May 6, 2018

Poisoning the Well of Truth

Web writer Henry Makow made an interesting observation in light of the '#metoo' movement encouraging (or pressuring) women to speak out about sexual harassment. In an essay entitled 'The Cabal Poisons the Well of Love,' Henry discloses how the 'social engineers' use various divisions in society to create chaos among populations. A recent example of this strategy is the media preoccupation with cases of 'sexual harassment,' starting with Hollywood, and embracing every incident that could be precipitated from a controversial social meme.

Curiously, as I write these words, poison seems to be the theme of the moment, with the British government accusing Russia (who else?) of poisoning former spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, with a 'deadly nerve agent,' that, miraculously it appears, was really not so deadly since both victims are recovering nicely. Almost simultaneously, the same government also accused favorite villain, Russia, of aiding the Syrian army in mass poisoning of residents of Douma, near Damascus. Poison is definitely a dark seam in the zeitgeist.

Projecting from Makow's reflections, it is clear that the same thing is happening in the bigger sphere of Western society. 
Using the mainstream media, the deep state is poisoning the well of truth, which is a very disturbing development. Wielding the rubric of 'false news' at anything that challenges the official narrative of a given event, the MSM have sowed endemic confusion among 'consumers' of their 'products' (news stories and commentary).

Attempting to exacerbate and exploit the confusion even further, the MSM (which includes now the big Internet service companies-- Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) have engaged co-opted 'fact-checkers' to verify when stories are true or false. [Good grief; I'd have to put inverted quotes on practically every noun in this essay, since every relevant word has been misused in the employ of the establishment!]

Lest anyone doubt, those fact-checkers are like foxes guarding the hen house of truth. If they get their pay-checks from the big social media monoliths, how objective do you think they're going to be? Hence, nothing found on one of those sites can be trusted as true... whatever the word may mean, these days.

So, for everyone trying to learn the facts about any developing story, the question that must be asked is, what news is 'fake,' and what news is not? Now, we even have 'fake fake news' to muddy the subject even further! In this case, two 'fakes' does not make for truth.

Where does that leave a seeker of truth, then? Drinking from a fountain deliberately poisoned by the Deep State so that no one will trust what they read or see in the so-called alternative media. However, many citizens are becoming aware that the entire 'well of information' has in fact been polluted by the big media purveyors of news. You can't poison only a portion of the waters in a reservoir!

This distrust of all media is exactly what occurred in the USSR. Those citizens realized they were being constantly lied to in order to support the regime. The common joke was, 'there's no pravda (truth) in Izvestia (the news [paper] of record) and no izvestia in Pravda.' People of the Western world: welcome to Communism v2.0.

These quotes by Raul Ilargi Meijer (via The Automatic Earth blog) show that other pundits have also recognized the destruction of truth in our society. (See also Paul Craig Roberts):

As for Donald Trump, as much as we would like to engage in constructive criticism of the man and his government, we find we no longer can. The anti-Trump echo-chamber has turned so deafening that any intelligent debate about his policies is being drowned out amid the never ending flow of fake news and half truths and innuendo and empty smears that US media continue to spout. [...]

Thank you, New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC. Thank you for killing the entire discussion, thank you for killing off journalism. There is a lot to say about Trump, much of it critical, but we can no longer open our mouths. Because we don’t want to be in the same camp as you. Life in the echo chamber has given us vertigo. We had to get out.”

Is there hope for the truth, a solution for extracting pure truth from poisoned wellsprings? Actually, the world has always worked this way, only today the situation is extreme as we are in the end-game. As always, the key is discernment. Not everyone has the faculty of discerning facts (truth) from a torrent of disinformation (aka lies), but it can be developed with experience, given honest effort. I won't reiterate the principles that have worked well for me; (you can find them in my essays under the 'Resources' heading). To be succinct, it comes down to: 'you can tell a skunk by its stripes-- if not by its smell-- by looking for the patterns' (and that takes some research time).

Look, folks-- the truth always makes sense (tho it may take time) and has an internal consistency. Lies are full of often glaring inconsistencies, if not outright nonsense; they keep shifting their details; and it's usually obvious when the mainstream media are striving and conniving strenuously to construct a 'narrative' with a semblance of credibility. In fact, most often the truth is in plain view; so much so, that the majority of brain-washed peeps just can't see it for staring!

These broad guidelines apply to those who take the trouble to think. Those who want to be fed ready-made yarns by their fav tri-literal network mouthpiece are going to consume mind-poison, no doubt about it.

Bottom line: the well of truth has indeed been poisoned beyond saving-- in the media, at least. Truth was discernible before the days of the Internet; it is still perceptible despite the flood of 'information' sweeping over us daily.

You can learn how to filter out the poison to derive truth; but it takes some effort; don't expect it to be easy. Remember: the truth will set you free, but first it's going to upset you!

March 6, 2018

Zionist Hyper-hypocrisy

A recent development in Poland has triggered a reaction from Israel and Zionists that reveals their stunning hypocrisy. Since it escaped the notice or interest of our ever-vigilant media, I'll recap it here. The Polish government made a law that prohibits using language that implicates Poland as complicit in the 'death camps' run by the occupying Nazis. [#] This announcement immediately provoked a howl of anguished outrage from Israeli spokesmen who whined that this law would (get this!) stifle free enquiry and discussion of the sacred Holocaust! I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up; the hypocrisy is utterly staggering!

