July 5, 2021

Observations on Mass Psychosis

Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not real. Symptoms may include delusions and hallucinations. Other symptoms may include incoherent speech and behavior that is inappropriate for the situation.  [Wikipedia]

Summer, 2021, on the planet of the chumps, where only the brain-numb think that life is going back to something called 'normal.' Yet, in my walks about town, I keep seeing what I regard as anecdotal proof of a society in deep psychosis.

In my corner of the world, the 'mask mandate' was lifted recently. The local supermarket has a sign on the entrance stating that masks are no longer required. Inside, another prominent sign states the same. As I go about shopping, I notice maybe 50 - 60% of customers, and staff, are wearing face-masks. Fear trumps logic, even mandates.

Next day, biking home, I see a woman driving alone in her car, mask covering her face. In another shop, a woman is buying a carton of cigarettes... carefully face-masked. Days later, there are still good citizens going about with their now-standard kit, fearful faces half covered. Stupid is as stupid does.... I suppose.

Closer to home, we had a local ND stay for dinner recently. She related that an acquaintance told her that her own husband, described as early 40s and in good condition, suddenly had a stroke while engaged in an outdoor activity. Paralyzed on one side... three days after his second 'COVID vaccination.' Bad enough; but another friend sharing the same dinner had the second jab scheduled for the next day, and just changed the subject.

These vignettes of 'inappropriate' reactions just continue to roll by the eyes of the 'red-pilled' observers. We're incredulous; don't really know what to say to the zombies. As the numbers of 'adverse reactions' (is that like 'collateral damage?') keep shifting higher on the monitoring databases, there's still no lack of volunteers anxious to get 'protected' by the poisonous injections. Go figure.

Summer, 2021, and the genocide proceeds openly and zealously, promoted relentlessly by the media on behalf of conscienceless politicians and administrators. More and more medical professionals are finally sounding the alarm-- via the alternative channels-- calling for this insane experiment to be halted, or at least stop injecting children. And to no avail whatever!

Just as the obedient cyphers think life is returning to what they vaguely recall as normal, the traitors already have the next scam primed to dash those naive hopes. It's now called 'the delta variant,' and we're supposed to be as afraid of it as we've been of COVID-19. Don't breathe too easily, people; the delta commeth! Keep that face-covering handy, too!

So, we who see what's unfolding can do little more than watch in disbelief as our elected and appointed leaders prosecute this 'soft genocide' against the people they pledged to serve. A few awake commentators are advising their audiences to prepare mentally for widespread death, including that of our loved ones, in the coming months. Unreal.

Friends, we're truly living in the Twilight Zone-- as in twilight of the gods, having placed ourselves in the role of God, effectively.

Mass psychosis-- the new normal.

July 3, 2021

Shoa Time on the Global Stage

 A writer like me can be pretty certain that anyone reading an essay like this one is already aware of certain facts, like the lies spewing from the media and the politicians, and that there's plenty wrong with the whole story of COVID-19 and the 'safe, effective' vaccines. But...

I suspect that many, or most, such readers still do not grasp the sweeping purview picture of what is happening before our eyes. Let's give it a go.

How does someone who's 'awake', conscious, thinking rationally, describe what's been taking place in the world over the last almost two years? I mean it's so bizarre that it's starting to defy reasonable description. Not the details-- which numerous analysts are tackling daily, but the big picture, the high-level overview of what the bloody heck is occurring.

Even the 'awake' probably wrestle with the obvious question-- how did all the national and sub-national (state, province, district, city) government leaders, and their health advisors, ALL fall into line with the COVID narrative and subsequent restrictions on their populations? And especially if, as many claim, it was all fabricated from manipulation of the statistics behind the annual flu and other routine health problems.

It has been claimed (tho I've not seen proof) that once around 12% of a population becomes conscious of a certain fact (fill in the blank, as you will) then this awareness quickly spreads among the remaining populace until it is 'common knowledge.' Evidently, we don't know with any accuracy what happens after that threshold of commonality is exceeded. E.g. will the media finally switch from their typical lying to adopting the new truth?

We in the 'awake community' (everything breeds 'community' these days, apparently) can see that there is growing awareness of the phoniness of the whole COVID story-line. It's coming from 'the top'-- medical researchers and practitioners who are following their conscience and ethics to speak out against what they see as reckless pursuit of vaccine ideology in the face of overwhelming evidence of the harm it is inflicting. And it's coming from 'the bottom'-- people who possess functioning brain cells and recognize the madness of public health policy as dictated by the very individuals who stand to add to their great wealth as a result.

So, we've got governments world-wide madly promoting the vaccines as the one and only solution to the so-called problem (a cold-like illness with a 99.9% recovery rate), offering all kinds of incentives to induce the gullible masses to imbibe their risky poisons ('Would you like fries with your blood-clots? How 'bout a lottery ticket for $1M?') The same governments also maintain databases of the (anticipated) adverse effects of those same vaccines!

At the same time the medical whistle-blowers are increasingly sounding the alarm on whatever platforms they can find to voice their concerns... the 'Empire of Darkness' shuts down one platform (or channel) after another where these concerns are raised. Mate and checkmate-- the great game proceeds!

If that's not crazy enough, the Dark Side always telegraphs their plans in advance. It's like some kind of karma insurance, perhaps. 'We told you what we'd do, but you said nothing.' Sometimes, the big plan is released even centuries beforehand, e.g. the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' which is being played out to every detail. There's also the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx. Or the Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky (dedicated to Satan, btw).

