weeks of last year, and provoked rather mixed reactions from both officialdom and health authorities. After vacillating, the WHO decided that this new virus outbreak must be labelled a pandemic, and appropriate actions taken, world-wide.

After a few weeks of official statistics became available, my suspicion was confirmed-- this is NOT a pandemic, by any stretch. So; what was the game? Clues were quick in coming: political leaders the world over made sombre pronouncements about the seriousness of the 'pandemic,' and the necessity of making individual sacrifices for the good of all.

The warmer weather arrived, the outbreak subsided, and people began to eagerly return to life as usual. The break was short-lived, as it seemed to give the PTB time to organize their next assault on the masses-- namely, insistence on mask-wearing in retail outlets and all public places, and promoting of 'social(ist) distancing' at all gatherings (unless you were taking part in an urban riot; then you were apparently exempt by the Democrat overlords).

As Summer holidays were ending, parts of the USA entered the riot season, with wanton destruction of the cores of a number of, again, Democrat-run cities, notably Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, etc. The mayhem exploded with full approbation of the insane mayors of these cities, who didn't just apologize, but lauded the demolition of their own satrapies. Some readers may not be aware of all this, given the subdued coverage of events by the mainstream media who were equally enthusiastic over the chaos they depicted as 'mostly peaceful,' even as fires raged in the backdrop to their lying voice-overs.

To say that 'you just can't make this stuff up,' is a noteworthy understatement; but that stuff was the hallmark of 2020! Of course, the Autumn featured the campaigning and then the voting for the Presidency of the USA. After everything cited above, the election lead-up seemed relatively tame, overall. One found it 'curious' that Joe Biden spent most of his time holed-up in his basement, and when he ventured out on rare occasions, being met by a literal handful of lost supporters. In contrast, Trump held numerous rallies, attended by throngs of cheering fans, who also held miles-long car parades, and even waterway-clogging boat parades. This was going to be a walk-over for Trump.

November 4 we discovered why lyin' Biden was so blasé about his lacklustre campaign-- the Democrat apparatchiks rigged the vote wildly in his favor in the half-dozen 'swing states,' ensuring his 'victory.' The patriots who had turned out in droves at his rallies were incensed that the election was so blatantly stolen from Trump.

Patriots, from lawyers to election scrutineers and more, came forth with overwhelming evidence of election fraud on a scale normally only seen in the most abject, Third-world back-water counties. Meanwhile, the lying MSM kept repeating that Trump's claims of voter fraud were 'baseless.' Reminiscent of the worst days of the USSR!

So, we closed 2020 with a political deadlock in DC, a mysterious explosion in downtown Nashville, and a 'new mutation' of the COVID-19 virus-- just as the much-vaunted but entirely experimental 'saviour' vaccines were rolled out with much fanfare by the MSM and the politicians. Which brings us to the New Year (yay?).

Part 2- A Glimpse Ahead

Ah yes; a New Year; and great hopes that it will bring great relief from the afflictions that vexed us over the last, tumultuous year. We all (the '99%' anyway) look forward to a better year, reasoning that it can't be worse than the last one. But; is that a realistic expectation?

If the political turmoil in the USA taught anything, it's that expecting meaningful change when the whole system is rigged, is an exercise in futility! (Remember Obama's little mantra about hope and change?) Likewise, when the 'pandemic' miscues have revealed the underlying scheme of the globalist/elitists, anyone with a functioning cerebellum should start to suspect 'something nasty this way cometh!'

The puppet-masters, thru Biden himself, indicated as much when he uttered a dire warning during the election debates that we are entering a 'cold, dark Winter' (or words to the effect). We are in early January as I write, so there's still plenty of time for his prediction to materialize... in some way or another; no one knows exactly what he has in mind.

There are a few scenarios that a 'dark Winter' could portend. For example, some pundits are saying that the announcement that Trump is the legitimate president could provoke the Deep State to 'darken' the Internet by shutting it down, or blocking the URL decoding system (that would prevent access to websites using their domain names).

Other scenarios are the disruption of the food-distribution network, or of the electrical power grid, either of which would create enormous hardship upon the populace. (Just recall how you coped the last time the power went out for a few hours in your neighborhood.) It's TEOTWAWKI-- the end of the world as we know it.

Even if one of those drastic events does not materialize in the short term, it's easy to foresee that the 'pandemic restrictions' of last year will be prolonged indefinitely in 2021. Instead of easing off, the authorities will crack down harder on heretics who don't comply with the WHO (globalist) 'guidelines.'

You think the magic vaccines are going to solve our problems and allow life to return to 'normal?' Good for you-- hope springs eternal, and all that BS. Problem is, it's not going to happen. They've barely brought out their execrable injectable poisons, and already the mouthpieces are uttering that you'll still have to wear the face-covering, and still have to maintain socialist distancing. How does that grab you, optimist?

