February 10, 2010

Olympics 2010 - Are We Having Fun Yet?

Well, the 2010 Winter Olympics are finally coming to the big O-- the Olympic Orgasm itself... (Ohhh....Ohhh!...). Behind the gasps and spasms of emotion, lurk the dark realities.

It's becoming quite clear that these games are another great ploy of our wealthy uber-meisters, and fulfill several useful functions.
First of all, they provide a marvelous excuse for a bi-annual (given that the summer and winter games are staggered) orgy of pageantry and celebration. This function should never be underestimated, as it has proved its value since the days of the Roman coliseum in keeping busy little minds preoccupied with trivia... as opposed to scrutiny of the machinations of the governors. Second, besides the diversion of public attention, the games provide a terrific outlet for the elite to wallow in the gravy. See, they-- the grand pooh-bahs of the 'International Olympic Committee'-- get paid flights for themselves and their entourages to the games venue. Then they demand to be housed in nothing less than 5-star accommodation; they get whisked about in chauffeur-driven vehicles; they are 'guests' at all kinds of VIP events; and they are generally fawned over by media and the over-awed masses. How nice! Wouldn't you, too, want to be reincarnated as an Olympic Committee member?

Not to worry, the governors assure us: the games will ‘pay for themselves’ in tourism, trade, and what have you. The facilities will benefit our people for years to follow, we are told. In fact, the benefits go mainly to the companies that get the contracts to build the facilities and to service the games. Sure, a number of joe-workers have jobs for several months; but the big companies just move on to the next mega-project, and joe-worker may or may not have more work. The big facilities have to charge Olympic prices to amortize their costs, so typically, it’s only the yuppy class that continue to use the sites after the hoops and hoopla leave town. It’s the tax-payers of the city, the province, and even the country who are left paying the mortgage on Olympic Games; the private investors take their gains and look for the next scheme.

Increasingly, there is a more sinister side to the sporty festivities. As the games became more politicized over the years, their visibility on the world stage makes them a tempting target for any alienated group wanting to make an un-ignorable statement-- ie. a venue for terrorism. In response, those who take on the staging of the games have to spend an increasingly bigger portion of the budget (already bloated with infrastructure costs) towards 'security.' As we are seeing with the Vancouver Olympics, security is becoming the unspoken theme of the event. Besides the inconvenience of road travel restrictions, the public has been given strict instructions as to what can and cannot be carried on one's person to the games. So it is that 'small umbrellas' are acceptable, while 'large umbrellas' are not... in a region renowned for its almost uninterrupted rainfall from November to April. Similarly, small bags can be carried, but large ones are verboten; but, in any case, the smaller, the better. Attendance at an event will require the kind of ‘security checks’ previously seen only in airports.

It gets more Orwellian. The Olympic mafia hate any public criticism of their games, and especially, they hate any kind of demonstration that denounces their 'game' (ie. the real underlying stratagems). However, since they pretend to uphold 'democracy' (as it's come to be) and 'fair play', they resort to all kinds of underhanded tactics to block dissent, and circumvent public protests. Anyone identified as an enemy of the games is kept under surveillance by the local police. Anyone from another country identified as a potential protestor, who tries to enter the host country is apprehended at the point of entry, and sent back to where he/she came from. Known protest groups are infiltrated by police agents who not only inform on their plans, but often goad the group into illegal activities to expose them to arrest and condemnation. The protestors are given strict limits and boundaries as to where and when they may 'protest,' and barriers may be placed in strategic locations to ensure that dissenters will never get close to anything interesting taking place. Oh, and there are police officers all over the place, just to make sure that everyone gets the message that 'they are watching you.' These days, you can now include the presence of para-military helicopters hovering over venues, and who knows what other 'teams' and gizmos are deployed to ensure a 'safe games?'

Yes, ve are getting our fun und games, and ve shall enjoy zem... or else! Aye, there's the pity-- the vast majority of the populace love any excuse to party, and jump right on the Olympic bandwagon of glitz and hype. And, it's a great excuse to wave the flag, and cheer our boys and girls actually doing the sports. There’s a reason why the ruling class loves to stage sports and entertainment for the masses-- because the public, by and large, loves anything that superficially promises to be fun. The Olympic Games are the very epitome of the ‘circus’ approach to governing; so despite the growing price tag for these mega-rituals, we’ll be ‘enjoying’ them for many years to come.

Oh, and one more, rather, 'er, inconvenient thing should be added, given the 'realities' of the new world order, post-9-11-01. If the Bejing Olympics were any indication, we should also expect some kind of 'moves' on the international chess-board, while the world is engrossed in the bi-annual extravaganza. Last time, it was a provoked dust-up between the Western-backed Georgia versus a rightly-stirred Russia. This time-- who could predict? It could be anything; the important thing is to be prepared for just that-- anything. Enjoy the games. ;-)

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