Zionists, world-wide, have strived assiduously to have beholden governments enact laws forbidding the mere questioning of anything related to their holy Holocaust. And now they're outraged that Poland's law might prevent free discourse on the so-called Holocaust? Are they really joking? Do they think no one will notice their glaring chutzpah?

In Europe, people who question the Holocaust religion have been thrown in prison for what used to be protected as free speech (e.g. historian David Irving; 89-year-old Ursula Haverbeck; and visiting Canadian citizen Monika Schaefer). The German government also prevailed on the supine Canadian government to extradite (the late) Ernst Zundel, who had the temerity to question the mythology of 'holocaustianity.'

Once again, it's one restrictive rule for the goyim, and another liberal free-pass for the Zios. Their cheekiness knows utterly no bounds. Yet, sadly, the great masses of sheeple in the Western pens will not notice the unbelievable double standard at work in this situation. I just hope the Polish government sticks to its intentions, and throws the Zionist yammering back at them, putting it squarely in the public forum.

It should be noted by all readers that what has occurred in barely 25 years is a remarkable inversion of 'human rights' between the Western nations and the Eastern (former Soviet) nations. It appears that Poland and Russia uphold the right of citizens to debate controversial subjects in public, whereas in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia (who smugly regard themselves as the bastions of freedom) it has become criminal to merely question or challenge the Holocaust narrative. This shows who really runs the Western nations. Very sad!


March 3, 2018

Public Discourse - Public Disgrace

Another 'school shooting' as we now call them has taken place, and the media hysteria is in full song for gun control. I won't pursue all the evidence that the event was yet another staged tragedy; many other pundits have already done that. What I lament is the depressing state of public discussion of important matters like this one.

People die regularly from any number of causes. Whenever groups are killed (as in transport accidents), relevant government agencies usually get involved conducting investigations and making recommendations for improved safety.

In the case of mass shootings, a different process occurs. The media instantly strike up the chorus for 'gun control' as if that's obviously the definitive 'solution', never mind that no one really defines what it means nor how it would work. Using their virtual monopoly on expressing opinions in the public forum, they present only the viewpoint desired by the 'progressive' social engineers skulking in the shadows.

The tv commentators trot out the selected 'experts' who will spout off the required spiel impressing viewers with their righteous indignation. It's always about the guns; never about the gun users. Using 'media logic' taken from their gun stance, we should outlaw motorcycles because far more bike owners are killed and injured in road accidents (per vehicle-mile) than drivers of other vehicles. Or what about motor vehicles used for terrorist attacks?

There's another very significant factor that virtually all the patsies fingered as the 'lone gunman' in these events had in common. Virtually all were on prescription medications for mental problems of some kind. Most often, the drug was a 'SSRI' of some type, which carry label warnings of adverse cognitive affects. Why don't the media ever investigate this angle?

The liberal bleeding hearts seem oblivious of the reality that there are already literal millions of firearms in the hands of American citizens. Do they really think that those gun owners will simply turn in their weapons if requested? And by removing guns from the hands of responsible, legitimate owners, do they think this would prevent everyone with criminal intent from acquiring firearms? Clearly, criminals will always find ways to get guns; and those are the gun-owners to be feared.

But there's a more sinister factor that characterizes the perpetrators of mass shootings. And that is that they are almost invariably described as 'known to the FBI.' Well, yeah; they're known by the FBI because they've been targeted, groomed, and even trained by the FBI. (In Canada, the same phenomenon occurs where 'terrorists ' have been set up and induced to commit crimes by the RCMP). This revelation may shock some readers, but it can be easily (so far) verified with a little research.

And yet another curious factor characterizes very many of the 'school shootings.' Most often, many on-the-scene witnesses report that there were more than one shooter involved-- not the 'lone gunman' so 'beloved' by the media narratives. (Frequently, early reports in the MSM themselves will note rumors of multiple gunmen, but these 'anomalies' quickly disappear).

Some readers may have never heard of these ideas, which demonstrates how tightly the mainstream media control the narrative on mass shootings. But what's worse is that even elected officials and public administrators, who ought to be quite aware of these facts, do not dare to raise them in interviews or public debates. Why don't they? My theory is that they know the media will not allow such inconvenient facts to reach the ears of any citizens still capable of coherent thinking, therefore it's futile to go there. It seems even Trump hasn't challenged the emotion-laden narrative with any truth-tweets.

Consider this fact, also.  In Britain, guns are very difficult to procure, so 'amateur criminals' (mostly immigrants) have been using knives in committing their crimes. Then the gang members started using acid in attacking their rivals, resulting in many horrible disfigurements. If it's not guns, deviants will always find some kind of weapon to use in their criminal acts. It's not the weapon that the problem-- it's the sick minds using them!