It's useful to keep the '9-11' psy-op attacks on America in mind when considering the virus pandemic. While 'terrorist attacks' subsided eventually, the new 'security measures' implemented in airports and elsewhere continued unabated-- our 'new normal' for the 21st century, so we are told.

So, if you can't see that plan-demic restrictions of some sort are here to stay, then you're in for a rude surprise. Besides the tried-and-true face-masks, they're floating the notion of vaccine certificates of some kind to allow people to board aircraft, or attend public events, and so on. If vax proof is introduced widely, can Communist Chinese style 'social credit' score-tracking be far behind? Spelling it out: 5G + smartphone apps = tyranny!

Now, let's be clear; the whole COVID-19 scam-demic could never have grasped the entire world in its phony grip without the active participation of the damnable mainstream media! It's so blatantly obvious; yet the vast majority do not (can not) see this reality. Look; if the media were truly honest, why would they censor ALL VIEWS that are contrary to their repetitive narrative? Why does not even one of the big networks ever interview a credible critic of their pop narrative?

After a year of that blatant bias in the media, you'd think (maybe) that a majority of 'common folks' would start to question the experts. But no; while a relative few have awakened to the hoax, the media are adroit at pitting the believing majority against the nay-sayers. Using all the tricks of linguistics, the media machine slaps labels on truth-tellers, making them out to be dangerous 'wackos' to the law-abiding, compliant citizens.

It's a game where it appears that the black-hats have all the high-cards, and the good guys are in a perilous position. In case you haven't figured it out by now, it's the 'End Times,' folks. By imposing their world-wide pandemic scam, the hidden powers have tipped their hand-- they're making their big, desperate move to force a one-world government. As the Bible predicted, the 'beast system' is being revealed for all to see... if only they would use spiritual eyes!

As for specific predictions, I don't think it's advisable or feasible. If 2020 was a crazy ride, and it was, 2021 will be even wilder; but in unpredictable ways. Just this week (Jan 6) Trump and/or his legal team are expected to make revelations that will rock the nation. The reactions from the 'other side' can be expected to be violent. Undoubtedly, the media will go 'ballistic' in their denunciation of the patriots/Trump, and doing the lying and censoring they are so expert in.

As pundit Mike Adams has cogently observed, the political impasse in the USA today is not about Republicans versus Democrats; it's really patriots versus traitors. The old political labels are now outdated, useless. 2021, altho different, is going to rhyme with 1778, 1861, and 1933. 'It's going to be Biblical' will become an understatement.

Once sufficient numbers of innocent victims have taken the magic vaccine and start experiencing serious side-effects, including death, a growing number of slumbering folks will start to rub their eyes in dark awareness and see that the system is not really out to help them at all, but working for their enslavement.

It's grimly humorous to see the media already hypocritically claiming that people are not dying from the vaccination but rather from dormant COVID-19 or other causes. Before that, they were refusing to admit that a major portion of deaths attributed to COVID were actually from other causes. How the story changes... as required.

Employing any kind of realism, it's not hard to see that this new year, far from restoring the good old days of 2019, is going to go down as another lurch towards Armageddon. By this date next year, we may hardly recognize the world we once thought we knew. It's wake-up time for the slumbering masses of humanity-- who still don't comprehend that it's a few minutes to midnight on planet Earth.

So, friends, hang onto your hats, buckle your seat-belts, raise your seats and tables to the upright position-- it's going to be another wild ride. And, oh yes: Happy F@#ing New Year! Are you ready? Or, are you still betting your life on the hopium of the Matrix?

December 11, 2020


It's utterly excruciating to watch TV news these days; pure mental torture! It's not just the unending stream of lies. The stridency of the OBVIOUS propaganda is really starting to grind me down... especially when those around me are so bloody OBLIVIOUS to that incessant flood of patent nonsense.

In my mind, anyone with a functioning brain ought to be capable of detecting enough of the MSM's manipulation to at least raise a little skepticism over the official narrative. But no-- that doesn't happen. Instead, people simply get absorbed in the message, and go along with the desired fear agenda.

How am I so sure the media reporting is propaganda?, you may be demanding. It's not hard, if you can take a step back and consider the big picture. (The big picture is highly useful, in so many applications!) Notice something, and then ask yourself WHY is it that the message of the media is 100% in support of a SINGLE viewpoint. i.e. there is NO attempt whatsoever to seek out, to present any interviews, any stories, that contradict the official narrative. NONE!

In the case of the current hysterical obsession, it's the story that COVID19 is a deadly pandemic and you should be very afraid. Everything they present on the 'news' (lol) supports this narrative; and nothing is ever shown to cast any doubt on this gospel. You MUST believe this news or else you're a dangerous 'denier' of science, and a potential danger to society who must be silenced.