The writer hopes that the reader is getting a picture of what obtains here. It's a global war, but it's being waged at a psychic level-- irregular, or asymmetrical warfare at its ultimate! Both sides are using the legal system (cue laugh track, please) to advance their attacks. The white hats are (finally) bringing law-suits against governments and medical authorities to halt the deployment of the de-population injections. Meanwhile, the black hats are passing 'laws' to increase their censorship reach, and to outlaw the dissemination of the truth (on anything).

Take another step back (or higher, if you will); and you see that what is occurring is really spiritual warfare. Some 'dark force' is attacking the human race at a transcendent level. It's a war for our minds, our souls, our existence as human beings created 'in the image of God.'

You must 'get' that last point, or you'll not be able to properly decipher what we are facing, and you'll be stuck in the messy details of the psy-op tactics they throw at us. For instance, a lot of social justice warriors of good faith are being completely caught up and side-tracked with the current propaganda regarding 'racial injustice' ('CRT' and other guises). This is classic divide-and-conquer straight from the Communist play-book!

In America, after decades of harmony, it's suddenly black against white being fanned (and quite obviously) into flames of conflict. In Canada, after years of ignoring leads, the media suddenly releases information about 'mass graves' of indigenous children near former boarding schools. It's all according to the program, folks; and so many just fall for it!

Those who stubbornly cling to atheism as their paradigm are at a serious disadvantage. They will refuse to acknowledge the spiritual dimensions of the struggle, and hence, will be easy pickings for the dark spirits that dwell therein. Moreover, they will dismiss the knowledge to be found in the Bible, that warns us about much of the goings-on in the current world.

Even Christians are being led astray with comforting falsehoods from ill-informed or co-opted pastors. E.g. a supposed 'rapture' of believers before the period of 'tribulation' cited in scripture.

Global compliance with a patently false pandemic demonstrates that things are coordinated at the 'top.' Think of the pyramid as shown on the US greenback; the all-seeing eye floating in the capstone above the layers of the structure below. It represents Satan (non-physical) overseeing the material layers (of human agents) arrayed below him, in hierarchical fashion.

Only the most awake bodhisatvas realize that everything coming at us from 'the world'-- mostly TV, but all info channels in use-- is deliberately forged as a weapon against us (humanity). Once your eyes are open, you notice the evil intent lurking behind every TV program, every commercial, every news story. There's always a subtle message telling you what to believe, who to hate, what to buy, etc. It's pervasive; all-encompassing. Start paying attention!

In the physical realm, the human agents of Satan evidently really believe that they can get away with this unprecedented holocaust of humanity. (In Biblical times, a holocaust, or 'shoa' in Hebrew, was an offering to God or pagan gods). This End-times shoa is an offering to the god of the world, Moloch or Satan.

In the spirit dimension, Satan, the floating, single eye, knows that his time is almost over. It's his final shoa-down, and he intends to generate as much death and destruction as an insane demon possibly can (Rev 12:12) by deceiving his dupes with false promises. The satanists just don't get that it's game over-- for them, and for their (mis-)guiding spirit-- so they persist in implementing his schemes to corrupt as much of the Creator's handiwork as possible.

That's the essence, folks. We wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with the evil powers of the air [hidden realms] (Ephesians 6:12). And: 'the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.' (Rev 12:9).

It's all foretold, people. Everything is unfolding according to broad outlines prescribed by the Creator before time began. Each of us is given a little part to play in this drama. You either go along with the herd to perdition; or you exercise God-endowed faculties to discern the satanic agenda. It's God's way or Satan's way. Life or death. Your choice. Choose wisely.

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

June 14, 2021

Under the Spell of COVID

 Why is it that you can provide any amount of verified and official facts to most people, and if those facts are not 'common TV knowledge,' those people will never believe you?

Most of us in the 'truth community' (or however you characterize us) have wrestled with this conundrum, especially after being roundly rebuffed by either our close family or friends, or by complete strangers, when we've tried to inform them of the truth about 'fill in the blank;' i.e. any number of fake events foisted on society in the last few decades.

We either come up with a pet explanation for the anti-truth reaction, or we set it aside and just carry on our private lives. It's easy to dismiss the masses as fools, 'sheeple,' or brain-washed. But, there may be deeper, more insightful reasons behind the refusal of so many people to even consider explanations that contradict the media megaphone. Let's go a way down this rabbit hole.

The KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, supplied the West with valuable information on the agenda and methods used by Communists to infiltrate and subjugate a target country. Sadly, few people outside of academia were interested in Bezmenov's message. He described the four steps employed to overturn a free society and turn it into a Communist basket-case. (See my essay 'Dots, Puzzles, Reality, etc. 25/02/21).

Without restating Bezmenov's steps, he made a critically important point about the outcome of the third phase that he called demoralization. Briefly, demoralization is the process of sapping a society of its traditional values, even its history, and replacing them with 'progressive' ideas. He stated that once a people have been demoralized, they can be shown any amount of proofs of any particular common-sense historical truth, and they will flatly reject it out of hand.

This is exactly what we are seeing all around us with this 'scam-demic.' Daily, we are told 'information' that contradicts the data, the science, as well as logic, and in large part, the masses accept it all cheerfully. Some among them get irate and belligerent if someone tries to tell them that their faith is misplaced. It's mission impossible for truth-tellers!

Some psychologists have also weighed in on the subject, but more often expend their dubious theories in trying to psycho-analyze the 'vaccine-hesitant.' They don't propose theories about why the masses rush to get their jab, but it doesn't take a genius to see the enormous propaganda effort, the celebrity endorsements, the peer pressure, the freebies and inducements, and on and on.

Still... one can't help feeling that something else must be going on. There have been many 'viral outbreaks' of various kinds (SARS, MERS, HIV/AIDS, Zika, Swine Flu, etc.) over the years. And, of course, we have the 'annual flu' every darn winter, with the repetitive reminders to get our flu shot, regardless of the uncertainty over the actual virus strain every year.