One last thing. While firearms may kill or wound a few thousand victims annually in the USA, the much bigger, catastrophic danger facing American citizens (and all mankind) comes from the ultimate weapon-- nuclear armaments. An estimated 19,000 nuclear arms are possessed by a few governments, and have the potential of extinguishing all human life. Do you hear the MSM clamoring for banning nuclear devices? Their silence on the subject is deafening.

Thus, while the liberal media trumpet for gun control-- a common tactic of all despotic governments, whether fascist or communist-- the public gets only the most biased view of the subject. And that bias is fostered by the disgraceful state of public debate in the Western world where the mainstream media alone determine what's allowed to be heard or seen.

January 16, 2018

Demons.... or UFOnauts?

Did that title pique your curiosity? Obviously, I have to provide some context to it. First of all, I have to state that I believe the phenomenon we call UFOs, or 'alien life' or whatever, is genuine. That doesn't mean I hold to some hard position as to what this phenomenon is. I'm saying that hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life (including police and military officers, pilots, and astronomers) over many years of reporting, cannot ALL be delusional or mistaken; and that thousands of sightings, including videotaped ones, cannot ALL be dismissed with the kind of nonsensical answers supplied so glibly by so-called authorities. Just because something is unexplained is not reason to deny it exists! 
There is no longer any doubt that humanity is being visited by some kind of intelligent entities; the first question is, 'What are they?'
Since 'legitimate science' has been effectively removed from the study of UFOs (by threat of public ridicule, removal of funding, etc.) it has been left to maverick researchers of various kinds to step in and fill the gap. Some of the better known have done a very good job, bringing a high degree of rational analysis on a most mysterious subject. After half a century of studying the phenomenon, it remains, largely, a mystery. However, some researchers-- those who can think outside the already stretched box-- have reached a fascinating, and ominous, conclusion. They believe that the UFOs and their occupants represent a demonic manifestation. Without going into a lot of detail, noted researchers like Jacques Valee and John Keel, have noted the parallels between the key characteristics of the UFO phenomenon and reported demonic activity (over the ages). For example, how they both materialize and de-materialize in a virtual blink of an eye; how they both defy the physical laws of our space-time dimensions; the presence of a sulfurous smell that often accompanies the appearances; and the sheer, apparent pointlessness to many of the manifestations.... their capriciousness, if you will. And I might add that follow-up research often demonstrates that bad consequences have befallen those individuals who have been involved in either type of phenomenon; they are both associated with evil.
It's not far-fetched to consider that UFOnauts might be a demonic manifestation. After all, many 'whistle-blowers' claim that these entities made agreements with earthly governments whereby they are permitted to abduct a certain number of humans for 'genetic research' or other dubious purposes. How benign does that sound? Abductees mostly have traumatic, negative impressions or recollections of their experiences-- hardly indicative of friendly visitors from space. Some self-identified 'contactees' or escapees from secret underground bases even have harrowing stories of humans kept in cages as either psychic or physical food for these alien interlopers. So there's plenty of evidence that the phenomenon is evil!
Alternative theories regarding the UFOs postulate that they are the technologies of highly advanced races of beings coming from some far-off origin such as planets in a distant solar system or even galaxy (e.g. they are 'Beta-Reticulans'). Yet given the generally bizarre behavior of these beings, and their ages-old taunting of humanity without proper, appropriate disclosure, a cogent observer is compelled to agree with those who identify them as a form of demon; more explicitly, as evil spirits. Having said that, though, I must return to my original query: are the UFOnauts demons... or are the demons of historical accounts really alien beings? The latter choice is saying that all those mysterious manifestations that the ancients and even modern man ascribed to evil spirits were in fact produced by alien intelligences whose superior technological capacities were viewed as supernatural. The former choice is saying, on the contrary, that the UFOs and their occupants are really evil spirits purporting to be alien, physical beings from another world who possess advanced technology. You can see that the argument might be made in either direction, based on the accumulated evidence; but the conclusions are vastly different.
If the UFOnauts are an advanced race of physical beings, then their activities provide an explanation for various 'spiritual' phenomena, and more importantly, would lend great evidence to the theory (becoming more widely spread) that the human race was created, not by God, but by alien intelligences. Hence, some people think we are soon to experience a grand 'coming out of the closet' by the UFOnauts, presenting themselves as our creators and cosmic custodians, come to usher us away from primitive religious notions, and from the incipient disasters we have generated on this planet, and into a brave, new world of higher consciousness. Many people, especially among those who have become disgusted with organized religions, have come to believe, and expect, that this scenario is going to emerge 'very soon.'
Now, on the other hand, what if the other alternative is true-- that the UFOnauts are demons? This view sees the UFOs/occupants as being evil spirits manifesting in a way that is intriguing to modern, technological mankind, but ruinous in intention. For a long time, I have been undecided, agnostic, on this subject, since I needed more information. Lately, I have found the pieces of the puzzle that, I believe, settle the issue. You see, the Bible warns that in the 'last days' (of this present age) Satan will arrange a delusion so compelling that it is capable of deceiving even the believers in Christ. Scripture also states that Satan will appear, impersonating Christ, as a false Messiah, producing miracles, and deceiving multitudes into accepting him as the New-Age savior of mankind. If you put the 'demon scenario' (above) with this warning, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to see how it can all fit together, direly. Imagine: after centuries of teasing, the UFOnauts finally 'descend from the heavens', possibly at various capitals around the world; they proclaim their mission to lift up the befuddled race they created millennia ago, and 'make them as gods,' as they themselves, in other words. They perform various miracles, heal some people from diseases, and appear as benign as your favorite aunt. "Sorry to inform you religious folk, but there really is no God, just the universal consciousness that you too can tap into to make your dreams come true." I expect that they will produce their leader, Satan, under an assumed name and title, as a shining being, dazzling with brilliance and oratory skills, who will explain how he fulfills figuratively the promises of the second coming of the Messiah. That would be strong delusion indeed!
So the question, demons or UFOnauts is a very crucial one. At present, it may seem entirely frivolous, even meaningless; but at some future time, it may be of utmost import. My hope is that my readers will start thinking about the issue, and recognize its possibility and eternal importance. The Bible has given us generally phrased warnings... if it had been any more specific, it would have been incomprehensible, misunderstood, ridiculed, or suppressed. Many scholars are finding new and innovative ways to discredit the Christian scriptures. Science has exalted itself above spiritual discovery. False shepherds of religion have perverted it and brought widespread shame and discredit upon religion. Most of the pieces are in place for the grand deception of the ages to unfold. Who will you believe-- earthly and unearthly authorities and powers... or the Word of God?

