November 11, 2011

Hope in the Occupied Zone

As I write, common people all around the world are taking part in 'occupy' movements in various cities, in support of their confreres in New York who are protesting against the Wall Street bankers-- the '1%' who own so much wealth. Have ordinary people really awakened from the delusion, and seen the prison for what it is? Judging from the bits I've seen and read, it appears that, yes, some people have clued in, and realized that the elite who control the system have put the majority into debt slavery.

But, at the same time, the 'occupy' ranks are extremely diverse, being an umbrella group for a wide range of dissatisfied citizens. Some are there because they've seen the middle-class dream morph into a nightmare. Others are idealists who see an opportunity to finally introduce reforms for more equitable redistribution of wealth. Regardless of motivation, the occupiers agree on the big-picture problems... but not necessarily on the solutions.

Altho the occupy movement has much popular support, it also faces very significant opposition forces. The main establishment weapon is the communications media, principally TV. To begin with, the TV news machine totally ignored the Wall St. occupation for the first couple of weeks, apparently thinking it would simply dissipate by normal exhaustion of energy. Instead, concerned citizens in other cities-- first in the USA, then in other countries-- showed their solidarity with OWS by occupying local, central landmarks. It was only when the NY protesters blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge that the American, big-media networks finally decided to inform the already-aware public of what was happening in the Rotten Apple. Big deal! Suddenly, media in other Western countries made it the big story of the moment, as if it were 'breaking news.'

Since discovering this story, tho, the big tri-literal networks have been giving it short shrift. Coverage seems to focus on 'human interest' aspects, while dismissing the important, central issues with a mere summary comment. One feels almost sorry for the poor reporters who submit their on-site stories, since they seem utterly ignorant of the reality that those stubborn occupiers are sacrificing their comfort and safety for the benefit of virtually all of us-- dare I say, '99%' of us... including the TV employees.

To learn anything worthwhile about OWS, you have to go to the Internet, or if you have the range of TV channels, search for RT or some other foreign broadcast. On top of the media meanderings, some observers are convinced that the whole 'OWS' movement is yet another 'NWO' orchestrated gambit on the path towards full tyranny. If true, it would be a truly dismal demonstration of the extent to which 'we' (the great, 99% majority) have already lost the ability to mount a meaningful resistance to the elite puppet-masters who rule the world. The question is: is the allegation true?

At this stage, it is too early for the onlooker to determine. No doubt, the majority of the OWS protesters, regardless of the specific city, are sincere, genuinely seeking to redress the inequities that are now obvious, at least to this segment of the populace who have had 'enough.' Yet, every organized attempt to 'fight the system', going back to the trade unions and similar professional bodies, has almost always been perverted by the Powers that Be, and either co-opted or neutered. The PTB are utterly expert at doing this; after all, they've been at it for a very long time. If the OWS movement is not presently completely under their control, it doesn't matter to them; they always have a Plan-B. In this case, the plan seems to be to just sit back and watch as civic authorities and their police dogs run out of patience, and provoke the kind of confrontation that can be used as the convenient excuse to roust the harried occupiers with brutal force.

Sadly, then, I do not cling to much hope that the Wall St. protest will achieve much, in the end. As the winter of new discontent encroaches on the municipal encampments, only the most diehard protesters will continue the vigil. And meanwhile, the media will simple slide on to the next hot story of the moment... of which there is never a lack. As I write, it's probably the ongoing Greek economic tragedy... or is it comedy? It's been on and off the front burner for months, and never seems to be resolved. And if it is, well there's Italy right behind! And if not Italy, there's... let's see now-- who'll be next? Spain; Portugal; Ireland; France, even?

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