There is no objective reporting as we once knew it, only a few years ago (well, okay, it was back in the last century; gulp!) Propaganda is always 100% focused on one message; anything that doesn't support that message is 'disinformation' and must be censored.

That's the next sure sign of propaganda-- censorship of truth; or even of doubt about the 'party line.' And the 'social media' giants have been exercising censorship on a scale never seen before. On Youtube, many producers of videos have been summarily deleted, regardless of following, on the flimsiest and stupidest of excuses (e.g. violation of our terms of service). Google, the search mammoth, re-jigs its algorithms to simply not display any 'find' that they, the anonymous technocrats, don't like. Twitter flags tweets with their unsolicited notices when they detect something 'objectionable;' or else they just terminate the user's account. Even the President of the USA is not afforded a free-speech platform on Twitter.

The crazy thing-- that I've mentioned before-- is that you can find OFFICIAL data online that destroys their whole narrative (as outlined above). Clearly, the death rates from this virus are so low as a proportion of total population, as to be trivial relative to other causes of death. Moreover, the median age of those who are said to die from COVID19, is very old, often older than the average age of survival (for either sex). E.g. in Canada, the median age of death from COVID is 84 years. Does that sound like something populations should be running around in fear of?

The real clincher for proving that this pandemic is a hoax is to look at the number of deaths from all caused over the last, say, five years (so that the population would not have changed too much in the interval). IF there were let's say 200,000 deaths from COVID19 in 2020, then we would expect that the total deaths this year should be about 200,000 greater than the totals for the previous (five) years. Simple, right?

But, that is NOT what we find. In fact, the total deaths for 2020 are approximately the SAME as in the previous few years (even fewer, in some countries). Well, then; deaths from other causes must have dropped, right? Yes... but-- the same three diseases have claimed the top of the list of deaths for many decades-- heart (cardio-vascular) diseases, cancer (all types), and diabetes. How could these three suddenly and dramatically fall in one year after holding steady for decades? Impossible!

Surely it doesn't take a genius to see that they're cooking the books! 'They' are medical authorities like those in universities, government(-supported) agencies (CDC), pseudo-government agencies (W.H.O.), institutions (B&M Gates Foundation), and so on. With unlimited support from the media, the information controllers are using bad data interpretation to scare the spit out of the public, and herd them like sheep into the pens awaiting.

Many innocent minds wonder plaintively, 'Why would they do this to us?' The short answer is because they despise us! To the elite, the billionaire banksters, the 'common folks' are, as Henry Kissinger so delicately phrased it, useless eaters. Hence, to ensure that there's plenty of resources to go around for that sliver of humanity that consider themselves superior, they are now going all-out to accomplish their age-old scheme of widespread depopulation.

Apparently, birth-limiting measures (as used in China, for example) are far too slow for the self-appointed overlords, therefore, faster, more effective measures are necessary. What better way than an injection into the body for the masses, many of whom will be begging for it? It's quite brilliant... in a purely evil manner!

Will they make the vaccine mandatory? My hunch is no. The 'universe' will not allow them to force it on people; not because of the coercion, but because every soul must be given the 'free choice' to accept it or not. Of course, they will offer incentives to lure people into wanting it, and sanctions on those who refuse it. But, it will be up to each individual to decide to go along with their program, or else to resist it.

There's definite irony in how the whole, colossal pandemic hoax is being perpetrated openly world-wide... while numerous brave sources are at the same time, warning the public about the hoax and about the risks of taking the vaccine. The hoaxers' message is trumpeted to all; the warnings must be sought out from 'unauthorized sources.'

Again, I have to wonder why 'intelligent' adults would want a vaccine against a 'threat' that has a 99.9x% survival rate (where x varies with age). There's simply NO NEED! And, why aren't people wondering why the governments and their proxies are so DESPERATE to get the masses to take their poison?

For the 'initiated,' the classic formula for a psy-op-- problem-reaction-solution-- are now unmistakably defined on the world stage. The 'problem' phase is the imposition on the populace of serious curbs on our personal freedoms necessitated by a pandemic created by a virus called COVID-19. The 'reaction' from a suitably terrified public is wailing for an instant cure to end the 'pandemic' so that life can return to 'normal.' We are now seeing the 'solution' being rolled out in the guise of a vaccine that is supposed to make people immune to COVID, yet certain experts are already saying that the present measures will still be necessary.

More and more people around the world are starting to wake up to the fact that the restrictions put into place ostensibly to protect public health are here to stay. They’re part of a much larger, long-term plan, and the goal is to usher in a new way of life, devoid of our previous freedoms (hard-won, but taken for granted). This means that, eventually, everyone must decide which is more important: personal liberty or false security?

