November 8, 2006

Popular American Myths

While still a relatively young country, nevertheless, Americans have a number of popular myths that they love to believe for the comfort they bring. Let's have a look at a couple of the most common.

America was founded by Christians. Everyone knows that, right? The founding 'fathers' were a group of largely God-fearing men from Christian traditions, who must have been guided, therefore, by God Himself in drafting the constitution of the USA. I used to believe that, too; after all, there's plenty of reference to God in those old documents. No doubt, a lot of American 'Christians' (certainly among solid Republican supporters) rest comfortably at night knowing that God is running their country thru the men who are elected to high office. But, lately, I have finally learned the truth, the awesome truth. America was not founded by Christians; it was founded by Freemasons. A search on the web or a newer history book will reveal that, indeed, many of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were high-degree Freemasons. Okay, some readers will retort 'So what?; Freemasons are Christians, too.' Well, perhaps among the low-level Masons that may be true. However, at the highest levels of the craft, those men are quite the opposite. They may pay lip service to 'God,' but their god is really Satan. The high-degree symbology of Masonry is inextricably demonic in nature, having to do with 'occult' diagrams, geometry, and numerology. This is easily demonstrated by simply examining a US dollar bill, with its occult eye atop a pyramid, and its latin inscription (the reader is invited to investigate these symbols for him/herself). According to one source, the Masonic symbolism on the dollar bill reveals in coded form the true origins and destiny of the United States. More tangible evidence of the Masonic roots of the USA is embodied right in the geometry of the streets of Washington, DC. A study of the plan view will reveal that the 'mall' is designed as a picture of the compass and square of Masonry, and moreover, a Satanic pentagram (inverted 5-point star) is described by the streets, with its major apex sited on the White House. Other commentators have stated that 'every key Federal building from the White House to the Capitol Building has had a cornerstone laid in a Masonic ritual and had specific Masonic paraphernalia placed in each one.' George Washington was the first of many Freemasons to occupy the White House as president.

Much more could be said, but the point here is that, far from being a nation founded by Christians and based on Christian principles, the USA is instead a nation founded by demon-worshipping Freemasons who injected their principles in numerous subtle ways in the US constitution and related documents. The naive belief of so many Americans that God has granted special status and protection to the USA is a pathetic myth-- a fable of similar proportions to that of an Ayatollah proclaiming his Islamic nation to be the special object of Allah's grace.

Another common myth of Americans is that they live in a democracy-- in fact, the best democracy in the world. Is that true? I maintain that it has never been true; the US has always been ruled by a mere handful of shadowy men who manipulate elections and candidates behind the scenes to ensure that their interests are guarded and promoted. Some of the original participants in the foundation of America had grave misgivings about the constitution and selected model of governance; but the Freemasons carried the day, and inevitable oligarchy was ensured. To those who deny this, I say that the current administration will soon remove all doubt, if they haven't already. The Bush cabinet is populated by individuals drawn from the executive ranks of business who hardly pretend not to promote the interests of big business. More evidence is found in the federal taxation system that has been tilted in favor of the wealthy and burdens the masses of the working/middle class. The last two presidential elections were characterized by voting 'irregularities' the like of which would be soundly condemned by observers in any 'third-world' state. What the plutocrats want to do is preserve the illusion of democracy, to keep the masses in their pacified state of endless consumerism, while actually controlling the government to achieve their desired goals.

An examination of the record of legislation over the past few decades also makes clear that there is, essentially, no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats-- both are in the employ of big business (mainly big oil, big pharma, and the defense industry). Under the American system, it is virtually impossible for an independent candidate or party to intrude in this two-party game. Even if a grass-roots movement should coalesce around a suitable candidate, the big media would simply ignore this impudent upstart, and with no vehicle to carry the message to the electorate, that candidate would quietly flop. So, with two copies of the same character to choose from, how can anyone call it democracy? The truth is that democracy-- to the extent it ever existed in America-- is dead; long dead.

Obviously, the two myths are related. Because the USA was from its very origins designed by self-interested, demonically-inspired Freemasons, the system they implemented was deliberately set up to allow co-opting by a plutocracy, the wealthiest cadre of individuals who were deemed most suitable to govern. It has taken some 230 years (less for perceptive observers) for the wolf to be spotted lurking under the sheep's clothing. Now the secret is out; the US is not a viable democracy, in fact, never was, but has been promoted vigorously by forces that wanted the populace and the outside world to believe the grand illusion. Many will prefer to cling to the illusion than accept the aweful truth. No matter; soon all the pretences will be stripped away as the oligarchy, drunk on the prospect of having control over the mighty American military machine, takes on full authoritarian control of the government. They will do this under the staged threat of 'terrorism' by fabricated enemies that demands drastic assumption of absolute powers to 'protect' the populace. Exercising all the leverage of fear, the draconian action will at first be welcomed by the stupefied citizens, whose reasoning has been compromised by decades of TV drivel and subverted media spin-doctoring. Only when many of them are incarcerated in mega-prison camps will they start to open their dull eyes to the incredible reality.

This sad tale has been foretold in the Bible, in symbolic language to preserve it from the tampering of the guilty. Instead of a wolf in sheep's wool, the Bible talks of a 'lamb-like beast' that suddenly 'spake as a dragon' (Revelation ch. 13). In biblical symbology, a beast represents a nation. A 'lamb-like' beast would be a nation that appears beneficent, peaceful. To speak like a dragon would be to issue fiery, frightening edicts. Does that brief description fit the US? At this moment of history, it certain can. The next few months and years will be literally apocalyptic-- revelatory of where events are going. I believe that only then will the biblical prophecies become decipherable. Stay tuned.

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