September 3, 2008

Dare to Use the C-word?

To those of us who have been able to forego a convenient retreat into denial and have faced the unpleasant (dare I say, terrifying) prospect that the world is not as 'they' want us to believe, it is increasingly clear how 'the powers that be' are manipulating our perceptions of reality. Once TPTB gained control over all the major media (TV, newspapers, talk radio, and news magazines) their hubris waxed great, and they embarked on more ambitious projects. After all, using the premier example of the power of politically-channelled propaganda-- Germany of the 1930s-- they have every reason to be confident in their ability to shape reality to their whims. Disdaining small stuff, they decided to inaugurate the 21st Century, the 3rd Millennium, with a bang. In fact, with four bangs, so to speak, bringing down the lofty twin towers of the World Trade Center, plus the adjacent 'Building 7,' and breaching the wall of the famous Pentagon in DC. The whole exercise was a gigantic magic trick, as per a David Copperfield performance, contingent on media manipulation of coverage of the events, from start to finish. But wait! That's just a conspiracy theory, you protest (maybe complete with grimaces and dismissive hand waving).

By invoking the magic incantation 'conspiracy theory,' you expect to achieve a number of goals. Those two words are now imbued with the power to 'explain' anything that doesn't have a rational explanation. They are assumed to have the power to instantly cut off any further meaningful attempt to discuss an unpleasant possibility, namely that our governments deliberately misled the public on the events of '9-11.' Those words thus restore our orderly world, the one our parents innocently prepared us for, and we can sleep at night. (In fact, we can continue to 'sleep' during the day, too.) That re-valuation of the phrase was apparently part of the elaborate planning that preceded the mega-ritual sacrifice. For, as soon as some people-- predictably-- saw the events unfold on their television sets and heard the explanations of the authorities, they started asking discomfiting questions. Yet before the arguments of the skeptics could be given any semblance of a fair hearing (as if it's unreasonable to question any official statements on any subject) the media pundits immediately derided them with the disdainful phrase of 'conspiracy theorists.' Regardless of the credentials of the skeptic (such as Professor Steven Jones, the physicist from Brigham Young U... before his untimely retirement), the media branded them as 'conspiracy nuts,' who 'obviously' didn't know what they were talking about. Look; even if you are a firm adherent of the government explanations, this unwillingness to seriously consider alternative views should make you a bit suspicious that something is not quite right here.

So successful have the media attack dogs been, that even seven years later, the '911 skeptics' have been unable to gain sufficient traction in the public forums to force proper investigations into the tragedy. Moreover, they've been so successful that their magic mantra is used by the common man or woman in the street to shut down any pesky acquaintance who might have the audacity to openly question the official story. It is astounding to see how virulently the defenders of the official line avoid having to confront a simple, albeit shocking, conclusion-- that our governments are evil. This summer, I had occasion to subtly broach the subject with a new acquaintance who is well educated, and earns his living in the financial industry. His reaction was revelatory. His first, immediate line of defence was (you guessed it) to invoke the magic formula, and thus, score a knockout blow that would terminate the discussion. Regardless, I forged on, presenting some of the most elementary incongruities in the incredible official story. However, his mind was made up, and refused to entertain any alternate hypotheses. Our dialogue was interrupted before I could push it into full cognitive dissonance; but it was clear that his mind would just not 'go there.' It is very sad to consider that educated, responsible citizens cannot bring their imagination to bear on a situation of such gravity, for fear of upsetting their comfortable and comforting world of illusion.

I can't say I'm surprised that so many people are so enthralled by the 'Matrix,' that they cannot imagine a different world. In fact, I'm rather surprised that, despite the endemic, persuasive conditioning we receive from cradle to grave, so many people DID see the event as a magic trick, and began asking questions and seeking rational answers. They were numerous enough, that TPTB had to resort to the next tactic in nullifying the resistance-- by sowing seeds of dissention among the ranks of the '911 questioners,' and countering with a massive program of disinformation. And just to show the power of mind conditioning and preparation, the media were (and are) able to employ previously inculcated prejudices into the battle to discredit any and all questioners of the official propaganda. One of the clever but obvious tactics was to introduce some 'extremist' elements into the movement. You know, the ones who not only saw the 'control aircraft' above NY that day (highly probable), but also noticed UFOs overhead. Of course, the media have been ballyhooing the UFO phenomenon for decades, so it was trivially easy to tar those 911 skeptics with a 'looney brush.' Not unexpectedly, another tactic that was turned against the challengers was the 'anti-Semitic' charge, especially effective lately, since the flowering of 'anti-hate laws.' Because there are very strong links to Israel, Mossad, and Zionists in the fateful lead-up and events of September 11, 2001. Therefore, as soon as these links are disclosed, the revealers can be readily shut down with excited charges of 'anti-Semitism' (which is a classic, manufactured epithet, itself).

