September 14, 2009

Eight Years of Deception

It hit me recently-- a little flash of insight so obvious yet hidden in plain sight. With my ears, I was hearing another vacuous radio interview on the 8th anniversary of ‘9-11,’ whether the world is ‘safer’ now than before that date. My eyes were glancing over a screen full of ads for books on the 9-11 conspiracy, and the NWO, and so on. And it struck me that here we are, eight years later, with eight years of almost unrelenting evidence of global manipulation of our world, probably thousands of books and articles about the true, evil conspiracy that brought down 9-11, and yet the mainstream media still prattle on about the consequences of 9-11 as if it’s all widely accepted that the official story is unassailable, and we have only to discuss whether subsequent decisions were useful or not. It’s totally bizarre, is my immediate reaction.

When, one fine but too late day, the majority of the Western populace finally wakes up and realizes that they’ve been played for suckers, they will have to look back at the years following 9-11 and acknowledge that the facts-- not just ‘clues’-- were all around them for the whole period, glaring us all in the face. And too many chose to turn away and ignore them because they made us feel uneasy. Well by then, we’ll be a lot more than uneasy; but too bad-- ‘ve are too soon old, und too late schmart!’

Aye, that’s the irony of the illusion we are presently immersed in. The ‘truth is out there,’ all around us, but it’s just far more convenient to give it a pass. For the conspirators, the accumulating evidence of their crime is a bit of a nuisance... but only that. They are becoming quite content at mouthing the now familiar rebuttals to the facts, confident that their reality is going to prevail because it’s the more soothing. Meanwhile, they feel free to proceed with their plans using the same rationales as always, knowing that the sheeple have short memories and long tolerance for official abuse.

On the eve of the anniversary date, I watched a TV documentary produced by the BBC directed squarely at the mounting concern over ‘WTC 7’ as ‘smoking gun’ proof of insider involvement in the 9-11 attack. It was, on the surface, a bold move to address some of the most egregious discrepancies between the official story and the critics. However, as it unfolded, I could see the deft touch of ‘spin’ being administered by masters of the craft. They interviewed the prominent conspiracy theorists to present the most common ideas about the event; and then they presented their experts who gave their story supporting the incredible official line. In the end, the viewer was left with a dilemma of whom to believe: the devil they know-- their politicians and media spokespersons, or else the upstart, and upsetting critics whom they don’t know. The program made a point of presenting an outright lie as a casual but pivotal assertion by one of the official spokesmen who stated that there was no ‘wider context’ within which the ‘WTC-7 conspiracy theorists’ made their unconventional claims. That comment, quickly glossed over, was flabbergasting in its flagrant disregard for eight years of ever-broadening evidence surrounding the whole event! That one brief comment, very deliberately inserted in the middle of the broadcast, was clearly intended to discredit everything that the critics had to say about the collapse of the three towers.

That deliberate bit of disinformation also demonstrated to anyone paying attention that the BBC is undeniably an accessory to the 9-11 cover-up. Yet you have to almost admire their sheer chutzpah. Imagine; they tackle the thorny issue of WTC-7 head on... and guess what, gentle viewers-- it’s really nothing to worry about; the government was right all along; you can go back to sleep. That’s one of the main lines of attack by the disinformants for 9-11. They appear to address the critiques directly; but using television’s ‘power of persuasion,’ well-honed over decades of advertising and news-shaping, they instead create additional strength for their lies in the minds of viewers. It’s a clever tactic; but one that will, in the long run, back-fire on them. One thing the cabal can’t understand is that one day the truth will finally emerge. That is just the way the universe works. You can create all kinds of elaborate lies-- many civilizations over the millennia have fabricated them-- but in the end, these structures collapse just like the World Trade Center towers. They collapse because they are built on phony foundations, and constructed of fake materials, and held together with a web of falsehood. Such a structure cannot survive for any extended length of time; it must crumple under its own weight of deception.

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