March 26, 2017

Addicted to Lies

Among numerous things the 2016 US election indicated to me is how much society-- most people-- are addicted to lies. No matter how often, or from what angle I provided facts to true-blue Hillary supporters, it made absolutely no impression on them. If they even read the articles I sent them (which appeared doubtful) they steadfastly refused to be budged from their superior perches. All evidence of the Clinton's egregious misdeeds were dismissed as Trump-based propaganda.

I'm not sure why I continued any attempts to dissuade my friends from their blind faith in a deeply flawed candidate-- and indeed, the whole system-- but I can see that all such efforts are in vain. 
For most persons, once they have arrived at a position on any topic, they will not deviate from it, no matter how much evidence you produce to refute it. 
Only when the consensus becomes overwhelmingly opposed to the original idea will they possibly re-consider their immutable stand.

Of course, I can hear my loyal critics throwing my words back at me, accusing me of the same obstinacy. However, that attack is self-serving delusion. I have changed opinion on a number of issues over the years, when investigation of other views justified a shift. Moreover, I am exposed to the same mainstream propaganda as everyone; but I don't just quit after hearing it, thinking I'm now well-informed! No; I spend hours on the Internet, reading 'alternative' views on the subject, from a variety of accredited sources/authors. So, I don't live in a 'news echo-chamber,' as my interlocutors do.

But, that's where most people get their 'information'-- the big, 3-letter, echo-chambers of the US mainstream media, and their overseas clones. It must be true because Mr./Ms. Anchor at CXY stated it on the evening newscast. Try and tell even your best-educated acquaintance that they're being fed pure falsehood from those esteemed broadcasters. No way! In fact, the more 'educated' a person is, the more likely they are to support the establishment view on any subject. They simply don't comprehend that education is brain-washing... and so effective that its victims vehemently defend it. It's a subtle, ultimate version of the Stockholm syndrome.

People don't really understand that the problems of this world will NEVER be solved, even partly, as long as truth is studiously avoided. In today's world of endemic lies, 'fake news' accusing true news of being fake, truth-tellers being denounced as kooks or just murdered mysteriously, the media being unabashed purveyors of establishment lies, the general climate is entirely hostile to the proclamation of truth on any topic.

You find it everywhere, this hostility to truth. Watch TV interviews on any kind of controversial subject, and for those with the eyes and ears to see/hear, it's obvious how the media cut-outs manipulate and cajole, the news editors 'shape the product,' and networks pursue political, 'liberal' goals. All the while, the masses-- at least, the educated, liberal, and largely over-35 crowd-- are fully bought-in on this mind-screw.

The election and presidency of DJ Trump brought the whole picture into stark relief. It became totally obvious how the 'establishment' (however understood) have engaged in all-out war against him. Again, the great masses are oblivious to this reality. The left thinks that he's merely getting what he deserves from the constant stream of mis-cues reported by their co-opted media. The right, while holding a somewhat more realistic view, still miss how fundamental and consequential is this conflict.

No doubt, Trump is an enigma. He's been interpreted in numerous ways by supporters, detractors, and the neutral if such exist. It's true that he's inconsistent, for example. To detractors, it's a fatal flaw for politics and economics. For supporters, he may be using this as a tactic to unbalance his opponents; and so far, it's been working.

While the masses have little clue about what's really going on, there is a war going on in their midst. It's a war between the establishment-globalist-corporatist forces and the sovereigntist-individualist resistance. At the spiritual level, it's really a war between the forces of Satan versus the forces of good, of God.

This war is 'asymmetrical' in many ways. The satanic globalists seem to have all the money, all the media, all the 'intellectuals' in their ranks; but they're opposed by factors the world considers weak-- the 'working class,' the less educated, those with religious beliefs. Yet the battle rages furiously, and the globalists are enraged to find their plans hitting obstructions when they thought they were so close to finally realizing their goals.

The Internet has been a key factor in combatting the deception of the leftist 'progressives.' Generation Z, the 'Millennials,' has been an unexpected resistance to their agenda. Trump's uncanny ability to float over the most egregious attacks of the left has been amazing, almost miraculous.

Events today are truly unpredictable at the micro level, but we can be sure that the revelations of corruption and criminality will continue to burst on the 'news' (however you receive it) with astonishing volume. The problem with predictions is always the timing-- it's impossible to get 100% accuracy (barring divine inspiration). For that reason, the hearers of the 'awakened' remain skeptical (to put it politely). It gives them smug comfort to be able to dismiss unpleasant views because they haven't happened so far.

Fact is, the Almighty operates on a different concept of time than we pathetic humans. Given the damage our race has inflicted on this planet, you might expect that we should be extinct by now. Yet the planet is resilient, God's patience is great, and we're still here... still making horrendous mistakes in judgement. It won't continue so forever.

The sleep-walkers go thru their routines reality-blind, unable to register the chaos, the craziness, bursting out all around us. Their souls are numb, after countless minutes of self-exposed programming by the ubiquitous Matrix-- the moral mush of Hollywood movies, the daily lies from the mainstream media, the constant gnawing away of our values and liberties by those we elect to preserve our well-being. On it goes.

Where is it going? Anyone with a functioning brain could extrapolate from a variety of incipient disasters to see the inevitable end-- provided they make the small effort to look beyond the pap spewed forth by the media gate-keepers. While people talk blithely about the state of specific affairs ten, twenty, or fifty years from now, the truth is that we're already on borrowed time. The end is truly at hand, more like five to ten years, maybe even less. You'll either accept the idea now, or get the shock of your life later. There's no way I can soft-pedal this ugly fact!

The purveyors of the comforting lies know the truth, but they want to keep the masses in ignorance. They believe they can survive the global catastrophes to come by using their wealth to buy luxury bunkers in remote locations where they expect to sip Pernod while the Earth's surface is wracked by devastating events, both natural and humanly-caused. Until then, they want you showing up for work, buying their stuff, paying your taxes, being an obedient slave. All of which requires that you keep believing the unbelievable nonsense they keep flashing in our faces, 24/7.

And many people will, indeed, continue swallowing the swill dished out by the official gate-keepers, right up until the system finally blows up in our faces. Then they will be completely flumoxed, mentally unbalanced, and reacting (predictably) in fear. 'Why didn't 'they' warn us?' will be the plaintive cry echoing in the streets.

Sure, if only the sheeple had had the scintilla of moral fortitude (or is it just imagination?) required to question the veracity of the daily propaganda. If they had exercised the God-given facutly of common sense instead of insouciantly deferring to selected media experts who tell us what to think. If only... they hadn't become addicted to those enticing lies!

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