November 30, 2013

Failure of Imagination

In every area of human thought, hidden gatekeepers impose limits on what we are allowed to know. 
Regrettably, most of us aren't even aware of that, so we willingly assume that whatever we 'know' must be true. This assumption is completely false, and worse, leads us into all kinds of problems.

Examples of what I'm referring to are hard to convey, because the approved, orthodox version of knowledge is so predominant in society that any belief that contradicts it is resisted by the acculturated mind. The 'healthcare' system is a moribund joke, utterly under the spell of avaricious corporations bent on profits over any semblance of health promotion. Medicine is now the fourth leading cause of death in the USA, and it will only get worse as gov't regulations seem bent on eliminating all alternative approaches to health and healing. In astro-physics the gravity model reigns supreme, despite its dependence on some highly esoteric artifacts to support it (e.g. dark matter; black holes). A competing model-- the 'electric universe'-- has a hard time making any headway in the entrenched gravity priesthood, even tho it may have superior explanatory power. In biology, Evolution has become the faith, and all attempts to demonstrate its deficiencies are roundly denounced by the self-assured Darwinists.

The same situation prevails in all realms of study; we are only allowed to know within established boundaries. Some will object, 'This is just human nature, experts protecting their turf.' Yes, that's true. But how did this become the norm? Others will say it's a beneficial thing to prevent knowledge from falling into unsound, spurious fragments. My response is, 'How do we advance if new ideas that challenge the status quo are rejected out of hand?'

The problem of orthodoxy originates in our schools. The development of mass education presented a golden opportunity for the elitists to begin molding society along desired lines of thought, what we now recognize as group-think. Recognizing group-think has done nothing to alleviate it. We herd our children into education camps under the authority of a hierarchy of tutors and guardians, expose them to the ultimate in conformity, and instruct them under a strictly-regulated curriculum, all conducted over a period of 12 years or much longer.

In this environment, they eventually 'learn' what they must do to succeed in this world of ours. One of the principal lessons is that questioning your 'boss' (teachers) or challenging official teaching on any subject will just land you in a mess of difficulties. You can't fight 'city hall,' or the board of education. The way to succeed is to give them what they want-- which is exactly what they taught you.

You can pretend to be creative once you catch on to this phoney system built on group illusion. Find some little twist on an accepted theme, and play it up as a 'breakthru' and you'll be hailed as a genius. But, be very careful how far you push this little game, or you might be severely disciplined.

In a group-think environment, one of the main goals of the overseers is to contain the human imagination. An unbridled imagination is a dangerous threat to orthodoxy. If you can imagine a different world, a new avenue of knowledge, then you become subversive to the status quo.

Because of the power of the media in the modern world, for most people if they don't see it on their TV, it didn't happen. In the past, it was newspapers that wielded this power, but then there was far less consolidation of separate interests compared to today. As a tool of public 'education' (indoctrination) television has been as indispensable as the school system. Besides pre-digesting and homogenizing our views on the world around us, TV has the added advantage (for the controllers) of numbing our minds in the process. As noted by media guru Marshall McLuhan (a truly imaginative thinker!) TV is a passive medium, and information beamed from its bright screens tends to be absorbed by the onlooker with minimum critical evaluation.

While both mass education and television had the potential to be used beneficially for the genuine improvement of mankind, the opposite has occurred once they were high-jacked by the opportunistic forces seeking the enslavement of humanity. Instead, these two institutions have been instrumental in promoting the views and values that are proving the undoing of this species. Those who control the media have pushed every manner of destructive policies and attitudes on the mostly unsuspecting masses.

You can see the lack of imagination in what passes for public debate on vital issues. Sure, there will inevitably be polar dispute between the proponents and the opponents. This is just what our masters want-- you must choose A or B... nothing more, nothing less. Every policy thus devolves into this stark choice between opposites; the classic 'Hegelian dialectic.' If anyone with surviving imagination dares to propose option C (or more) they are immediately marginalized by the all-knowing media, and that glimmer of reason withers and dies.

Nowhere is the Hegelian choice between dumb and dumber any clearer than in American politics. Every election, every issue, is always presented as a titanic battle between left and right, liberal and conservative, Dumb-ocrat and Repug-nican. Third-party candidates in presidential elections are completely ignored by the media, hence they don't exist. (Any of you readers remember Ron Paul? How about Ralph Nader?)

Peer-pressured conformity to group values is an essential strategy in pyramidal, command and control systems. You see it in military institutions, and other hierarchies. Extended to whole societies, such compliance allows unscrupulous opportunists to gain unconscionable power over the people. As a consequence of their 'excellent' schooling, and their 'compelling' television networks, Americans, by and large, cannot imagine choices beyond A-vs-B. Far worse, they cannot imagine that their own government has devolved into a tyrannical force that is bent on enslaving and impoverishing them... with their co-operation.

The systematic squelching of our imagination from childhood to senility is more than a loss of creativity, it is a tragic deprivation of a vital component of the human psyche, one that was intended as a gift to safeguard us against the tyranny of conformity and the submersion of our individuality. Can you imagine that?

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