March 3, 2018

Public Discourse - Public Disgrace

Another 'school shooting' as we now call them has taken place, and the media hysteria is in full song for gun control. I won't pursue all the evidence that the event was yet another staged tragedy; many other pundits have already done that. What I lament is the depressing state of public discussion of important matters like this one.

People die regularly from any number of causes. Whenever groups are killed (as in transport accidents), relevant government agencies usually get involved conducting investigations and making recommendations for improved safety.

In the case of mass shootings, a different process occurs. The media instantly strike up the chorus for 'gun control' as if that's obviously the definitive 'solution', never mind that no one really defines what it means nor how it would work. Using their virtual monopoly on expressing opinions in the public forum, they present only the viewpoint desired by the 'progressive' social engineers skulking in the shadows.

The tv commentators trot out the selected 'experts' who will spout off the required spiel impressing viewers with their righteous indignation. It's always about the guns; never about the gun users. Using 'media logic' taken from their gun stance, we should outlaw motorcycles because far more bike owners are killed and injured in road accidents (per vehicle-mile) than drivers of other vehicles. Or what about motor vehicles used for terrorist attacks?

There's another very significant factor that virtually all the patsies fingered as the 'lone gunman' in these events had in common. Virtually all were on prescription medications for mental problems of some kind. Most often, the drug was a 'SSRI' of some type, which carry label warnings of adverse cognitive affects. Why don't the media ever investigate this angle?

The liberal bleeding hearts seem oblivious of the reality that there are already literal millions of firearms in the hands of American citizens. Do they really think that those gun owners will simply turn in their weapons if requested? And by removing guns from the hands of responsible, legitimate owners, do they think this would prevent everyone with criminal intent from acquiring firearms? Clearly, criminals will always find ways to get guns; and those are the gun-owners to be feared.

But there's a more sinister factor that characterizes the perpetrators of mass shootings. And that is that they are almost invariably described as 'known to the FBI.' Well, yeah; they're known by the FBI because they've been targeted, groomed, and even trained by the FBI. (In Canada, the same phenomenon occurs where 'terrorists ' have been set up and induced to commit crimes by the RCMP). This revelation may shock some readers, but it can be easily (so far) verified with a little research.

And yet another curious factor characterizes very many of the 'school shootings.' Most often, many on-the-scene witnesses report that there were more than one shooter involved-- not the 'lone gunman' so 'beloved' by the media narratives. (Frequently, early reports in the MSM themselves will note rumors of multiple gunmen, but these 'anomalies' quickly disappear).

Some readers may have never heard of these ideas, which demonstrates how tightly the mainstream media control the narrative on mass shootings. But what's worse is that even elected officials and public administrators, who ought to be quite aware of these facts, do not dare to raise them in interviews or public debates. Why don't they? My theory is that they know the media will not allow such inconvenient facts to reach the ears of any citizens still capable of coherent thinking, therefore it's futile to go there. It seems even Trump hasn't challenged the emotion-laden narrative with any truth-tweets.

Consider this fact, also.  In Britain, guns are very difficult to procure, so 'amateur criminals' (mostly immigrants) have been using knives in committing their crimes. Then the gang members started using acid in attacking their rivals, resulting in many horrible disfigurements. If it's not guns, deviants will always find some kind of weapon to use in their criminal acts. It's not the weapon that the problem-- it's the sick minds using them!

One last thing. While firearms may kill or wound a few thousand victims annually in the USA, the much bigger, catastrophic danger facing American citizens (and all mankind) comes from the ultimate weapon-- nuclear armaments. An estimated 19,000 nuclear arms are possessed by a few governments, and have the potential of extinguishing all human life. Do you hear the MSM clamoring for banning nuclear devices? Their silence on the subject is deafening.

Thus, while the liberal media trumpet for gun control-- a common tactic of all despotic governments, whether fascist or communist-- the public gets only the most biased view of the subject. And that bias is fostered by the disgraceful state of public debate in the Western world where the mainstream media alone determine what's allowed to be heard or seen.

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