January 1, 2018

NY2018 Forecast - It's Over

[This essay is being posted on New Year's Day, 2018. Normally, one expects, perhaps wants, to see gushing, positive commentary at the beginning of a new year; but for anyone who's been paying attention to last year, such effusion is not warranted. A perceptive person must predict that the chaos in the world will only increase, in step with the continued decrease in spiritual insight exhibited by the general population as well as our political leaders. Consider this article a splash of sobering water in the face after a NY eve of oblivious partying. ;-) ]
Interesting. Yes, life is quite interesting... up to the point where you see its futility.
After that, I don't know how to describe it, besides beyond hope, utterly lost, impossible to fix.

Maybe some people figure this out at a much younger age than I, but it took me about the full 'Biblical allotment' of years to finally get it. Which is good, I guess. Now I have only a relatively short span of years left to live with this depressing realization. Those who find it earlier in life must have a horrific 'thereafter.' (It might explain otherwise 'unexplainable' suicides.)

Perhaps I should apologize for this recent trend in my essays, the emphasis on futility. But I'm so hyper-aware of it (okay, blame my age) that it's something I can't ignore. Surely other folks my age must also be nagged by occasional suspicions that... it all seems so empty. But the majority quickly find some distraction to quell those spurious upwellings of doubt, allowing them to arise the next morning and carry on the pantomime.

The 21st century has supplied a plethora of revelations on how the world really works, not how we're taught that it works. One of the major break-throughs (for me) is that all the people 'at the top'-- those who run governments, corporations, universities, media monoliths, churches, health-care organizations, etc.-- are installed there by a satanic cabal that is plotting for a global government. These insiders pretend to be looking after the public interest, but in fact, they are working together to undermine society and every traditional value and institution.

Sure-- that's too much for you to swallow, so I must be crazy. The world is going to hell rapidly just because of what exactly... bad luck? We can go to the moon, but we can't figure out how to run a peaceful world? If you honestly think that it's really getting better, and that bad news is being deliberately exaggerated, then I have to accuse you of being in deep denial!

'Why would they want to destroy everything that they're part of?' you might wail in protest. Good question. Yet the systems are breaking down because they are being sabotaged by the very ones we expect to ensure their proper operation. If you doubt that assertion, you really must do some research on the phrase 'Ordo ab chao.'

For those who've seen the 'Wizards of Oz' manipulating society via the mainstream media, we find it absurd how easy it has become for them to push the majority of society in directions entirely opposite to centuries of tradition and to common sense. In just eight years, Barack Obama succeeded in overturning the very concept of natural marriage; in breaking down relations between the races in the USA; in inflaming the rift between the Left and Right segments of the political spectrum toward outright violence; in setting 'Main Street' against Wall Street, the haves versus the have-nots, gun-owners against gun opponents, women versus men... and on it goes. Every rift in society is being exploited to push things to the ignition point.

Promoted by an academic elite of ivory-tower b-s'ers, the portion of society identifying as 'progressive' has bought into a basket of nouveau nonsense that not only defies common sense, but is patently destructive, even to their own well-being! How else can a rational person describe things like 'gender fluidity,' or flinging open the gates of immigration to anyone who arrives, foregoing the most rudimentary vetting process? Or forcing people to have vaccinations, or to be tolerant of people who openly refuse to be tolerant of others, or to use 'gender-neutral' pronouns-- pronouns, never mind gender-neutral toilets!

The old truism, 'whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad,' is on full display in modern Babylon, imperial America. Its non-stop insanity is paraded on your little window on the world, 24x7. But hey, today's folks have gotten used to constant change; they've adapted to it as the new normal, so why bother to question this week's big thing?