Yet, this time, with this COVID19 virus, it's a new game. The death rate is no worse than the annual flu, but the media have been screaming for over a year how deadly this Covid virus is, and so on. The predictable outcome is that the population is scared spitless of this nothing scam. And as the Nazi leaders observed, and even wrote openly, once a populace has been put in full fear mode, you can make them do almost anything.

Again, that's what we're seeing now. Frightened citizens begging to get the 'vaccine;' one that is neither necessary nor effective, nor administered in an ethical manner. The many glaring incongruities that characterize this plan-demic, that the few sane heads easily recognize, simply fly invisibly over the heads of the vast majority. They just don't get it, even when the manifestations are (or should be) bloody obvious (e.g. excluding any discussion of facts that differ from 'the narrative').

Which brings us back to... why? What the heck is wrong with people? Seriously, we all know acquaintances who are 'well educated,' even medical professionals, yet they, too, refuse to stray even the slightest bit outside the carefully scripted corral. What's wrong with them?

Brace yourself, dear truth-seeker. Even with your open mind, you have to take a spiritual view of life, and acknowledge that, as the Bible states, we wrestle not with flesh and blood but... with spiritual forces of wickedness. Face it; how did every nation's leaders just fold and play along with the global scam? Does it make any sense, in a rational world?

Lots of questions, as usual. There's got to be accessible answers. The COVID pandemic (as presented) is a Satanic spell. Yes; it's been set up over decades as part of the demoralization process. All the details involved-- the name, the number (19 = AI), the symbols (masks, etc), the imposed restrictions-- have all been selected in advance for their occult impact.

As I've stated before, the whole thing-- pandemic, virus, vaccine spectacle-- was/is an occult initiation ritual, taking humanity under the full thralldom of his Ugliness, Satan. Many of us (in the truth community) understand that the 'attacks' of 9-11-2001 were, similarly, an occult ritual that was intended to symbolize the transition to the New World Order under the 'god of this world.' In retrospect, it was actually ushering the world into the days of the final Age, the gotterdammerung of the false gods of the demon realm.

So, I submit, the reason that 'the whole world wondered and followed after the beast,' and cheerfully took his poison, is because the great majority are under a dark spell of the evil forces from the occult dimensions.

If you still harbor a few doubts, ask yourself: when did any previous disaster become some kind of splitting point, a dividing line separating those who pledge their loyalty to the system and those who stand apart? Or become a sword of division between friends and family members-- those who grab the jab versus those of us who are awake to its physical and spiritual perils?

In my many decades, I've never seen the like-- old friends denouncing my obstinacy, my lack of concern for their well-being, for not joining the band-wagon of the mindless inoculated masses. They're all under a black-magic spell; call it a hypnotic trance if you prefer, but the result is the same.

Incidentally, these occult rites reveal that we are indeed living in the final days of this Age. All pretence has been dropped; while we're forced to wear face coverings, the mask of deceit is off the face of evil. All as per biblical eschatology. And, for the Bible students, note that this fact puts the end to preterism (the belief that the eschatological prophecies were all fulfilled within Biblical times). Brace for more impacts to come!

May 25, 2021

COV-ertion In Your Face!

At one time, criminals had to hide their crimes in the dark. Once the criminals took control of the world, they openly flaunted their crimes, confident that their media turn those dark crimes into bright benefits for humanity. It's 21st century alchemy.

What's going on world-wide today is absolutely unbelievable... to any person with a slightly functioning brain... and slightly functioning memory of what we fondly recall as normal.

The outcry of medical practitioners and scientists against the measures imposed by governments-- especially the deadly vaccines-- to combat a supposed 'deadly pandemic,' is reaching new levels of alarm. Growing numbers of doctors/nurses of conscience are pushing back vigorously against their own governing associations, as well as the traitorous 'health authorities.'

Yet, what's the response of those arrogant authorities? They totally ignore the informed advice of the front-line medicos, and keep upping the pressure on their populations to take the noxious inoculations. Completely deaf! And 'dumb' in the worst sense. Unbelievable... yet happening before our eyes!

Our leaders, both elected and appointed, are dictating in flagrant disregard for the operating criteria for the use of experimental vaccines under 'emergency use authorization.' In the USA (and probably most civilized countries) the guidelines clearly require 'informed consent' be obtained from anyone who 'participates' in the 'trial.' And there's no contesting that these vaxxes are experimental and the whole world is involved in an unprecedented trial.

Informed consent requires open disclosure of the risks involved in taking the injection. Instead of disclosure, we've had propaganda on a scale never before seen. Every trick of psy-ops has been employed to induce as many suckers as possible to take the jab. What kind of consent is that?

Under 'EUA' deployment, no alternative treatment must be available; which explains why the system mounted such a ludicrous and illogical attack on hydroxy-chloroquine, and Ivermectin, to cite two effective optional treatments. Even 'respected' medical journals were guilty of adding their (now tarnished) prestige to those attacks.

ALL those government leaders, health authorities, experts AND media 'personalities' are in blatant violation of the Nuremburg Code of ethics on medical experiments. Do they show any shred of compunction, any hesitation, in spouting their deception? The vax psy-op is a crime against humanity... and they really think they can get away with it! Unbelievable.

Mass demonstrations against onerous and useless COVID measures have been getting enormous in Europe, and are finally gaining numbers in the USA and Canada. But until a majority of citizens are riled enough to get out and join a march, the system will continue to ignore us.

