December 12, 2008

Game Over-- Before it Begins

Trying to find a sliver of silver somewhere in the solid overcast, one can at least breathe a sigh that the Great Pretense is over. After a campaign that spanned a good year, racked up costs of billions of dollars, and preoccupied the nation, the quadrenniel super-circus called the American Presidential Election is finally over.
The result is barely days old at this writing-- and already it is clear, with the 20-20 vision of retrospect, that the whole thing was a humungous set-up, a fraud. Heck, Obama isn't even waiting for the inauguration of the new year to subtly lower the facades and slowly insinuate the reality that the whole thing was an orchestrated farce. No! It's immediate; they are right in our faces now, and even getting casual about it. Most of us suspicious pundits knew it all along, of course; but the concession speech by McCain really made it obvious. While the Repugnican faithful were full of obvious disappointment election night, the old senator seemed relieved that the darn marathon was finally finished; he could go quietly into the retirement prepared for the pretend runner-up, and get on with his golf game.

While people globally were still dreaming of the 'change' promised by Barack, he stunned us all with his first staff appointment-- a henchman from the Clinton years with Israeli citizenship, Zionist 'sympathies,' and a past linked to the Mossad (Israel's secret service and dirty-tricks agency). Great start for change! From there, it had to be downhill, and sure enough, his whole cabinet will be staffed with the likes of Hillary Clinton (wait a minute-- didn't she despise him for winning the Democratic ticket from her? What goes on here?). Then there's Zbigniew Bzrezinski and Mad Madeleine Albright, resuscitated from the Carter years (what-- are they still alive?). Numerous members of the Council on Foreign Relations; more Israeli citizens; more Clinton re-treads, and so it goes. It's still December, and the three buzz-words of the Obama campaign have been dashed into the slime. With his entourage, there is no possible way that anyone can continue to 'believe' that there is any 'hope' for any useful 'change.' Forget it, America! You just elected the puppet you were supposed to elect, from the start of this charade, some dozen months ago. The inauguration circus is still weeks away, and already there are rumblings of discomfort among the liberal segment of the Democratic party; a sinking feeling akin to what the captain of the Titanic must have felt just after the first jolt.

I keep shaking my head, wondering: When will most Americans wake up? When will most of the on-looking world wake up, for that matter? Everyone seemed to think, okay, here's the guy who is not G. W. Bush, who is not a Republican even, and who looks different and sounds pretty intelligent. Here is the messiah who will lead us from the shameful state we've been dragged into over the last eight years, and back into the proud land of the free and home of the brave. A couple of weeks have barely passed, and all that is vapor. It's clear that the powers that pull the strings have become so inflated with arrogance, so confident in their ability to create the reality they want, that they can't be bothered to exercise decorum or patience any more. They truly believe that the American masses are so gullible, so enthralled by the manipulating media, that they can get away with virtually anything. They've held the obligatory 'democratic election;' now they can proceed with the unfolding of the pre-arranged protocol, and create 'ordo ab chao.' And the world will duly sit in front of the talking box and nod their heads in stupefied, implied consent. it's virtually non-stop now, and there's no good end in sight.

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