October 11, 2010

Rushing Towards Timewave Zero

The 20th century philosopher, Terrance McKenna, (who died in 2000) made the enigmatic assertion that time was both accelerating and compressing, spiraling inward, as it were, towards a 'zero point.' For some, the statement merely reflected his acknowledged experiments with hallucinogenic substances. But, if you take the effort to think about it, he may have hit upon an interesting, even useful, phenomenon.

It's not that history repeats 'exactly'-- that would be like Groundhog Day on a global scale. No; but the broad patterns do repeat, uncannily it seems.
In my observation, the past several years, say from about 2001, have the distinct feel of the 1930s
.... for those who happen to remember either that period itself, or the history of that era. (I fall into the latter group).

Consider that in the early 30's, a dictatorial regime had used subterfuge in a democratic system to seize power in a major country. They spent a lot of money building up their military forces, and on a relentless propaganda campaign to foster ultra-nationalism and a fascist interpretation of capitalism. This regime was virulently anti-Communist, and also began to harass one particular ethnic/religious group in their midst.

During the 1930s, there were local wars in various regions, such as the Spanish Civil War (1936), the Italian campaign in Ethiopia (1935-36), the Japan-China War (starting in 1937). There was world-wide economic turmoil triggered by the collapse of the NY stock market. Thousands of Americans, as well as millions world-wide, were unemployed as the downturn killed consumer demand and hence, manufacturing. There was widespread climate disruption, causing the great drought on the prairies of central USA and Canada, with resultant failure of the wheat crops, and widespread hunger leading to the famous soup lines.

Is all this starting to sound eerily familiar? For you younger readers, let me spell it out. In the contemporary world, we have the virtual take-over, by democratic means, of the US government by an essentially fascist cadre (whether it's called Republican or Democrat). This regime has singled out one ethnic/religious group for tarring as dangerous to the national health-- namely, the Arab/Islamic population, not just inside the USA, but world-wide. Using the power of their captive media, the Powers That Be pretend to be unbiased, while insidiously painting Muslims as sub-human terrorists.

There are bloody wars raging in Iraq, and Afghanistan-Pakistan, as well as rumblings between China and Japan (just recently, over disputed islands), and between the Koreas. The collapse of the so-called mortgage bubble, with subsequent bank failures starting in 2008, has caused international economic turmoil and a hold-your-breath 'recovery' that looks less and less like a recovery. Millions of Americans are unemployed, as once-solid jobs got exported off-shore. Millions more are living in virtual poverty as the banks foreclose on their homes. Climate change has once again created farming chaos in the various bread-basket nations-- Australia, Russia, the USA and Canada-- this time due to excessive rains, wild fires, and drought. Instead of soup-lines, Americans now have food-stamps, but the effect is similar.

On the big picture level, then, there really is a lot of substance to McKenna's analysis of the recycling of time, or more precisely, of history. The chilling thing is that we know how the 'Dirty 30s' ended-- with the big conflagration known as World War II. Little wonder that so many Internet pundits have been warning of an impending WW-III. They see the signs building up just as happened 80 years ago. This time, the psychopaths who run the world have already made it known that 'all options are possible' as far as how international disputes will be settled. In other words, as some see it, they are signaling that nuclear weapons will be used.

And that brings up another uncomfortable parallel with the 1930s. You see, it can't help but strike a student of the history of the mid-20th century how men of obvious psychopathic personality came to power in many countries, but especially in Germany and Russia (or USSR, technically). The Third Reich was populated by deviants and sexual perverts, who were in their glory in a corrupt system headed by a little mustachioed megalomaniac devoted to an occult society-- the Thule Society, that had links to Aleister Crowley and the Ordo Templis Orientis. In Russia, a ruthless struggle for ascendancy resulted in the meanest S-o-B reaching the top-- Joseph Stalin, who was arguably worse than Herr Hitler. Looking back, one must be astonished at the way that era is characterized by such rampant moral sickness.

And that's the point, dear reader. Today, if we look about with eyes free of the potent distortions of the mass media, it is obvious that national leaders are persons of huge character deficits. Men like G. W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, can pronounce pure lies in public without a hint of discomfort. It is second nature with them. Dig below the normal surface, and you soon discover about Bush's (and many other's) membership in occult societies like the Yale 'Skull and Bones,' and the annual Bohemian Grove dark revelry. There are rumors of Obama's gay/bisexual liaisons; of endless perversions among White House staff and DC insiders of all stripes. The stench of corruption wafts all over the landscape of America, from Wall Street to Rodeo Drive. Berlin of the 30s was notorious for its sleazy cabarets and sexual licentiousness. Modern America produces slick, packaged sleaze as TV programs and Hollywood movies, in one of the few remaining export categories where the USA enjoys a giant balance of trade surplus.

Clearly, the pattern of the 1930s is repeating, and even if the details are not inevitable, there's a strong probability that the complete cycle must play itself out. The only way a cycle can be broken is with sufficient awareness on the part of a sufficient portion of the population. Given the power of the propaganda machine at the command of the madmen, it does not appear likely that enough people can be wakened from their slumber to break the dark spell. I don't like to be the bearer of this bad news; but, on the other hand, those who heeded the signs of gathering doom in the 30s had a much better chance at escape and survival. Take heed, therefore; and pray that you may find a way off the crazy carousel of time.

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