What the media are crowing as 'news' has become utter manipulated and mangled mind mush. Fear porn, non-stop. Misused statistics; interviews with co-opted (probably paid-off) authoritative-sounding 'experts'; emotional stories about anomalous, extreme cases of ostensible COVID victims, presented as equally likely to affect you; celebrities urging you to take their example and get jabbed; and on and on.

The scale of this sham-demic is freaking mind-boggling. I mean, consider just the number of individuals all backing the declared narrative: virtually all national political heads; practically all broadcast news outlets (TV and radio stations, reporters, desk anchors, etc); apparently a majority of front-line doctors and nurses; and 'celebrities' of various kinds, from Hollywood to professional sports. Unbelievable.

How do they get that many persons, from various walks of life, to march in lock-step to the beating drums of propaganda emanating from relatively few agents hidden in the shadows? Sure, some of them really believe the BS, and think they are doing a service to mankind by aiding the shrill promotion. But; seriously, all those others-- political leaders, puffed-up medicos, overpaid news anchors, sold-out celebrities-- how can so many of them be under the control of the overlords?

The only answer that seems to make 'sense' in the insanity is that at the top, there's a supernatural force (yep, Satan) directing all those in the 'pyramid of power' below him, via delegation of authority, on a 'need-to-know' basis. You may not want to buy that story, but no other explanation can truly account for what we're seeing in front of our faces.

To re-cap: what is unfolding world-wide is a total, demonic assault on the human race, a spiritual war, as unbelievable as that may sound. Dismiss the idea at your physical and spiritual peril.

May 19, 2021

Why Their Mad Rush?

It hit me like a proverbial 'bolt from the blue,' just recently-- the real reason the 'system' is in such an insane rush to 'vaccinate' as much of the world's population as they possibly can.

After all, they control the 'pandemic-maker,' which is the main media outlets, without which there literally would be NO pandemic (it only exists because they keep telling us it does). Probably, the original plan was to roll out the vaccines in a more 'orderly' manner, using all the psychological schemes discussed at their Event201 (Aug. 2019).

They didn't anticipate the amount of resistance that has been gathering steam against their satanic agenda. I think they really thought that virtually all medical practitioners would just go along with the program, advising everyone to get the jab. Instead, a multitude of medical people of conscience have been warning the public in every way they have access to, while getting 'de-platformed' and censored from all the main social media venues.

It's been an uphill battle for the white-hat forces, but the media have earned a great deal of suspicion over their egregious lies during the four Trump years. Thus, many former TV junkies have now turned to the alternative press, looking for more trustworthy news. With the rushed introduction of 'COVID vaccines,' the more savvy news hounds are finding the scary facts about the purported and heavily-promoted inoculations.

In response to the growing resistance, the governments, almost universally, are stepping up the pressure in every way they think they can: free food with your vax; free beer; a lottery entry for $1M (Ohio); the vague promise of an almost normal Summer... provided 75% of the populace takes at least one jab! This ought to sound stark-raving crazy if you still have a functioning mind (and memory of saner days).

So, everyone (EVERYONE) should be wondering what the hell is the mad rush to impose this injection on every soul in sight? No, it's not about stopping the death toll. The CDC quietly admitted that only 5% of the total deaths attributed to COVID19 were actually due solely to the virus; the remaining 95% all had co-morbidities that were the actual causes of death.

Meanwhile, enquiring minds in the US Congress (and elsewhere) want to know the origin of the virus, and are closely inspecting the money trail from Fauci's NAIAD and NIH to the research institute in Wuhan that was doing 'gain of function' studies on SARS-COV type viruses up until the release (oops, I mean escape) in late 2019. Fauci and Gates must know that the jig is just about up; the noose of undeniable evidence is closing around them.

The Argument

Thus, their panic-based reaction is to accelerate the jabs; get as many people under the latent influence of the noxious serum as possible, in the faint hope that there won't be sufficient numbers of clear-thinking individuals left to compel the politicians to stand down, and to go after the ring-leaders of this global genocide. It's too late, but it's all they've got.

And note that recent studies are showing that there seems to be a magnetic property to the vaccines (the mRNA kind, anyway) as demonstrated in numerous videos. Researchers into the esoteric say that it's possible for control to be exerted over the injected subjects using electro-magnetic waves to communicate with the installed nano-material. If true, it means that the controllers pushing the whole scam-demic intend to broadcast a sort of mind-control signal that would be received by, and affect, those who had been injected with the vax.

You can see how utterly demonic this scheme is. It would allow a very small cadre of elitists to exercise their will over masses of serfs, without resort to the risk and bother of employing armies to police the governed throngs. Mind you, they also expect huge numbers of injected individuals to die off in short order (or be seriously incapacitated) which would make their 'job' of governing even easier.

In flagrant disregard for the Nuremburg Code of medical ethics, the conspiring authorities have 'masked' the true risky status under which the 'vaccines' have been released, insisting that they are tested and proven to be safe and effective... unbelievable, if we weren't seeing it first hand! The principle of informed consent has been tossed in the trash bin, while every kind of psychological trickery has been deployed to compel the gullible hordes to take their poison. (UK scientists involved in this fraud have made cautious admission to it, recently).

As always, the best laid plans run amok, and things are starting to go awry for the cabal. We are seeing early signs that the whole scheme could collapse under the weight of its own deceptions in the near term. We (still) few who are awake, must continue to push the truth as hard as we can. Even if it seems no one is listening, the 'truth vibes' are transmitted into the aether, the global consciousness, until the critical mass of people awaken to it.

God has designed the cosmos in that self-corrective way. The Satanic agenda will ultimately fail, tho it may cause great havoc in the mean time. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, that is how it must be. Even the most materialistic persons must have a chance to see for themselves that life is a spiritual adventure; everything else is illusion. Pray, folks. 

