November 18, 2005

Ignorance is Bliss... Isn't It?

There is a peculiar character trait of the human race (speaking generally) whereby information of a disturbing or unpleasant nature is simply ignored or altogether rejected. It's so well known these days that almost anyone can use the expression 'going into denial' in a sensible context. Yet, no matter how much we acknowledge the phenomenon, it doesn't for a moment reduce its incidence. This is a very unfortunate characteristic, one that will end in tragedy for the whole human race.

As a quintessential demonstration of the folly of psychological denial, we have the epic story of the Titanic, the 'unsinkable' ocean liner that sank on its maiden voyage. This story is so emblematic that it became almost a fable of the 20th Century, being the subject of numerous books and several major cinematic movies. Audiences don't seem to tire of the rehearsal of 'our' collective stubbornness in accepting the limitations of our technologies, the power of natural forces, and weaknesses in our ingenuity. Yet, we put down the novels, walk out of the theatres, and just carry on as usual, back in denial mode with scarcely a fleeting pang of self-doubt. So what is it about disturbing news that makes us retreat, turtle-like, into the shell of denial? We are at least clever enough to know that by denying the bad news it will only get worse, and eventually we will be forced to deal with the worse news. Then, why can't we simply accept the bad news now, knowing full well that it will put us in a much better position to deal with it?

Obvious questions, but elusive answers! The solution lies buried deep in the subconscious realms of the human psyche. But, clearly, denial as a coping strategy is a very childish response. The constant reliance on denial as a means of 'surviving' modern life indicates how irresponsible the general populace has become, and how immature humanity behaves at a group level. In fact, anyone who speaks up and declares openly that 'the Emperor has no clothes,' that things are hardly improving despite today's gadgetry, that the future is not, as the officials purr, going to be bright, is denounced as being negative and a cock-eyed pessimist. We don't just dislike hearing bad news--we don't want to hear it, period. Just as the Old Testament prophets were rejected, even stoned, today's masses want a constant stream of 'feel-good' news to sooth their information-overloaded nerves. And most of these optimists make no apologies; they've developed a litany of 'affirmative mantras' that they trust will propel them to wealth, health, and blessed bliss. Many will take steps to ensure that they run little risk of being confronted with genuine news from the real world, with its crime, disasters, scandals, and forecasts of more.

Maybe some of you readers think, sure, this is a positive, practical way of living; better than dwelling on all that negative crap. There's a ring of truth to that view, but in today's context, it is a death trap. What do I mean? Let's consider today's context. That frame of reference is no longer a local neighborhood or the city where you happen to live. If that were still true, you could blissfully get on with your life regardless of the bad news in other parts of the country or the world. But today, we don't have that ingenuous luxury. Today's world is a small globe whirling thru space, whereon a disaster in one place can have effects in far-off places. When the nuclear reactors of Chernobyl, Ukraine, melted down, the resulting cloud of irradiated dust spread for hundreds of kilometers, raising cancer rates among citizens of far-off countries. It is a childish illusion to think that by putting a hand before our eyes that the menace no longer exists... even when that menace arises on the other side of the planet.

Why am I harping on this denial syndrome? Because I believe that the world is heading--in fact, being directed--down a path that is leading to global disaster on several levels at once. And, that the catastrophe that awaits, is very soon--within our lifetimes, certainly, but probably within the decade.

'Where's the proof?' the skeptics and good news bears demand. This response almost makes me laugh, but the situation is much too serious for levity. We are like intelligent frogs in a sauce-pan: the heat is rising precipitously, but we not only adjust our psyches to adapt to the heat-- we deny that the water is starting to boil. How can anyone help such irrational creatures? The proofs are all around us, in every newspaper and TV newscast, daily. Even tho the news media themselves know that audiences want good news, they can't help carry a flood of bad news stories in every edition, because there's an overwhelming amount to report. Those who demand proof are those with no memories; the shell-shocked survivors of hyper-paced 21st Century living, who are so caught up chasing the dollars that they have no recollection of yesterday's news. And since they don't want to be reminded, then they have no awareness of today's review of the facts.

What the facts reveal clearly is a sharp rise (in historical terms) of average global temperatures over the last century; a rise in the frequency and strength of hurricanes and tornadoes; a rise in volcanic and seismic activity. These events have given rise, in turn, to droughts, forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods--all of increasing severity over the last decades. For some, this overview is not deemed 'proof.' They are able to refer to official baffle-gab from harlot scientists assuring us that everything is just fine, thank you: these are just cyclical events, they are due to 'better reporting,' and they are simply statistical variances. By now, even the official voices are admitting that global warming is a genuine phenomenon and yes, causes climatic disruptions. Well, that's just marvellous! We've got the leaders to acknowledge that problem--now that it's too far gone to lend itself to any achievable reduction by human action.