Relations between the sexes (that's two, btw) have always been problematic, but today (and especially, as I write) it's a battlefield as feminist hardliners and ordinary women are supplied with endless stories of sexual oppression, harassment, assault, and discrimination by men. These are genuine grievances, but they've been going on forever. You have to wonder why it's suddenly become the 'cause du jour' of the mainstream media, especially once you realize that nothing makes the 'news' unless there's an underlying reason for it. Is it yet another wedge being driven between identifiable divisions of society? Of course it is; with the added 'bonus' of being yet another weapon in the sustained attack on the family unit.

For a generation raised on texting messages to each other to communicate, even when beside one another, having a meaningful relationship can be daunting. Is it any wonder that many youth, particularly young men, retreat to the safe realms of virtual reality and pornography? This strategy is quite self-defeating as is revealed by statistics showing younger people living longer 'at home' (with parents), getting married later in life, and increasingly, not marrying at all (nor even dating regularly, it seems).

The birth rate among the native populations of the Western European nations and USA has fallen below the 'replacement rate' and is sometimes used as justification for the unbridled immigration policies adopted by their governments. However, the indiscriminate policies used, and the apparent favoring of migrants openly hostile to the 'Western way of life,' indicate some more nefarious logic at work.

Muslim immigrants to Europe boast that they will breed until they are the dominant group in those societies, and will turn them into Islamic states. They don't mind inter-marrying with the native populace since they insist their children be raised Muslim. This is occurring in every country that has welcomed 'Syrian' (actually anyone from the 'MENA' region) refugees. Obviously, the eventual outcome of this trend will be the utter erasing of all the original European cultures as they all blend into this neo-Islamic hybrid.

This deliberate promotion of Islam within historically Christian regions is no accident of liberal altruism. Documents of the dark overlords I alluded to earlier reveal that they have been planning for centuries to foment circumstances that facilitate the adoption of their 'Novus Ordo Seculorum' (as stated on the great seal of the USA)-- the New World Order. One of the final steps in that master-plan is to contrive a war between the (formerly) Christian realm and the re-energized realm of Islam. We are seeing that this war is already raging, as a religio-cultural struggle, mainly in northern European nations, and increasingly, in north America.

Clearly, the family unit as the basis for stable society is under assault as never before from several angles-- sexual identity, gender relationships, gender roles, the two-income home, the rise in single parenting, and other factors. Yet there looms on the near-term horizon a new menace to humanity that most people are still oblivious of. That is the merging of AI (artificial intelligence) with both humans and machines to create frightening possibilities that, as always, will be presented to us as wonderful advances opening new doors to human evolution (baffle-gab to that effect).

One possibility is the augmenting of human abilities, human bodies, with prostheses or implants that will provide super-human strength or capabilities. Another is the sci-fi dream of up-loading human consciousness to a neural-network super-computer... effectively giving immortality to that personality, if not their body.

You've already interacted with AI if you've used Amazon's Alexa, or Apple's Siri, or similar 'electronic assistants,' or whatever they're being called. Those are early efforts but indicate one direction this technology can pursue. Just as huge strides were made in computer processing power and memory, similar advances are being made in artificial intelligence. If recent reports are credible, certain experiments in AI 'products' have yielded results that suggest machine logic already becoming too independent of human considerations.

Troubling stories are recently appearing about 'sex androids' that could replace both traditional partners and that ancient profession, the prostitute (or the gigolo, equally). If such robotic lovers should actually become common, you can see how it could be the death of 'modern society.'

For years now, Ray Kurzweil has been discussing what he calls the 'singularity,' a time at which humans somehow meld with computers to become a new hybrid, like the Borg of Star Trek. He seems to regard this crossing as both inevitable and desirable. Many other forecasters are far less sanguine about this possibility. And if we examine history impartially, it's obvious that skepticism is more than warranted. Every major technological advance has been applied to military purposes, or as likely, emerged from military exigency.

All the trends mentioned above are well underway at present, and as with virtually all trends of the last century, there is no turning them back. They will all continue their inexorable march, like pre-destined karmic tsunamis, any one of which has the potential to destroy our civilization. Taken together, these movements have a 100% chance of eliminating human life on the planet. The only question is: how much time do we have left?

The fact is that life is not a holiday camp; it's a rather brutal boot camp. We are here to learn spiritual lessons, lessons that can be very difficult to assimilate; lessons that can't be avoided forever. For contemporary mankind, the basic lesson is that life is a spiritual exercise, not physical, ultimately. It seems obvious for some of us; too incredible for many more who've been thoroughly indoctrinated into the modern paradigm of Godless materialism.

Altho the collective sins against the planet and the populace feel already too egregious to be sustained any longer, the karmic balances have still not tipped to the collapse point. There remains a little time for more souls to wake up to the horrors we've unleashed and the consequences that lie directly ahead. It's too late, tho, to expect a majority of today's zombies to shake the fog of modernist lies from their dull senses and understand the coming dangers.

How much time do we have left? Very little. I'll get more precise; the present 'generation' in their prime years will witness the whole thing explode. Economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law and authoritarian rule, more natural catastrophes, and phenomena from outer space. It will be a wild ride, dear readers; unprecedented, in fact. That's how human aeons end-- not with a whimper, but a bang!