Seek the Lord while He may be found.

May 15, 2021

Gallimaufry on COVID

[Gallimaufry - It's a real word; look it up!]

It's been about a year and a half of the Great Plan-demic, the global hoax, the deliberate genocide known as COVID-19. And what has changed (if anything)? What have we learned?

For any objective onlooker, the whole scene has been incredible in the true (literal) meaning of the word. Who, only two years ago, could have possibly imagined the whole world exhibiting the kind of mass insanity we're presently witnessing? Maybe you're one of that majority that thinks, 'What's he complaining about? Everything that's happened has been necessary to fight the pandemic.'

Ah, the great majority, the unthinking herd of humanity that willingly, simply goes along with whatever the 'authorities' tell them. A 'novel virus' escaped from China. Some old folks in nursing homes died; it's a pandemic declares WHO. The media show us videos of Chinese people dropping in the streets. They start reciting a daily litany of statistics: so many people have died from COVID19, so many have 'tested positive,' and the models are predicting catastrophic demand on our hospitals. The sky must be falling, for sure!

Official data, the only source of statistics, clearly show that the viral spread is NOT a pandemic at all; and the median age of those dying is, like, 82. Never mind; the masses are hopeless with numeracy; they just want someone to tell them the score.

Then came 'two weeks to flatten the curve,' and it was batten the hatches, stay home except for food, don't visit, don't touch anyone or anything, and above all, stay afraid. And then came the damn masks. Now they litter the Earth like we used to see pop cans. Despite ample evidence that face masks don't help, most people wear them as if their life depends on it. You see the Covidiots in masks as they drive alone in their cars, walk alone in the parks, and some even doing exercise in their little hijabs.

There are so many curious (foolish) aspects to this nonsense that one could approach it from numerous angles. I was going to write about how Everything the authorities has done to 'fight' the pandemic has, in fact, done the exact opposite. Instead of pursuing that theme, tho, I'm going to weave several threads together, and my original intent will still emerge.

Do Diligence much?

There is an established process in the business world that is known as exercising  'due diligence' before engaging with prospects. I would like to ask those who are confirmed adherents of the Church of the Holy Vaccines if they did their due diligence before accepting a foreign substance into their veins, i.e. the novel vaccines.

Most likely, they would assure me that of course they did. Then, I would enquire, when you do your DD in the business world, do you restrict your investigation into only those sources that are approved by the prospect in question? Or, do you make it a point to look for information that is outside the purview and influence of the prospect? I think the answer should be obvious!

Yet, I also know that many 'normies' will never consider information on important matters unless it comes from mainstream, approved sources-- e.g. WaPo, NYT, Cxx, etc. They're too afraid to consider evidence that is presented on 'alternative news' sites, regardless of the credentials of the authors.

Go figure. No doubt this attitude that one can call 'inconsistent' (to say the least) is typical of many well-educated, successful people. They will perform much more due diligence before buying a car or TV set, than before allowing an unknown substance to be injected into them. And they regard anyone who questions the stampede for 'vaccines' to be anti-social, or anti-science!

There's more. I've attempted to engage the members of the vax cult in a rational discussion based on the data. No way. Like true believers in any religion, these believers reject any objective analysis, and regardless of background, they fall back on anecdotal evidence and emotional reasoning to justify adherence to the official position. I can talk about the misuse of the PCR test for viruses, and the deliberate inflation of deaths by warping the definition of death from COVID versus with COVID19 (as admitted by CDC); but it's too no avail whatsoever.

Tobacco Science

As irrational as their justification for the vaccines is, they have the gall to fall back on the argument that it's based on science! Truly to be filed under You can't make this up. Yes, we are told, daily by the MSM, that 'the science is settled,' just as for anthropogenic Climate Change. Sure.

Recently, I saw someone (and sorry, I don't recall the source) refer to the COVID restrictions as being based on 'tobacco science.' Before continuing, a little history is in order, for the benefit, mostly, of the younger generation, who don't seem to know any of this.

Back in the 1950s and 60s, 'big tobacco' (companies) played much the same role as does big Pharma today. As evidence emerged that smoking was extremely dangerous to health over the long haul, Big Tobacco bank-rolled 'studies' that always concluded that 'no link was demonstrated between smoking and chronic diseases.' After persistent pressure from governments around the world, the companies finally had to admit that their studies were biased, and they agreed to put warnings on their product packaging.

Those bogus studies were financed by the guilty tobacco companies, using the tricks of statistical and semantic chicanery. That is what one pundit aptly calls 'tobacco science.' Today, we've been bombarded by the same kind of trickery used now to create hysteria over a supposed viral pandemic.

As I've claimed before, the ignorance of today's populace towards history (and numbers) is proving to be not just unfortunate, but deadly. The masses are ignorant of the use of propaganda by the Bolsheviks in Russia, and by the Nazis in Germany. The sheep are ignorant of the parallels between geopolitics in the 1930s and those of today. They don't know how precarious is the world situation behind the scenes.

BTW, to say the science is settled is ludicrous. Other than 'household science'-- e.g. the dishes will fall down towards the floor every time-- true science is rarely, if ever, 'settled.' We are constantly updating our knowledge of astronomy, biology, physics, etc.

Moreover, to those diligent seekers of 'evidence-based science,' there's more bad news. The medical journals, trusted with the dissemination of what was once science, have been pumping out pure baloney for decades-- since the tobacco days, maybe earlier. How can I make this accusation, you may demand. Because the editor of at least one 'prestigious medical journal' (ah, yes; the prestige!) has publicly stated so, admitting that up to 50% of what's published as 'peer reviewed science' contains errors and omissions that invalidate the conclusions (and implied that it's often deliberate). Is it any wonder, therefore...?

