December 6, 2016

Boost Your Level of Awareness!

Another dark truth revealed by the last US election is that none of the people around me 'get it;' i.e. have a clue about what's really going on.
They are, to a person, living fully immersed in the Matrix of elaborate lies fabricated mainly by the dominant media voices that define our world for us. For those of us who've been awake for some time, it's truly grating to listen to the lies pouring glibly forth from the TV on a '24/7' basis.

What the media put forth as 'news analysis' has been well described as an echo-chamber. They simply repeat the prevailing propaganda of the governing corporatocracy, ad nauseum. The 'analysts' interview talking heads chosen from the same institutions that are essential to creating the false reality in the first place. There is no longer anything resembling true, objective journalism. It is all about crafting artificial reality using all the means at their disposal.

But, how did some of us succeed in extracting our minds from the all-pervasive murk of deception? In other essays (look under 'Resources') I've given practical methods by which a diligent seeker can arrive at truth despite years of programming and coordinated media falsehood. In this one, I want to describe another approach that I believe is a vital aid in discerning the reality behind the lies.

You could call it perspective. What I mean is expanding your frame of reference to the greatest extent possible at your current moment of awareness. As an example, when you see people vehemently supporting the Democrats or the Republicans, you know they are stuck firmly in the artificial matrix of duality constructed by the hidden manipulators using their cradle-to-grave cultural programming. If you hear someone state that the two parties are both pawns of the corporate lobbyists, then you recognize that they have raised their awareness to a higher level.

In the example, you would also (assuming you're 'quite enlightened') recognize that the person has only moved up one level, and has to climb higher on the 'pyramid' to obtain a more accurate picture of what's actually going on.

In other essays, I've argued that the highest frames of reference are necessarily found in the realm of what we call spirituality. One who insists on staying firmly ensconced in the physical domain is thereby limited in perspective. As a number of prophets from a multitude of backgrounds have informed us over the centuries, the reality perceived by the five senses is not the full picture of the ultimate universe in which we exist.

Perhaps that fact is the reason why the capstone of the Illuminati pyramid is shown floating above the bulk of the structure below. The gap depicts the secret that the 'all-seeing eye' in the capstone exists in a higher dimension; hence it's supernatural ability of insight! For there is no doubt that, evil as they are, the human agents of darkness have been guided with seeming uncanny prescience in pushing forward their sick agenda, over generations.

As long as the good people who oppose the global project of enslavement refuse to acknowledge that the battle is spiritual as well as physical, they will always be at a disadvantage. Those who have fully delved into the investigation of the secret societies who (think they) run the world almost inevitably are forced to acknowledge the presence of an 'extra-dimensional force' or beings that supply black knowledge to their human agents.

In return, those dark spiritual forces require rites and sacrifices of the most abhorrent kind, involving ritualistic torture and death of innocent children. Virtually all the political leaders, major corporation executives, heads of big universities, religious leaders, entertainers, and cultural icons, are compromised with connections to these secret societies and their sick rituals. This is a fact that most 'average decent people' find too outlandish to believe. And for that ironic reason, they leave the way open for the evil cabal to continue its ruinous activities!

To truly understand what is going on in the world in this era, you have to reach for a higher platform, a more powerful paradigm, than the 'trust us' directive of the mainstream authorities. This fact has been known from antiquity, which is why the ancients gave us a number of such paradigms. The Indian Vedas speak of a cycle of four 'yugas' or ages, that each end in disaster followed by the next era. In that system, we are presently near the very end of the last age, called the Kali Yuga or Iron Age, characterized by a low level of human consciousness wherein greed, lust, fear, and muddled thinking are predominant.

For many, events on Earth can be understood by studying the configuration of the heavenly bodies, i.e. astrology. While materialists scoff at this endeavor based on a cursory glance at newspaper horoscopes, there is evidence to suggest that the planets do indeed exert unseen influence over the lives of individuals as well as institutions, countries, etc. Those who have the skill possess a higher frame of reference with which to comprehend terrestrial goings on.

Even limiting our purview to just the past, say, several hundred years, students of history have identified a cyclical pattern that recurs in an 80 year period, i.e. within roughly four 20 year generational spans. Two authors (Strauss and Howe) show that we are at the end of what they call the Fourth Turning, which is a period of political, economic, and social chaos that always culminates in disaster. You could have scoffed at this conjecture a few years ago; in the light of events of just 2016, you'd have to agree that there's something to this.

In another essay ('Wheels Within Wheels') I reveal how several of these overarching, metaphysical cycles are simultaneously converging on this period of time, multiplying their separate effects to bring about these end times. If you aren't aware of any of these phenomena, you are futilely trying to understand world events with a perspective somewhat better than that of an insect.

In trying to understand why some people stubbornly refuse to give any credence to the truths that the authorities label 'conspiracy theories,' (regardless of the fact that those theories make far more sense than the official fairy-tales), I looked for meta-level paradigms. One interesting area of study looks at inter-generational differences at the aggregate (statistical) level. While every individual has his/her own personality, it's amazing how generational cohorts share the same basic values and outlooks.

So, for instance, those born in the 1920-45 interval generally exhibit implicit deference to authority and institutions. To question either is unthinkable in their world-view. Their children, the 'Baby-boomers,' have far less reluctance to challenge authority and to operate outside the institutions. Researchers in this field have identified five generations living concurrently, each having its own predominant world-view... each of which is different to a degree from the rest. Is it any wonder life is so 'interesting' on this planet?

So, reiterating, to get a firmer grasp on the 'whys' behind the news-- assuming you're fairly confident in the 'whats' in the news-- you must do your research and determine which higher perspective framework resonates with your growing understanding of reality. After decades of this game, I know what works for me, and I've written several essays describing my approaches. I'm not going to be dogmatic about a precise paradigm for everyone; don't expect to be spoon-fed! Take responsibility, do some digging in places you usually avoid; use your common sense and 'ask the universe' to guide you. Start tugging on those boot-straps!

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