So there we are: we began the brave, new Millennium with a stupendous magic ritual, involving the mass hypnosis of the population of the civilized world, and it's been downhill ever since. In the immediate wake of 9-11, the US government conjured up the evil image of a mysterious entity called 'al-Qaida,' led by a strange 'Arab multi-millionaire' by the name of Osama bin Laden... who was once an erstwhile 'asset' of the CIA in the Middle East 'theatre.' All worthy of a good, Hollywood, 'summer blockbuster.' The tragedy was immediately pinned on bin Laden, his whereabouts traced to Afghanistan, and the present ongoing campaign in that poor, but key country for pipeline routes, is the lasting legacy of that sleight of hand. You don't believe me? Then tell me where OBL is now. (See, he is of no real interest to Bushco once the occupation was justified). But it gets better: then our leaders of Western Civilization assure the world that Iraq must be invaded to rid this 'rogue state' of 'weapons of mass destruction,' and incidentally, to depose Saddam Hussein and install a leader more pliant to American interests. Another televised magic performance, this time by Colin Powell, is invoked to befuddle the UN Security Council into acquiescing to American demands for military action. The resulting destruction of Iraq was, in fact, recognized by a great majority now as a colossal con-job, largely intended to secure the oil riches of Iraq for Western corporations. This was one trick that backfired so badly that everyone could see it for the scam it was. Yet, it hardly seemed to make any impression on the instigators. Sure, they lost a few political appointees, lost credibility in the rest of the world; but in America, the majority were still amenable to blatant manipulation of the emotional buttons of patriotism and fear. This Iraq mess seems to be an instance of selective acknowledgement of reality. The conclusion that the case for invasion was based on lies is inescapable; but, regardless, it's a done deal, and now the Americans are stuck in their quagmire. While Americans think that Bush has been corralled, his White House is, amazingly, beating the war drums for an attack on Iran. He and his cabal need to be impeached, prosecuted and jailed; but such is the power of the Matrix, that he continues to govern as if fully vindicated and supported.

All the groundwork of previous decades have found culmination in this new century; we now live in Orwell's world, a world in which mendacity rules, deception is the standard operating procedure of governments, whether elected or otherwise. The Western media are the organs of the Ministry of Truth; the president of the USA is 'Big Brother,' and the US-UK-Israel axis is Oceania. Unfortunately, most of the rest of us are all 'Winstons' and 'Julias,' before those characters realized that they lived in a world of lies. My big concern is that the only way the power of the Matrix will be broken will be when there is blood running in the streets. That is, when TPTB decide that the time is right for the final solution to be enacted. They will follow their familiar formula, the tried and tested 'problem-reaction-solution,' and since the stakes have been ratcheting upward over the years, everything will be on a grand scale. Instead of a spectacular but limited 'attack' on one or two symbolic targets, there may be a limited but horrific war. It might involve Iran, or more likely now, Russia, and perhaps China, being implicated in a nuclear strike against the USA and/or Israel, with consequent counter-strikes. The whole world will be terrorized by the images and the fallout, and then TPTB will unveil their one-world government solution. Most people, those who've never really thought about it beyond the sage commentaries of the talking heads, will welcome the proposal. Their relief will quickly turn to renewed terror when they realize that the 'new world order' entails a small elite group ruling ruthlessly over the masses, who will have exchanged their human rights for security that soon is revealed as virtual slavery.

Oh, I forgot-- this is all 'conspiracy theory,' so not to worry. Go back to sleep; those two words have just explained everything and normalized a bizarre world. Yes, if only it were that simple. Life will just go on as it always has. Well, gasoline may be more expensive than ever before; food prices are starting to escalate for various reasons; the weather is kind of strange and gets stranger every year; earthquakes seem to be getting more frequent and stronger, as are hurricanes; and there are rumors of wars in far off places we've never heard of. But, not to worry. Our media reporters assure us that everything is under control, and besides, it's time for American Idol, isn't it?

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