If the public were given a semblance of real reporting, a few perceptive people would notice that there's a stream of evidence that the entire pandemic charade was planned in advance. By way of a brief outline, we have:

2015 - B Gates predicting a pandemic to strike the world in the near future;

           Richard Rothschild files a patent for a phone app that detects 'COVID-19;' 

2017 - Dr. Fauci states publicly that Pres. Trump will face the challenge of a pandemic sometime in the next four years;

2019 - B&M Gates Fnd'n sponsor, with Johns-Hopkins U. a conference in NYC conducting a simulation exercise of a global pandemic, called 'Event201'.(An 'exercise' has always taken place in association with every false-flag event, this century.)

While the heat of a 'second wave' of COVID hysteria still burns, the economic vultures have started circling with their talk of taking advantage of this excellent crisis to institute a 'global re-set' of some sort. Even as the media were still de-bunking talk of a global re-set as (you guessed it) conspiracy theory, the World Economic Forum was touting the phrase as a soon-coming reorganization of the entire socio-economic ecosystem.

The word re-set may sound relatively benign, yet the true implications are anything but. FYI, their idea is to re-distribute the wealth of the masses so that we're all on a somewhat level (but much lower) financial plane. Except the billionaire/elite class, of course; they'll be exempt.

You see, whether you realize it or not, the present economic system is at the very end of its lifespan; it simply cannot continue with the massive injections of 'liquidity' and virtual zero interest rates, and with limitless government debt having no possibility of repayment in anyone's wildest imagination. This system must crash; and it will happen 'soon.'

The money-manipulators (the bankster elitists) have been keeping this zombie system animated (remember all those zombie movies?) long beyond its viable end-date, by using their 'magic' of the petro-dollar as the world reserve currency, and other tricks. Now the machine is melting down, the alarm bells are clanging; it's ready to blow! What to do?

Hence, the release of a pandemic that creates a variety of endemic changes in society provides a brilliant fulcrum on which to leverage the world into a new paradigm-- i.e. a New World Order that they've been dreaming of for so long.

Back to JQ Public, if he/she had any functioning imagination, s/he'd be able to extrapolate the present pandemic restrictions just a bit further... into the Orwellian dystopia they so clearly point towards. We've seen the examples of parts of Australia and the UK, where the populace was held in virtual house-arrest, and faced fines and brutal police beat-downs for violating the imposed rules. Given the drum-beat of media hysteria, how difficult would it be for once-democratic jurisdictions to go full-blown fascist?

Their 'great re-set' also entails further impoverishment necessitated by 'global human-caused climate change.' Since our economic activity (aka earning a living) creates excessive carbon dioxide-- as their theory goes-- then we must curtail that 'activity' in order to cool the planet. So, guess what? They have plans to eliminate certain industries, and probably eventually kill air travel-- again, except for them.

The predictable result of all their re-set plans is to reduce most people to serfs-- low skilled workers paid a barely living wage, and having no rights, no freedom, and no privacy. They would basically set civilization back about 1,000 years. Back to the future? Will people start to wake up-- in sufficient numbers-- to tell our demonic overlords to go to hell, where they belong?

November 20, 2020

Got to Show Them!

Further to my previous, rather anguished review of the US federal election, I have realized that we must 'trust the plan,' (as Q states... for those of you who know 'the Q'). Despite all the craziness going on all over, the great majority of people still don't have a clue about what is going on. And they won't get it, ever... unless they see it for themselves.

Yes, it's going to be painful for many, but there's no alternative. In my little sphere of contacts, none agrees with me. They are convinced that we are facing imminent health disasters if we don't follow the restrictions imposed on us by our governments. Any presentation of facts/data, or appeals to common sense, are met with stiff resistance and rebukes from the rest who've been thoroughly educated with the finest propaganda that modern science can concoct. It's pointless to pursue those debates with them; yet I just can't slide along in feigned assent with what I know to be deception.

So, even in this little town, relatively remote from the frenzied follies of the big city, people will have to see for themselves what happens when governments use the media to drive a fear agenda to pressure the populace to conform to capricious edicts. I call the confusing and frequently-reversed advice issued by officials at the regional and national level capricious, especially when it's often justified by dubious data projections that have largely been erroneous, and are deliberately misleading at best.

It's rather a tricky balancing act. The 'white hats' holding truth must stand by and allow the chaos to unfold, yet not to the point of getting totally out of hand. It has to be sufficient for the innocent public to finally perceive at least the broad outlines of the corruption, the criminality, insinuated in the touted democratic institutions and the individuals who lead them. It will be ugly; it has to be. Stay tuned; keep an open mind.