October 30, 2005

A Possible Scenario

Suppose one wanted to propose a scenario that would encompass the primary points of agreement of most of the major Apocalyptic prophecies-- what would it look like? Here's my stab at constructing such an 'end times' sketch.

My vision is based on these main pieces of information:

  • - Zecharia Sitchin's books (The Earth Chronicles series, and The Lost Book of Enki)
  • - Immanuel Velikovsky's books (Earth in Upheaval and Worlds in Collision)
  • - The Bible
  • - Prophecies of Mother Shipton; the Hopi and other natives of N.A.; the Mayan calendar; and others.
  • - the new physics proposed by David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland ('hyperdimensional physics') and their consequent writings.

As a starting point, I take the postulated return to the 'inner solar system' of a planet with comet-like trajectory, called Nibiru by some, or Planet X, a tenth member of our sun's orbiting bodies. Let's suppose that, as claimed by some pundits, this planet is returning from its far-off apogee towards its perigee, close to the sun. I also accept the hyperdimensional view that as X approaches, it is starting to have effects on all the familiar nine planets--effects that are measurable by our technology and seen as changing noticeably within just the last few decades. Most worrisome, it is having effects on Earth that are becoming more and more problematic. For example, this very day that I write this, the news carried stories about hurricane 'Wilma's' destructive actions in the Carribean, as well as about a major earthquake in Pakistan. Another 'coincidence?' Or, as Wilcock's model suggests, a fully expected pairing of disasters occurring at predictable points on the globe?

In the next few years, as planet X draws closer, we will experience a growing number of 'disasters' in various places on Earth, and they will be of increasing severity. It's curious how Hollywood has, in similar fashion, been releasing cinematic depictions of such disasters at an increasing rate and dealing with more universal catastrophes. Is there some 'cosmic conscious' force that influences the imaginations of the movie makers, causing them to create these stories that telegraph a message of warning to Earth's inhabitants? At the same time, there has been another of these 'growing' phenomena manifesting in the last decade or so-that is the appearance of 'crop diagrams.' (I don't call them 'circles' because they are far more complex than circles). These enigmatic diagrams appearing largely in crop fields in England, the USA, Canada, and other countries, seem to be presenting a message of some kind to humankind. What exactly it is isn't clear. Serious students suggest that they come from an alien race of 'observers' who are warning us of some impending 'event.' One thing you have to admit (once you've understood that no human means could possibly create these diagrams, in the time intervals recorded), and that is that these designs represent a good way to convey essential information to the whole populace without risk of censorship from nebulous human forces that would want to block such warnings.

So, we have these physical manifestations affecting the whole solar system, at the same time as various psychological-psychic messages seeming to try to prepare humanity for some kind of future crisis. Very interesting, to say the least. Many cultures on Earth have legends or prophecies that describe an eventual end of the present 'age' or era of mankind. Most of those depict a cataclysmic end of some kind, in which the majority of the race is destroyed and a remnant survive to start the next cycle. Now, if planet X were zooming from outer space towards Earth, what would we expect? Not surprisingly, the expected results would be basically what we are seeing today. Projecting further ahead to a closer encounter, we can expect, based on Velikovsky's work, a number of effects that will cause tremendous loss of life. These effects are...

  • - huge, widespread earthquakes, destroying many cities and generating huge tsunamis that destroy many coastal regions;
  • - eruption of numerous volcanoes, on land and sea, spewing much material;
  • - possible disruption of the Earth's rotation, including changes to day-length;
  • - possible tilting of the Earth on its axis, even a full reversal (inversion);
  • - probable deadly rains of meteors, debris in the trail of planet X;
  • - possible rains of other material flung off from the passing 'comet.'

These effects are all consistent with phenomena Velikovsky reconstructed from historic and physical evidence, and are consistent with descriptions written by the unschooled Mother Shipton, a poor seer living in the 13th century. They are also within the scope of descriptions scattered in the Bible's various prophecies, tho I would not want to make a big case on the basis of those disjointed, often deliberately vague verses. Like the writings of Nostradamus, the scriptures are best interpreted in retrospect, after an event has occurred.

According to Sumerian writings, Nibiru's appearance in the night sky was as a reddish cross, or as depicted by the Egyptians, a 'winged disk.' Since the earliest days of religion, the cross has played an important part, not just since the days of Jesus. In his 'Olivet discourse,' Jesus told his followers to look up, at the end of the age, and see the 'sign of the Son of Man' drawing nigh. Is it unreasonable to make a connection between the approach of Nibiru and its consequent disasters with the 'Second Coming of Christ' as he described it? Note that as a result of the effects cited above, the volcanic smoke could 'blot out the sun' in the daytime, and give the moon a bloody hue at night. A deluge of meteors would certainly appear as if the stars were falling from the heavens, as noted in the Bible. If Velikovsky's views are right, ferruginous material cast into the atmosphere from a great comet might ignite from volcanic sparks and appear as fire falling from the skies. In any case, the material would dye the waters of Earth a bloody red color, exactly as described in prophecies and in the Egyptian plagues. In the Mother Shipton verses, she attributes the closing cataclysms as due to a passing comet, and after describing its disastrous passing, indicates that it returns for a second blast of destruction seven years after the first blows. The interval may be symbolic or literal, but the dual passages are consistent with the swing around the sun of a body having a highly elliptical orbit with a major portion of it spent in deep space.

Finally, note that an inversion in the Earth's axis would place the northern stars in the southern hemisphere and vice-versa, while also causing the sun to make its traverse in the opposite direction (ie. west to east). Again, this would validate the prophecies calling for 'a new heavens and a new Earth.' Incidentally, there is no reason for the Christian reader to presume that God cannot accomplish everything predicted in scripture using the agency of 'natural phenomena' (as opposed to so-called miracles).

The conclusion I want to leave with the reader is that at this time we have a disparate collection of strong pieces of evidence, any one of which, on its own, could be easily dismissed as idle speculation. However, juxtaposed as interlocking pieces of a puzzle, they form a remarkably solid panorama. We would ignore such a chilling tableau at our everlasting regret and peril.

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