Satan - the ultimate control freak

Whether you believe in Satan or not, the shadowy grey eminences who pull the strings behind the scenes DO believe. I won't offer proofs here. As Jesus said, you can judge people by their 'fruits,' the results they produce, either good works or bad ones. Just look at what has been imposed on us during this so-called pandemic, and at the outcomes of those measures.

Most people just can't seem to project a trend more than a day into the future. Fact is, the obvious final state of the 'temporary' COVID restrictions is bleak. You think the world is going to return to 'normal' sometime in the future? That's not what the Powers that Be have planned. (You'd know that if you knew about 'the Great Reset', but the media haven't told you about it, so you're still ignorant. Tant pis!)

Anyway, 'they' made us stay apart, with their little circles on the floors, and such foolery. They made us wear face coverings everywhere in public, like obedient cult members ought. They forbid 'gatherings' of more than a handful of people, so forget about church meetings, weddings, funerals, sports, festivals, and fun of any sort!

Now, dear reader, flog your poor old imagination, and where do these measures lead? Well, physical distancing left many of our dear older folks to die alone in institutions, and many others of us feeling utterly isolated. No gatherings means all the events we used to attend are now illegal or untenable; as I said, no fun allowed. The face diapers cause more health issues than they solve-- low oxygen levels, bio-crud build-up and re-breathing, fogging of glasses and minds.

What about imposing crushing restrictions on small business... while letting big-box retailers continue basically as usual? It amounts to war on the middle class. What about 'self-quarantine,' and increasing dependence on 'virtual meetings' via software apps? It's all about isolating human beings from physical contact with each other. We become 'pod people,' in effect!

Notice, please. It's all negative. They know it. The media have told us, sombrely, how COVID restrictions have resulted in increases in drug abuse, domestic violence, and death. But, did those authorities do anything about it? No-- it's part of the plan, folks. Wake up!

To any real Christian, the fruit of the 'pandemic countermeasures' are clearly de-humanizing, and demonic. This is full-on war against humanity! Satan is using his human agents to do the dirty work as his proxies. As I wrote elsewhere, the whole sham-demic is a satanic initiation ritual, inducting the world population into the occult scheme.

If an observer harbored any shred of doubt, the 'vaccines' have been injected into enough people now, that there's a huge number of 'adverse reactions' (including death) registered in the official databases (e.g. VAERS, in the USA). Virology experts have spoken out, warning that previous vaccines were suspended or withdrawn after a handful of deaths were recorded, yet with the ample evidence of a COVID19 disaster unfolding, the authorities do nothing!

Actually, the governments and their advisors are doing much worse than nothing-- they are doubling down on the propaganda inducing people to take the jab, and they are, incredibly, extending the lower age limits for the vaccines to include young children, and even infants in some jurisdictions. This is so obviously a crime against humanity; yet the dumbed-down masses sit oblivious to the insane criminality in which they are complicit.

Never could I have imagined such evil infecting the global population! That 'Christians' are in large measure equally a part of this moral catastrophe is a mark of shame on them, and an indicator of how corrupt the organized churches have become.

Wrapping Up

God seems to love watching and waiting until the cosmic clock runs up to mere seconds to 'midnight' before He intervenes in some manner to miraculously turn the situation around... or in a new direction. Now that I'm older, I can see why He does that, when most people need nothing short of stark terror before they will turn their thoughts towards the spiritual realm. Sadly, the generations currently alive are possibly the most godless, atheistic humans to live since the years prior to the great Deluge.

Moreover, this generation is possibly also the most indoctrinated ever to exist. Like the proverbial frogs in the pot, we've been blissfully distracted with 'prosperity' while the evil ones have steadily raised the temperature, metaphorically, to the boiling point. Like paying audience members of a hypnotist's act, we eagerly do whatever the mesmerists tell us, totally under their sly neuro-linguistic instructions.

Here's the thing: there's a vicious war going on all around us, all around the world. Yet maybe 98% of the populace aren't the slightest bit aware of it. Staggering. That's a measure of how low is the consciousness of the average person these days. Most are just sleep-walking, like real-life zombies that have been so popular in entertainment in recent years. These zombies will continue in blissful ignorance until the system collapses in a way that they can't avoid.

So, for most of us who are awake, this train wreck is inevitable; it can't be stopped; it's only a matter of when-- either soon, or sooner. Those in denial, clinging stubbornly, even angrily, to 'our world,' will be the worst hit when that wreck explodes in their faces. If they survive a while, perhaps they will begin to do the kind of reflection they should have done years ago. Perhaps. More likely, most people will become completely mentally unhinged (beyond what they are already).

By now, I would expect (thinking rationally) that anyone with a modicum of reasoning ability would come to the conclusion that what is occurring is nothing short of criminal. That is to seriously underestimate the situation-- in fact, it is demonic. How else to characterize a deliberate assault on our humanity, in the guise of protecting our health? How else to explain how/why all governments continue the mad rush to inject all citizens with the experimental 'vaccines'... after so many medical specialists have spoken out on the dangers posed by those injections?

If you have a benign explanation for these demonic policies, then you are under the spell of the medical matrix; you have lost the ability to think; you have ceded your soul to the Beast. Unlike some commentators, I don't feel the decision to take the jab is irreversible, spiritually, tho perhaps medically. Yet, I really don't expect many who took the needle to admit it was crazy and then attempt to mitigate the long-term effects. (Musician Eric Clapton has done the former; I don't know about the latter).