October 28, 2017

My Existential Nausea

French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre coined the phrase 'existential nausea,' but his realization of it led only to despair because he was stuck in materialism and sadly lacked spiritual insight. I think anyone who really contemplates human existence must arrive at the same conclusion as Sartre-- but the despair is not an inescapable consequence.
Even the Bible includes a book, attributed to Solomon ('Ecclesiastes') that states bluntly that 'all is vanity' (i.e. futile). The author rather glumly advises his readers to therefore simply try and enjoy what they can of life while proceeding to its inevitable end.

So it is that a lifetime of contemplating the way things are, has carried me to the same conclusions-- life can appear futile regardless of whatever supposed achievements one may have attained. What good are such 'book entries' to you after you're buried? And in the long run, who will remember them, and you, in the jumble of human history?

For me, it's worse than the futility of one life, no matter how many times multiplied. It's the despair of realizing that we (humanity) were doomed from the start. With our intelligence combined with our base, instinctual selfishness, our chances of 'evolving' to some state of higher consciousness society were essentially zero. Let me give a few instances to illustrate.

If you can accept the Bible as at least an attempt at documenting human history, it states that our first proto-parents had two sons, Cain and Abel. These boys had barely grown to adulthood when one killed the other, quite deliberately. That was the first human family; it produced the first homicide! Great start, you'd have to agree.

If you reject Biblical evidence, you know very well that similar stories abound in most other traditions of cultures around the world. Fratricide, or inter-family, or inter-tribal conflict goes back to the origins of every ethnic group. Always it's the greed, the lust, the hurt feelings, the megalomania that underlies the struggles embedded in our collective consciousness.

In this 21st century, we've achieved what we like to call 'progress,' which is really just related to scientific and technological cleverness, manifesting in physical instrumentality (i.e. 'gadgets'). More to the truth, science and technology have always been put to the grisly task of murdering our fellow humans more efficiently, more cost-effectively as the military planners might say. How great is that?

As Sartre also stated, 'Now I know what hell is; hell is other people!' That rather summarizes the human dilemma-- we need each other, for reasons both practical and emotional, yet in the grind of living, we grate against one another's personality, ideologies, and basic habits. In the happenstance of birth circumstances, some of us have much more than others. The less endowed would like to have what the well-off enjoy. The 'haves' are reluctant to share with the rest; 'they need to work harder to succeed,' is their attitude.

In the Hindu philosophy, the material world is acknowledged as 'maya'-- illusion. Nonetheless, it exerts its power over India just as over the whole world population. Various 'holy men' have come to us to remind us of our spiritual nature, of our essential kinship or oneness, of the fundamental power of the universe which is love. In each case, a few people get it, but most do not absorb the simple concepts permanently in their daily lives.

Even the best of us are frail vessels. We're all vulnerable to some type of temptation or another; what is easily dismissed by one person is irresistible to another, so no one can boast of complete sanctity. Even our most intimate relationships are liable to disappoint, change, or prove temporary. At the end of the day (or the life) we are alone in our mental construct, even if other people are around.

So the situation is this: not only is the human species in a wretched condition of self-defeating behavior, both at the individual and collective levels, but (how to put it?) we cannot escape this condition, regardless of how much material progress we might attain. It's that dark realization that must induce total despair (the nausea) in any rational being.

On top of everything else, it's beyond frustrating to have enough imagination to comprehend what this world could have become... if it were under Godly influence rather than satanic. As it is, every institution-- governments, schools, corporations, etc. and every service-- medicine, police, finance, etc.; all are operating under demonic control. It's a marvel we've been able to survive as long as we have.

Our condition is aptly described by the Bible writer, Paul, in Romans ch. 7. He states, “[vs 15] For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate. [19] For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.” And he concludes, [22] “For I joyfully concur with the law of God in the inner man, [23] but I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members.”

Those of you who rankle at Bible references, you can replace 'the law of my mind,' and 'the law of sin' with 'human nature;' and the 'law of God' with the 'higher (spiritual) consciousness.' Paul has, in a nutshell, pin-pointed the human conundrum that can only result in our ultimate destruction.

In fact, if you believe in the legends of Atlantis and its fall after achieving material heights, then you would have a previous example of exactly what we're seeing happen in this 21st century-- our global self-destruction as our science, in the hands of venal flesh, supplies ever more deadly means to that end.

Referring again to the Hindu outlook, we are living in the final throes of the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, or fourth and final phase of a cycle of four yugas or ages. This era of Kali is the basest, as iron compared with nobler metals (of the three prior ages) and exhibits the worst of human traits, and culminates in a cleansing, global catastrophe. In this schema, the cycle begins anew with a remnant of survivors.

However, in the Christian eschatology, the coming end of the Age culminates in the great 'White Throne Judgement' by almighty God of all who have lived. The final words of the aforementioned book of Ecclesiastes are: “God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.”

Going back to Paul in the New Testament, after describing the pitiful state of his life and that of all humanity, he writes: “[24] Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? [25] Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” In the next chapter (no. 8) Paul goes on to show how Christ rescues those who turn to him for the only possible exit from the human dilemma that brings death.