I used to worry about greenhouse gas emissions and their effect on global warming. Not any more. It's pointless, because the latest news is that there are far more pressing, ineluctable phenomena unfolding in the universe, that will dwarf the gas emissions problem into insignificance. That's right; this planet is facing a new, silently approaching cataclysm that will, almost inevitably, spell the end of life as we know it on Earth. I'm not saying that humanity will be wiped out; but the race will be so severely decreased that it will be virtually starting over in a new age (or New Age, if you are of that persuasion).

At this point, the last, persistent optimist readers will sign off with a sigh at the awful smell of bad news in the air. So, this message will benefit those few skeptics who are curious, and the good, ole pessimists and bad news bears who regard this as entertainment. ;-)

So, what is this impending doom, anyway? That's the big-buck question for the studio audience. Okay; the short answer is no-one knows for sure. However, when you study dozens of prognostications, from dozens of diverse, even contending, sources, you can discern an emerging pattern presenting an imprecise picture, one that becomes more distinct with literally every passing day and its breaking news stories from near and far. It is highly perturbing, while somehow exciting in a bizarre way.

For an exploration of the nature of the coming catastrophe, I refer the reader to my essay 'Apocalypse Soon?' (it's worth reading, especially if you're new to this theory).

What my essay does not probe into is details on how the global Conspiracy (the NWO Illuminati) is propelling events in the human sphere, while simultaneously delving into technologies that are messing with Earth's atmosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere (crustal layer). Quite likely, that statement will strike the normal citizen's ear as hyperbole, and hence, not to be given any credence. Again, I would have taken that stance several years ago--but not today. We must get our minds to accept that we no longer live in a 'business as usual' world. Everything has accelerated, and the contrasts are starting to emerge clearly from the panorama. Just as in the parable of Jesus, the wheat and 'tares' (weeds) have been growing together for many centuries, intermingled and difficult to distinguish from one another. But the harvest draws nigh, and the tares are showing their virulent fruit for what it really is. Soon, even the sleep-walkers will be jarred awake, and everyone will know the wolves from the lambs.

But enough allegory; what about some details? As I wrote before, the Conspirators have devoted their efforts to the key player on the international scene, and have seized control of the one-time bastion of democracy, now the prime exporter of predatory capitalism at its worst. Using and abusing the rule of law, like modern Pharisees, they have been imposing their self-serving agenda everywhere. Using international organizations like the World Bank, the WTO, etc, they have been insinuating the infrastructure for a one-world governance. It may not end up looking like the picture most people conjure up, but that suits the Conspirators fine... just so long as they are running the show, that's what matters to them.

Imagine a world in which your food sources are all owned by a handful of megalithic corporations. Far fetched? If the likes of Monsanto have their way, they will own patents on genetically 'improved' (messed up) versions of not just crops, but even livestock, and moreover, force farmers in most countries to use their freakish creations in place of the former natural ones. You can see the pieces of this puzzle being assembled in typical Illuminati fashion, country by country, taking decades if necessary.

Continue imagining a world where natural forces seem to punish regions that do not cooperate with the NWO (New World Order) agenda, while rewarding those that comply. There are many credible individuals who are convinced that unknown persons have been directing the spawning, the strength, and the paths of hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean, and have also, according to some, precipitated the deadly earthquakes that struck SE Asia in Dec./04 and Oct./05 (and possibly others, too). It's hard to believe. I'm not sure I'm convinced yet. But, I will keep my eyes and ears open, and I will place each new piece of news onto the puzzle board, and stand back to see the big picture.

Referring to my essay on 'Apocalypse Now?,' I think the more likely scenario is that the extreme disasters that have struck in recent years are attributable to the approach of a normally distant planet that is now returning to visit its more 'typical' celestial neighbors orbiting the sun. Due to the nature of the 'etheric field' permeating space, 'Planet X' is generating disturbances on all the planets, and on Earth those effects are manifesting as extreme weather conditions, tectonic changes, and warping of the magnetosphere. It is now apparent that much of the current global warming is actually being driven by heat generated in the Earth's core. Conventional science has no explanation for it. More worrisome, the sun too is being disturbed, and exhibiting greatly increased energy output, which is causing solar particle outbursts that extend rapidly to Earth's proximity, causing disruptions in communications and, some suspect, in the power grids... not to mention other effects that we don't even know yet.

This is not to say that the Conspirators aren't attempting to manipulate the climate and tectonic plates with experimental techniques of their own. They may be trying to 'channel' the unstable patterns towards their own targets. It doesn't matter, at this point. The germane fact is that living conditions on this planet are heading towards the 'unbearable' range, in terms of the political-economic environment, and the natural biosphere. Far from the utopian future happily described by optimistic prognosticators and apostles of progress, what we are really rushing towards is a calamitous date with destiny. It will not be pleasant; and soon, group denial will no longer be an option. It's no longer 'Good news or bad news; it's 'Bad news or worse news'--much worse than most of us can imagine, even with our Hollywood-conditioned minds. You can start facing up to ugly reality now... or wake up, rudely, to be overwhelmed by it later. As always, the choice is yours/ours.

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