To those eternal optimists and believers in authority who are eagerly looking forward to returning to 'normal life' after enough souls get the 'vaccine,' I can only say 'Dream on, sleeper!' It's not going to happen. Not without drastic civil uprising against the criminals who run the sh!t-show. Until then, they will continue to play us like fish-- letting out a bit of 'line' when the tension strains the (control) rod, then hauling in hard when the 'fish' tire. Great game; and the sucker-fish never seem to notice. After more than a year of 'two weeks to flatten the curve,' they don't notice!

It's sad and puzzling for me to observe the degree to which those all around me, including the closest, are totally assimilated into the Beast-Matrix. Some of them deride my faith in Jesus Christ, while vesting complete faith in the 'reality system' projected by the government-industry-media axis of evil. Who's the foolish true believer?

At the spiritual level, I have to admit I find it 'er, surprising that the litmus test of allegiance to Satan versus loyalty to Christ, is so subtle, so insidious, so deceptive. After all, it's not as if the idea of vaccination is notably evil. Vaccination as a medical practice has been around more than a century, regardless of its true efficacy. Hence, it takes well-honed discernment to suspect that these ones are especially harmful, and have transcendent significance.

But, I don't make the rules. As one cogent pundit says, this is the greatest video-game ever! The number of variables involved is mind-boggling, and their complexity equally so. There's layer upon layer of detail to every aspect of life. Most people rarely see beyond the surface layer of anything. Scientists think they've 'found the secret' of this or that, only to discover that there's always much more they don't know.

How are people going to be judged by the Almighty in this Age of Deception? I don't know. I try to wake people from their comfortable slumber, but to almost no avail. The only ones who believe me are those who've already awakened. The rest will scoff... up to the point where the world scene is so terrible (and terrifying) that they realize the truth-- when it's too late. Too late to change their worldly fate. But will it be too late to change their 'eternal fate?'

Again, I don't know the answers. No one does. My intent is to ask the uncomfortable questions that no one else asks. Maybe it will get you thinking; maybe not. It's your choice, as usual. I want to pray for the zombie-souls; but have to overcome the fleshly inclination to let nature take its inevitable course.

Okay; I've spilled a lot of commentary all over this wretched subject, that being all things COVID related. Time to quit, and let it simmer with you dear readers. Maybe it got you thinking. Maybe just irritated. The story continues in any case. Stay tuned; more to come.

May 2, 2021

Twilight Zone 2021!

In the year of Our Lord 2021, we are fully in the twilight zone, where insanity is the new normal, where everything is inverted, where most people live at home in the Matrix. Weird. 

For an old guy like me, this is really mentally discombobulating. Fortunately (if one can say so) I grew up absurd, and rather outside the mainstream culture. Being an analytical sort, I saw this whole train wreck take place, as if in slow motion over 7 decades.

Despite having become a hard-core disbeliever in the consensus reality, in the past 20 years, I was still blind-sided by the scam-demic, appearing at the start of 2020. Sure, I knew almost immediately that it was not a pandemic, and a little later, that it was clearly a gigantic psy-op. Still, the scale of it was truly breath-taking, as well as the sheer audacity. And, I have to confess, I couldn't foresee the full, demonic direction the scheme was going in.

In retrospect, it's obvious now to many of us in the 'skeptics community,' that the whole point of the 'pandemic' was to justify the deployment of their mass-extermination devices-- the so-called vaccines. From the official data, there's absolutely no reason to consider a vaccine as the best and ONLY 'solution' to a non-existent problem. And certainly not vaxes that were rushed to the market with essentially no prior testing, despite being an untried novel technology based on the theory of using 'messenger RNA' to 'program' human DNA. Perfectly normal in the insane 21st century.

At this date, there are numerous 'dots' to connect, and they draw a coherent but dastardly picture. We could begin with the Georgia Guidestones-- the 'Ten Commandments' of the New World Order. Those mysterious postulates specify humanity 'living in harmony with nature' by maintaining a population of about 500 million. Today's global population estimate is 7.8 billion, so 'we' would have to somehow lose a mere 7.3 billion human souls. Go figure.

Logically, the next dot is the world population estimates once found on the website of deagel.com (I say 'once' because it appears that the spreadsheets were taken down, tho still available to assiduous researchers on web archive sites). I viewed those original tables, which showed the populations of the 'Western' nations dropping drastically from 2018 or so, to 2025, only seven years away when they became the buzz on the alternative sites.

Contrary to some comments I read, Deagel did provide a vague explanation for the radical reductions in populations, and it was not premised on world war (again, contrary to speculation). They referred opaquely to civil breakdown, apparently due to economic hardship and other factors not made explicit. It's clear now that they must have had foreknowledge of the planned-demic, and had inside estimates of its lethality.

Meanwhile, over that period of the early years of the century, Bill Gates was beavering away in the hallways of power, putting together the pieces that constitute the human genocide underway. Everyone-- journalists (hah) and public, alike-- seem to have forgotten the solid principle of 'follow the money' behind every scam (and psy-ops are scams). Gates funnelled a crap-load of his disposable income into pharmaceutical companies, gleefully stating that he got a 20:1 return on his investments in that industry.

At the same time, Gates sponsored (via the B&M Gates Foundation) 'research' in academia into the management of postulated epidemics (e.g. J Hopkins U). It's widely known now that Gates and J Hopkins U conducted a simulation of the COVID19 pandemic in Oct. of 2019, immediately prior to the first outbreaks of the virus in Wuhan, China. Great 'coincidence,' no?

Altho the average vaccine takes 5 to 10 years of development before reaching market, these 'COVID19 vaccines' somehow were able to be developed in a mere seven months or so. Despite what officialdom always implies, none of these COVID vaxes is approved by the FDA. In fact, the FDA head has just announced (~ April 30) that his agency would NOT approve any COVID19 vaccine unless it has been fully tested and met their criteria!