It's not my intention here to expound on Paul's analysis of salvation, tho I highly encourage every reader, 'Christian' or not, to study the book of Romans (and may it motivate further study of the Bible!). The point of this essay is two-fold: (1) to allow me to vent my deep disillusionment with everything the world has to offer; and (2) to indicate to those with any spiritual insight that there is a remedy for this unavoidable world-weariness and self-destructive behavior, but it lies in the next existence, the world to come. This new world is accessed thru Jesus; it's available for 'free,' but requires you to believe it is true.

Jesus identified himself as 'the way, the truth, and the life.' He is the one way to the new world, the Kingdom of God. He embodies truth itself; that's why the dark forces abhor truth in all its forms. He alone is the source of (everlasting) life; by his resurrection he conquered death, demonstrating his claim as the source of life.

Even you of dull spirit can see that the rulers of this world are vainly attempting to counterfeit Jesus' outrageous claims. Thru his human, co-opted puppets, the ultimate dark force-- Satan-- offers his materialistic way to fulfillment... which we've seen is utterly futile in the final analysis. In lieu of truth, Satan supplies endless falsehoods, since as Jesus warned, he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. And instead of eternal life, Satan's scientists are working to develop extended 'technological artificial life' by uploading human consciousness into cybernetic platforms.

So, yes I'm totally bummed-out by the state of the world, and my apparently futile existence in it. My journey is not over, despite having discovered the 'name of the game.' I must soldier on. But I don't have to live my own end days in Sartre's existential hopelessness. Christ is my hope, and his word is demonstrably true, as recorded in the holy scriptures. As revealed in my other essays, the Bible verifies itself thru fulfilled prophecy. When human events turn out as forecast in scripture, we must acknowledge its divine origins.

There are many skeptics and scoffers who have all manner of sophistry to dismiss the veracity of the Bible, most of whom have never studied it, let alone understand it. You can put your faith in the way of the material world, which is really the way of Satan, and it always ends in death. Or you can exert understanding that the material universe is merely a spiritual 'boot camp' wherein we learn the lessons we need to open our inner eye to the truth of our predicament. As always, it's your choice-- arrogant nihilism, or the truth of Jesus!

One of the biggest disappointments of my life has been to discover how few people are interested in seeking truth. By truth I don't mean doing some cursory studies and then stopping when you come across some knowledge or theory that you agree with, or happen to fancy. The quest for truth is a lifelong journey; you never learn complete truth, but you acquire it in a continual process. You can learn the full truth of various aspects of reality, recognizing that these are components of the overall space-time continuum of our existence.

Few individuals are willing to put in the time/effort required to gain those insights into truth. It's far easier to sit back and watch a 'sit-com,' or whatever. And so, our world has been hi-jacked by the opportunists, and we are now at this final stage of incipient social chaos. Those (the vast majority) who took the 'broad way that leads to death' will be stupefied, utterly incredulous that the world that they were told they lived in was really an illusion elaborated by hidden agencies. Finally, they will grasp that truth is not determined by majority vote, nor by popularity in media reporting.

Jesus stated 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.' Just as God is love, Jesus is the embodiment of ultimate truth; his way alone leads to real life. And it's available for the asking. But-- don't be glib! Jesus said, 'Seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be given; knock and the door will be opened.' You have to do those simple things diligently, showing you are serious. We're talking eternal consequences here; don't be a fool!

October 21, 2017

Stunned Again!

Sure, I've written about this before-- maybe many times-- yet it keeps blowing my mind so much that I keep tackling it from different angles. 
What I'm talking about is the dissolution into chaos and destruction of human society world-wide... taking place in real time, before our stupefied eyes. It has been going on for a long time, but now in these times of perverse technology wielded by malevolent agencies, the rush to catastrophe has accelerated to dizzying speed.
We've seen this sad story unfold within human memory. It was back in the 1930s, when Nazi Germany rose from the ashes of abject defeat in the first 'Great War.' Back then, the dangers were foreseen by a few awake individuals living in Germany, and they emigrated mainly to the USA and Canada, both of which completely escaped the carnage and horrors that swept thru Europe in the Second World War.

This time around, everything has increased by orders of magnitude. Now the whole world is imperilled; there are no safe refuges. The scourge now facing humanity is not fascism or communism, but satanism. Hard to believe by those who have never questioned the system, never considered 'alternative history,' or are too preoccupied and mesmerized by the daily grind. Nevertheless, it's demonstrably true if given the examination necessary.

The big advantage of satanism (if you're out to subvert the world) is that few modern people believe in Satan, let alone in satanism. The purveyors can flaunt it right in everyone's faces-- as in fact they often do-- yet the good folks scarcely notice. And when they do, well, it's shrugged off as merely modern entertainment, a sign of the decadent but progressive times. To suspect that satanism could be a credible threat to human existence is beyond the dull abilities of the majority, raised to revere ever-increasing progress all their lives.

Even 'Christians'-- who are supposedly aware of Satan and his wiles-- seem to have only the feeblest grasp of the extent of the satanic control of the planet. It doesn't occur to most Christians that their own institutions have been infiltrated by Satan's agents, making them of little use in warning a dozing world.