So; how is it that millions of people are being inoculated with these experimental products? They are being deployed 'legally' under 'emergency use authorization.' One stipulation of EUA is that there must not be any available alternative therapies-- which explains why the CDC, the media, even medical journals, all denounced drugs like hydroxychloroquine as being ineffective and 'deadly', when the truth is exactly the opposite.

Thus, millions have rushed to get their supposed life-saving jab, under the illusion that by doing so, they are helping their world go back to 'normal.' Instead, these deluded souls have joyfully allowed poison to be injected into their bodies, which amounts to the biggest medical experiment ever conducted. No one knows what the longer-term effects might be, but if the worst-case speculations are correct, we could see the disability or deaths of many of those who took the injections.

Governments in the West-- the UK, the USA, the EU, etc.-- have installed databases to collect reports of 'adverse reactions' of people to received vaccines. Already, from January to April, these databases have recorded more adverse reactions, including many deaths, than for any previous vaccine. Medical apologists state that the number of AEs is still low relative to the large number of inoculations. This might look plausible on the surface... to some.

While all vaccines have certain risks, the fact is that the COVID19 vax ratios are much higher than for previous vaccines. They might argue that since the databases record an unknown proportion of actual, total reactions, it's not correct to compare across vaccines. But, that is conjecture. The reactions embrace some very serious and permanent conditions, right up to death. Yet, the authorities and media continue to insist that these injections are 'safe!'

While the system keeps cranking out the fear porn-- the latest being 'catastrophe in India-- I'm living among mostly ingenuous folks who have imbibed deeply the kool-aid, and are in a panic to get their injections, but worse, regard me as a stubborn fool, and impediment to normality, by refusing the jab. Crazy hardly begins to describe the situation.

As if all of the foregoing were not enough to ruin anyone's century, there's more. 

The latest rumors circulating about the vaccines is that those vaxed seem to be 'shedding' something (probably spike proteins) that is affecting those not vaccinated, with serious problems. The noted effects particularly impact women, especially pregnant women and those of child-bearing age. It was bad enough to contemplate the prospect of the millions of vaxed people exhibiting serious health problems. Now we have to also imagine the impact on society of additional millions who might experience reactions simply from associating with the vaxed!

Now, try to exercise your rusty imagination, and put the foregoing worst-case scenarios into a possible, near future. To help you, some insightful researchers have already noticed that certain accidents occurring on the roads seem to be caused by driver error, or driver medical episodes. Imagine then, thousands of vehicle drivers on the public roads experiencing sudden brain malfunctions at random moments. Nasty, right? How about aircraft pilots having similar sudden brain problems? Will we see such things 'soon?' I don't know; but it certainly appears possible, even likely, given the variety of adverse reactions already recorded.

Even if the worst case predictions turn out to be wrong, it is still likely that we can expect disruptions to the supply chains due to temporary or permanent illness caused by either COVID19 or the vaccines-- either directly from the jab, or by transmission if the shedding hypothesis is correct. (And, btw, the Pfizer vax study document indicates that they anticipated such effects; see pages 67-69). Chaos of some degree is now unavoidable!

Everything the governments have done to combat this virus so far has been counter-productive... apparently deliberately. Face masks cause more problems than they supposedly solve. Physical distancing and isolation obviously impede 'herd immunity' occurring. Likewise, lock-downs prevent the spread of herd immunity, while creating a variety of social ills such as suicide, substance abuse, family violence, and so on.

The whole COVID19 'pandemic' can be interpreted as a Satanic initiation ritual, foisted on the whole world. 

Let's look at a few details. Face masks are a common element of occult or Masonic rituals, as for example, in the scenes from the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut.' Physical spacing is also a part of e.g. witchcraft rites. (The 6 feet seems chosen to conjure the triple 6 in Rev 13). Masking has always been associated with submission, too.

A frequent component of demonic ritual is the consumption of vile substances-- human excretions, animal excrescences, blood, etc. In this global ritual, the vaccines play that role, and if you examine the list of ingredients, you might be astonished to find things like 'human aborted fetal tissue!' Other ingredients look slightly more conventional but are no less vile.

Occultic initiates are typically kept 'in the dark' of the 'higher secrets' of the ritual; and clearly, the authorities have deliberately misrepresented the vaccines as having properties they do not. Innocent throngs are being inducted into this Satanic cult, deceived into thinking they are doing something good for themselves and for society. Pure evil!

All good rituals involve the sacrifice of living entities. The Israelites sacrificed sheep or cattle; the Babylonians sacrificed children, as did other pagan societies. In this COVID ritual, the sacrifice is primarily those who drink the cup-- take the injection. It remains to be seen what the toll of death from the virus, the vaccines, and the 'health measures' will attain. It could rival the numbers seen in the world wars of the last century.

How does one with 'eyes wide open' convey all this background knowledge to the multitudes who are mesmerized and convinced that the matrix of lies describes a real world? So far, I have found no solution to this conundrum. People have to personally see a crack in the matrix, and follow it to an 'ahah! moment. Until that moment, tho, these people are part of the 'beast system,' and will vigorously resist any attempt to shatter their illusions.

My reference to the 'beast system' is deliberate. The whole scenario unfolding before our senses was outlined in broad strokes in the pages of the Bible. It's going to get much worse before the ultimate triumphant outcome. God wins; but Satan takes out as much of God's creation as he possibly can before he's defeated 'for good.'

Things are crazy now; a year from now, they will be indescribably insane. There's no point speculating further.