It's the old adage about slowly raising the heat on frogs in a saucepan-- they keep adapting to the temperature until they perish. The populations of the Western world have been subject to decades of official deception, prevarication, babbling experts, demonic entertainers-- in short, what is called a 'psy-op'-- conducted on a global scale. And the people keep adapting, as they have been for decades.

This vast operation can only be perpetrated due to the complicity and duplicity of the mass communications media, wholly owned by the corporate vampires that infest Wall St. (Six mega-corps own >90% of the US media; look it up!). These few mouthpieces spout blatant lies and less-obvious but more corrosive partial truths 24/7, using every trick honed by the 'PR' industry since the early work of the 'father of propaganda,' Edward Bernays.

What makes the debacle so disturbing is the fact that the cabal behind it have become so hubristic that they seem to delight in flaunting their plans, their methods, their perversity, right before our eyes, confident that the masses will never take it literally... and if any of them should, they'd never get a credible platform from which to raise an alarm. And it's unlikely any 'ordinary person' would raise an alarm because... they now like the sick agenda!

The hidden governors can only do this because they own or control all the institutions of society. That's right-- all the institutions. It's no exaggeration, as an examination of the world's state of health in any aspect will attest. While local or low-level layers of most establishments may be innocuous, at higher levels they are infested with ideologies and individuals espousing objectives that are fundamentally satanic. The Masonic pyramid (as on the back of the US green-back) depicts their hierarchical structure accurately.

The concealed, ultimate goal behind every one of these co-opted institutions of society is the total destruction of human civilization. Does it sound too drastic for your tender ears? 'Sorry! Jesus came to warn us about our adversary; see John 10:10, “The thief [Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy”. But we know how His earthly mission ended. The enemies of humanity will resort to any means to suppress the truth about Satan and his final goal.

And another thing, for me personally, and I'm sure others like me, is that even those closest to us cannot see the truth, no matter how it's presented to them. Nope; they 'know' that we who speak truth are 'obviously' confused, maybe even mentally deranged. After all, the consensus all around us must be correct, because... well, the majority can't all be wrong, can they?

Have these scoffers spent even five minutes checking into 'non-mainstream' (non-consensus) news sources? Of course not; 'you can't trust those alternative sources, you know!' Oh, right; but you (and you) can trust your life on the stories you are fed by the big-six, tri-literal, TV news broadcasters... right? The same news sources that have been proven to be under the control of the CIA... if you dare to do the research to find that uncomfortable fact.

A generation ago, in the 'good, old days' when there still existed a semblance of professional journalism, popular opposition to a dirty and useless war in far-away Vietnam was able to exert enough pressure on politicians to end it. Today, the USA is entangled in numerous war zones at an atrocious cost in money, property, and lives; yet where's the popular protest?

There are no marches, vigils, campaigns, lobbying, etc. There are no 'protest songs' by pop singers, this time, unlike the 1960s. Today's big-name entertainers only got there by literally making a deal with the devil; no way will they speak against the satanic agenda!

A majority of the populace is in automaton mode, or survival mode. Even if concerned, they can't make much sense of the confusing 'stories' they get from the talky-box, stories designed to create such cognitive dissonance deliberately. The Las Vegas shooting (1/10/17) is a good example. Two weeks after the incident the narrative was as convoluted as ever, nothing making sense to anyone who's capable of logical thinking. It will never be clarified, of course, since chaos is the desired outcome. Everyone who bothers listening to the scraps of evidence or opinion put forth will assemble them into something that he/she already believes and that will provide the necessary comfort of rationale.

As many alt-news pundits have noted, the Las Vegas event bears all the marks of another ritual sacrifice following the '9-11 playbook.' There will be other such events to come, culminating in the one that finally triggers societal collapse, martial law, and the end of the current moral ambiguity concerning the intentions of those who govern the masses.

Altho as mentioned above, the general population seems to be sleep-walking, one thing they do have in abundance is hand-held cameras, a.k.a. mobile phones. What that means is that everyone is a potential photo-journalist, especially since they can up-load their videos and photos directly to the world-wide web where they can 'go viral' in short order.

Now when the cabal stages another of their public false-flag atrocities, they know that there will be many eye-witness videos floating on the web within minutes. Despite this awareness, they conduct such psy-ops regardless, arrogantly confident that they can control the 'narrative' using the power of the mainline media. What these monsters seem to blissfully disregard is the reality that the cell-phone generation places less and less belief in the stories and memes promulgated by the MSM.

I'm seeing things in just the last year or so that I never would have imagined in the 'good ole USA.' Things like the rise of Communism, re-packaged in the guise of Antifa. Things like Americans disrespecting their once-hallowed idol-- the flag. Or like a vicious and vacuous backlash against perceived white male privilege.

These phenomena seem to mark a major shift in the consciousness of the American populace; a kind of death wish among a certain 'left-brain' segment of society. The propagators of these rebellions against the fabricated system don't know they have a death wish; they really seem to believe in this nouveau uprising of the techno-proletariat and its fools promise to impose the egalitarian utopia so elusive in the last century.

When you think things can't get any crazier... they take another astonishing dive. So here we go again! But this time is the final count-down. Don't ask for a date; no one can give a robust timeline in these inchoate times. Just open your mind, develop your spirituality, and hang on.